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  1. I was on a business trip in Colmar, France a few years ago. Coworkers and I were at an outside pizza cafe struggling with our translation apps to figure out the menu. I ordered a pizza thinking I knew what I was ordering and a pizza showed up with a sunny side up egg in the middle. Oh well, part of the adventure of traveling. It was actually pretty good. Side story- after we ate we were walking around the old town section and a 3 wheel bike passed us with a PIZZA HUT banner. Stopped in front of a boutique hotel and we could hear a shrill American voice yell "The pizza's here". Disgusting. Dozens of cafes all around them, and they order PIZZA HUT. No wonder our reputation sucks.
  2. I'm late to the party and realize this thread has died for a month, but I have a semi-tangential question. First, I agree with the OP, so no argument from me. Being an engineer, I kind of naturally dive down into the details and process more than I should. So fine, the rule is in place and a player can plead ignorance of a rule. At this point, whether they do it by true ignorance or dishonesty really doesn't matter (it does, but not for this purpose, if you know what I mean). Who keeps track of the players learning experience? Player A claims ignorance of Rule X. He is now aware of Rule X. How and where is this documented, and who is responsible for making this known to every tournament he plays in in the future? This seems stupid, I know, but in the engineering world, documentation is everything. You never count on people remembering. And I'm not talking about just the pro tours. Everyone in the pro business knows Lexi now knows she can't move her ball, so she can't pull that out again. But what about in the world of club tourneys for money, college, high school, below? Joe Countryclub of Frank Indianahoosier can claim ignorance of Rule X if caught, but 6 months later in the next state, what is stopping them from doing it again? If there is a process I am unaware of, I apologize for my ignorance🤔, but nobody has mentioned how anyone is held accountable in the future. The open endedness of the rule is as big a problem as the rule itself, in my opinion. It doesn't just apply to the incident, but should also apply to any future claims of ignorance of Rule X. How can that possibly be managed?
  3. This. I have a drive of about 10 miles up and over a section of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, and this last weekend was terrible with bike riders. The Tour de France is going on, so it seems like everyone with a bike has to put on their colorful TDF team gear and ride over the range by me. Its a very windy, switchback state highway with no shoulders and no place to pass. Going up, you come around a corner and onto the back end of some folks struggling up the mountain. You either go 3 mph or wait for an inside curve you can see and blast out from behind them. Coming down, they are all over the place cutting corners so it's even harder to pass. I have patience, but this is ridiculous. These aren't people trying to get to work or the doctor. These are people just having 'fun' or exercise and endangering drivers and themselves. I don't have any sympathy for them.
  4. A good golf watch. My regular playing partners, good friends all, keep telling me that my current golf watch is to outdated, and is hurting my game. If I could get a better golf watch I could take it to the next level. I wonder if Dan tried that yet? If I can't find a good golf watch, I'd really like more time to play. Equipment is not my problem at this point. Time, and a really good teacher.
  5. I picture Gary Player working out with the medicine ball, Indian clubs, and the trapezoidal weights with the big rings on top. He didn't have a handlebar mustache, though.
  6. I was expecting something a little more muddy. I tried that trick- once- and will never do it again. The ball was at the edge of the water sitting on mud. No problem, I thought, as I set up. Of course I hit it fat and sent mud flying everywhere. I was wearing khaki shorts and a tan shirt. My whole front was covered. My sunglasses were completely blocked. Needless to say, my friends completely lost it. I washed up the best I could at the next tee box water station, but my clothes were trashed. Not a big deal finishing the last few holes, but the cart drop off and walk through the clubhouse and out to the car was a bit embarrassing. Never again. .
  7. I guess I grew up in a different time and place from some. It's just a yard, people. If you want to keep people out, put up a fence. Simple as that. If there is no fence, why would you mind if someone walked onto your grass to pick up an item of theirs? What if your drunk buddy threw a beer can in a yard as you were driving by? Would you stop and make him pick it up, or pick it up yourself, or leave it there because you can't 'trespass' on someones lawn? Littering vs. trespassing, which trumps which? Seems kind of silly. If there is no fence, I will go get my ball. I won't go poking through bushes or flowers, nor will I touch their belongings. But I will walk onto their property and pick up my property. The talk about "trespassing", or holding up the game, or it's only a $.75 TopFlite are just red herrings. If a house has a property line along an OB line, they have to expect some foot traffic. I'd like to see documentation on a court case where a person was arrested and charged with trespassing for stepping into someones yard. I also don't believe the 20-30 people a day comment. If that is so, you really made a bad housing choice.
  8. Obviously you're not a real man. They have testosterone supplements that may help you.
  9. Personally, I enjoy myself on the golf course by hitting the golf ball. That's really what I am there for. The time it takes to get from one shot to the next is wasted time. When I want to enjoy the scenery, I go hiking. Of course, if I'm playing an expensive round at a beautiful course, I take time to enjoy my surroundings, but it's still not a nature hike. When I play my 'home' course that I've played countless times, I'm focused on hitting the little white pill.
  10. Because...? Quotes from Bubba? Any evidence that he represents bias and hatred other than he is from the south, and bought a cool car from a popular TV show that has a flag on the roof? I really am curious, because I have not personally seen any such evidence.
  11. First off, there is never an excuse for someone hitting into you, so I think we all agree on that part of the OP's problem. Beyond that obvious point, here's my $.02. I play alone, walking, quite a bit. When I do, I get to the course early so I can get off first. The guys in the shop will even let me go out before they open up and let me pay at the turn. I play fairly quick, and routinely get done in less than 3 hours. (Depending on how many balls I need to look for, since I have to hit directly into the rising sun on some holes and sometimes don't have a clue where the ball went). I don't like being rushed, or even feeling like someones waiting on me, so if anyone comes up behind me I just sit at the next tee box and wait a few minutes. I figure if they caught up, they'll be long gone by the time I mosey down the next hole behind them, and all is good. If I see that everyone is backed up behind me for many holes, I just have to speed up and that's all there is to it. That never happens though- I play at a pretty good pace. What I hate is coming up on a slower group and playing through. I like the playing through part, because I like to stay in a rhythm and hate sitting waiting on 4 guys to putt, mark, line up and putt again, mark, line up and putt again, but I dislike feeling like I have to run through the next hole or two so the guys who let me through don't wait on me if I hit a bad shot.
  12. Two brothers own the course. One runs the business end and one runs the course. They're great guys to their buddy's, but pretty much jerks to everyone else. They play every afternoon and run through everyone on the course. When they're ready to hit, they yell at the group ahead to get out of the way and they play through. Our company stopped holding their annual scramble there for a few years after the one of the owners bitched at my companies President (unknown to him) to speed it up during our scramble. We had rented the course for the entire day, but he wanted to make a few more bucks.
  13. One of the owners of my little local public course will set up a pin like this during scrambles. We have a green that has a severe back to front slope, with a flat area at the back and down at the bottom. You can't place the ball on the slope without it rolling to the bottom. For scrambles, he will sometimes place the hole in the middle of the slope and hang out there for the day laughing at every group. If you hit it to the top level, the ball will not go in the hole on the way down. It picks up too much speed and skates right over the top of the hole. You have to be at the bottom and make a minimum 25 footer, or it will be back at your feet.
  14. Sandestin Resort was the destination of an annual golf trip for many years, but I haven't gone in quite a few now. Baytowne was nice but they were adding condo's and changing the course, and some of the character was removed. The Raven was tougher. We played there right after a Champions tour event, and the greens were tabletops. Some real nice holes though. They have an island par 3. Don't bother with the Links, unless they've done a lot of work to it. Burnt Pine is the nicest. Play that if you get a chance. We played all the courses as part of our condo package at Sandestin, but I don't remember if you can walk on to Burnt Pine without staying or living there. I've played Regatta Bay- for free with a condo promotional package. I was just starting and was not anywhere near ready for the course. Hacked my way around it 3 times. I was playing as a single, and luckily my partners were patient with me. It would have been pretty expensive to play without the promo. Very nice course. I'd like to try it again now.
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