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  1. Crazy backswing, but love watching it. Hits the shit out of the ball too. Major distance
  2. No way they have holes on that much slope, unless they are slow greens, the ball wouldn’t stop
  3. grubby98

    NHL 2018-19

    Finally the blues got one. Never thought they would...jam out to Gloria
  4. Aim point here as well. Really helped me
  5. grubby98

    NBA 2018-2019

    Steph having hell of game, but Toronto still has the lead
  6. grubby98

    NHL 2018-19

    Yep, was a fun game to watch. Wish I could afford tickets to go. Chara has been reported to have fractured jaw, so he should be out. sucks, I want to win with a full team. I think if blues can get game 5 they can win it all in 6
  7. grubby98

    NBA 2018-2019

    I love a 7 game series, Toronto fans would be even more insane for a game 7 at home
  8. grubby98

    NHL 2018-19

    My blues had a bad game last night. Let’s hope they come out and jump on Boston hard in game 4.
  9. Same in southern Illinois and western Kentucky. Have only played 1 round without playing it up. It’s insane how bad it has been and June is just over a week away
  10. I have a small group and we will practice at times together. We film each other and help make sure alignment is good. Plus sometimes have some close to pin competitions.
  11. I played a round with buddies I used to play all the time with a few years ago, and they were surprised how fast it was to use the book. I used to take forever as I struggled reading and putting, almost a scratch golfer but would have 3 or 4 3 putts a round, now I can play a 3 day tournament with maybe 1. He’ll one that I was just looking at book calming my mind to relax, they were impressed with improvement in putting and how fast it actually was.
  12. What a tournament
  13. Putting is my weakness. Haven’t had a round this year under 30. I do hit greens at a nice clip, but for my game to get to scratch and slightly better putting is my key.
  14. Express depends on your distance of fingers from your eyes. I like the book, because to me it’s more an exact science, plus I love numbers
  15. I think they are, a buddy of mine showed me how to use it, and he uses all the time in national mid am events including usga events. If they ever ban it, it wouldn’t be hard to write down the numbers on a sheet of paper on yardage book for a course
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