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  1. You might also do some stretching for periformus muscle strain. It’s a muscle that the L4 through the sacral nerves(sciatic) runs through. If it gets tight or inflamed it can causes pain in buttocks as welll
  2. You might need to ask your primary care doctor a referral to pain management, not for medication, but injections. They will test you by performing a Fabers and Gaenslens test. If positive then you would be an ideal candidate for a low dose steroid injection under fluoroscopy right at your SI joint
  3. grubby98

    NFL 2019-2020

    Yep. Best defense has been in years, but Chicago’s QB isn’t the greatest, but defense made him look bad too, let’s hope they keep it up
  4. grubby98

    NFL 2019-2020

    I hope the Browns stay fun to watch all year. How about the AB saga in Oakland, It’s a damn shit show, AB needs a shrink
  5. grubby98

    NFL 2019-2020

    Ready for my packers to get back to the playoffs, hopefully, a healthy Rodgers for a full season will do
  6. Finding out more I use it I need to know the slope more accurately 1.7 compared to a 2 with stamp of 10 can be inches in aiming. But I’m getting better at knowing the difference. I feel once I get my home course fully mapped out, as I play I will be able to train my feel and eyesight to the slopes and take with me to other courses
  7. Download the app get real golf stats GRGS. Cost is minimal in my mind and shows you all your stats, so much I can’t list them all. After about 5 rounds you can really see your misses and what you need to work on even down to a specific club
  8. Crazy backswing, but love watching it. Hits the shit out of the ball too. Major distance
  9. No way they have holes on that much slope, unless they are slow greens, the ball wouldn’t stop
  10. grubby98

    NHL 2018-19

    Finally the blues got one. Never thought they would...jam out to Gloria
  11. Aim point here as well. Really helped me
  12. grubby98

    NBA 2018-2019

    Steph having hell of game, but Toronto still has the lead
  13. grubby98

    NHL 2018-19

    Yep, was a fun game to watch. Wish I could afford tickets to go. Chara has been reported to have fractured jaw, so he should be out. sucks, I want to win with a full team. I think if blues can get game 5 they can win it all in 6
  14. grubby98

    NBA 2018-2019

    I love a 7 game series, Toronto fans would be even more insane for a game 7 at home
  15. grubby98

    NHL 2018-19

    My blues had a bad game last night. Let’s hope they come out and jump on Boston hard in game 4.
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