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  1. Thank you all for the input. I had not considered the effect that a longer shaft would have in distance when comparing lofts. I will be certain to compare the hybrid and 5-iron side-by-side and choose from there. Thanks again.
  2. I was recently fit for irons by my instructor then ordered a new set of Callaway X2 Hot irons (5-AW). I considered ordering a mixed set with the X2 hot 3-4H, but I noticed something in the loft gaps transitioning from hybrid to 5-iron that confused me and I decided to wait until I had more information. Specifically, their 4H is 22 deg. and the 5i is 23 deg. Their 3H is 19 deg. My first question is whether there is any practical benefit to carrying a hybrid in my bag which is only one degree stronger than my 5-iron. I expected to use a 3 and 4 hybrid but my initial concern is that it may not make sense to carry a 4H in this instance, much in the same way I don't keep a 5W in the bag because I play a 19 deg. hybrid. It it does make sense to carry both clubs, could you please explain why that is the case? Next, if it doesn't make sense to carry the 4H in this instance, what should I substitute in its place? I should probably mention at this point that I was playing Driver, 3W (15 deg), then my 19 deg hybrid forward, and then 4 wedges (PW, AW, SW, LW). I don't see where adding another wedge helps, so would I then bring back the 5W or maybe a 17 deg. hybrid? Finally, I'm currently playing a 19 deg. Adams Super S XTD hybrid. Should I expect a noticeable difference in distance and forgiveness moving to the X2 Hot? Sorry for the multiple questions, but any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!