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  1. Yea most tournaments have 120 to 140. The masters has what 90?
  2. Your swing will not change much on the course than range as mentioned above. If you hit a few bad shots and want to see real fast if your doing something that needs work with a lesson, go for it, but don’t hold up course
  3. @ncates00 thanks...can’t wait to see them. Take your time
  4. Ncates, you got got any pictures. Love to see. Trying to compile some so when I start I don’t waste money making changes
  5. Following. I have dibs on a used flight scope and want to build hitting bay in my garage
  6. I went with m5. My miss is on the toe, damn still got great numbers
  7. Wish there was a way it could recognize a shot, like the sound of a ball, and send us instant video back to the mirror device for a quick view without manually stoping and doing it
  8. grubby98

    NHL 2018-19

    Started to get into hockey couple years ago and loving it. Even got the wife watching. Becoming huge Blues fans. This year didn’t look good at turn of the year, but on a roll right
  9. grubby98

    NBA 2018-2019

    Super teams have killed the NBA, is my opinion, but not the TV rankings. I loved how you could watch any team in the 90s and watch a all-star. Now the top 15 players are all on 4 or 5 teams it seems. Not to mention you know who is going to win, The Warriors, I hope after this year it will open back up for entire league. Best part is how the east top 4 teams will battle
  10. I believe only group who did not finish, even those that finished on 8 and 9
  11. Went to range today, forgot my tablet, pissed. I love using this for my practice swings so I have proper feel and feedback. This is must have for me know if working on swing
  12. Got it set to record today and tmro. Hope Phil stays hot
  13. Finally got mine set up and tablet going, this app is awesome. love making slow practice swings to feel the changes I need and have positive reinforcement with the visual. I wish it would have a feature of auto record/auto replay...live hit record on mirror device then record for a couple seconds Nd then send right back to mirror device in slow motion so you can watch it in between shots
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