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  1. Nice finish for Bryson. im a numbers guy, but he is the extreme and its working.
  2. Enjoy reading this post. I am ready to get details of the match in a few weeks once it is complete. If I had to bet I would say he would break 127, but it will be very close, depends on how he is playing leading up and the weather that day. Plus if it is close and he is a "give me" putter inside 2-3 feet, I bet he misses quit a few of those if any break and the greens are fast.
  3. good luck and have fun getting prepared this weekend. I hope to play in one next year if my new job schedule allows me to focus on my game over the next year
  4. I prefer both...If I am only going to play 1 round, I want to walk. If I am able to play all day I want to ride. When I say play all day, I mean 54 holes. Even when I play all day I might walk the middle 18 as the course gets slow at that time. But we are always first group off and then normally our last round we are only ones left.
  5. it was mentioned earlier about bounce, but also check lie angle. my wedges are 3 degree flat. also wedge shafts are different than your PW. You might change shafts and see if that helps.
  6. I agree with Wally...plus if a few upsets happen you will have ladies that nobody has heard about unless they are die hard golf fans.
  7. players got to chose who their partner is. So far it seemed pretty interesting, and the speed of play today was very fast compared to normal. Seems like on the first few days if they break 5 hours for a round its a miracle, but today they were playing at 4 or under. I am sure tomorrow will be slower with 4-ball, but I like this idea. Lets you get to see who are friends behind the scenes and I think it could make the ryder cup and pres cup teams even better by seeing how certain players play.
  8. thanks dave
  9. go ahead and add me. still haven't got my internet at home hooked up and work still has it blocked. My home course is Lake of Egypt Country Club in Marion, IL.
  10. Didn't Matt Kucher try to stay an AM and do banking, gave up the banking because he didn't have enough time to truly practice?
  11. I totally agree to this.
  12. I am going to the web.com tour. Rick Cochran III. Have practiced beside him at the local range. Amazing watching someone on the web.com tour that looks so good but hasn't made the PGA yet. Hopefully his injuries are behind him and he can get his putter going and win an event soon.
  13. my work computer has it blocked. Posting so I can find the thread later...cool idea!!
  14. this was awesome to watch...just like stensons daughter running onto the course
  15. I think this would be fowlers 4th pga tour win, plus he has what 1 or 2 on the European tour?