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  1. "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    For future reference, when making insults and doing your best best to promote or undercut an instructor and his/her swing method, please do your best to use correct grammar. For instance, you said, "your flat our wrong.......and some other business about the golf swing and your teaching/golfing method is better etc., etc....." I think what you meant is, "you're wrong...blah blah blah......" - as is in...you are.... In a practical example, "jd924, you're the best golfer EVER! And the best at offering up advice about a hip slide and ball flight laws." But seriously I have no doubt that a hip slide helped you and fits into your swing profile. A non-slide method works for me. In all sincerity, all golfers are different. I had a horrible image of a hip slide in my head. Now I don't and I play better golf. Do my hips still slide...yes they do to an extent. And as far as your comments on ball flight laws -- seriously -- if you figure those out you need to call somebody and publish that business for some serious profit! To this day, there are multiple ball flight "laws". Oddly enough. And I agree. Face angle, aim line, path, etc. can be confusing. Physics is like that. The other day I was reading an article that ref'd Harvey Penick talking about how to shape shots. I then crossed it with an article by Byron Nelson regarding the same subject matter which said similar things. Then I recalled an article/interview with Sean Foley and the S&T; guys taking about other factors, which also make sense. And then there is Tom Watson's DVD's which are seemingly "old school methods" talking about hitting a fade with an open stance and an open club face. All I'm trying to say, is to each his/her own. Paul's method works for me. Another method works for you. You're to a 6.9. That is some good golfing of the ball!!! Hip side and all!!!!
  2. "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    I purchased Swing Machine Golf in 2007. I hadn't golfed since high school and wanted to learn a legit swing. I could hit the ball, but I was wildly inconsistent. What Paul teaches makes sense to me. Obviously humans are not machines. We will never mimic Iron Byron perfectly, but what Paul teaches is more or less a set of simple and standard swing thoughts. Solid grip, solid setup, coil from top, uncoil from the bottom. Handicaps in chronological order: 2006 - 22 2007 - (pre Swing Machine) - 19 2007 - (post Swing Machine) - 14 2008 - 10 2009 - 9 2010 - 8 2011 - 6 (after reviewing and working on Paul's short game DVD's) 2012 - still a 6 after practicing less due to family obligations 2013 - first round out - 79...not bad after a long long long layoff! Bottom line - I picked Swing Machine Golf and stuck with it and knocked 16 pts off my handicap. If I hit trouble I simply reviewed the trouble-shooting sections. That's the beauty of sticking with a system. You can diagnose and fix your issues. I used to be a "swing of the day" type of player. That is a recipe for disaster. Seriously, if you get a golf magazine, only read it for the articles about tour life, the rules section and the equipment reviews. If you track the "tips" from month to month, you will find more inconsistencies than a campaign speech. That being said, my first few months of Swing Machine were a complete and utter disaster....but Paul warned me about this. I stuck with it and got better. And better....and better. Eventually it clicked and I realized that golf is not a game of instant gratification. Golf is literally a 20 Mile March. In other words - pick a strategy and stick the hell to it! I'm still a 6. But I 'm getting better. And I'll keep to on this path. --JD