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  1. I don't remember any of that from the commercial....
  2. Why do we hi jack topics ? He asked us to rate his divots not play grounds keeper.
  3. So left arm, right arm, both arms, legs and knees.
  4. Played 9 holes today my swing thought was right arm dominant (meaning using my right arm along with my chest to swing ) made really good contact but the ball was all over the place. Unhappy with my round I went to the range and started using my left arm again connected with the chest to hit the ball made a huge improvement with direction of ball and contact. The reason I ask is I could have swore having a dominant right arm was the way I should be swinging. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am a self thought golfer.
  5. Not sure if this is your problem but I know when I start hitting line drives like that it's because my upper body is getting to far forward when I'm hitting the ball .
  6. Help with losing my temper

    I was the exact same way. It has gotten better with time, but for me I had to just walk away from the game several times. Like me you probly want to be perfect at the game and that's just not realistic. Look how many times the pros hit there ball in OB, and they are the best in the world. I've also realized no one like playing with that guy. >(gets mad guy).
  7. Well my ahhh moment didn't last long. How do I stop moving my big stupid head???
  8. I've had several ahhh moments in trying to play better golf , you kwon when you go "ahhh it all makes sense now". My latest wast keeping my head behind the ball at set up and threw out my swing. I just make much better ball contact when I do. What were some of your ahhh moments?