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  1. I had to have one when I was 30, now 36 do your PT, swimming pool helped me the most. My game got way better, no pain, and not mentally fatigued at end of round. I have went from 8ish to scratch. Actually hit ball further as my swing is better now.
  2. Interesting. Have to check it out, I like numbers
  3. grubby98

    The Last Dance

    Loved every minute so far. Feel like they could have made 20 episodes
  4. Short game:would be nice. Everyone can find room around house for that
  5. Just read article on Twitter, there is a course over seas that is banning plastic Ts as they are ending up ona beach and interfering with wildlife It was on golf digest twitter feed
  6. I use tour links. Just google and their website will pop up...works great on top of carpet. Has helped me really improve my putting
  7. Must have got his yardages with his driver being downwind, bouncing off cart path, and then rolling forever on some baked out fairways
  8. I’m a big UK fan, but after Evansville game we shouldn’t scare anyone. They played without heart and our 2 to 3 bigs all suck
  9. grubby98

    NHL 2019-20

    My blues just keep winning...in OT that is.
  10. One of the top players in country, and maybe the 1st pick in the spring draft is ineligible. Wiseman at Memphis, so glad he didn’t come to UK.
  11. My wildcats didn’t look to bad. Maxey is going to be a great player, and the defense should be one of the best in country. Could be number 1 for a while after that in over mich state.
  12. I love my YouTube tv. But do miss history at times
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