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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions so far! My budget is around £400-500, I was looking at the Callaway XR Pro irons as they seem to have good reviews, or the MP-H5 irons too. The Srixons tick all the boxes for me (without testing them) however they are a bit too expensive!
  2. I am looking for a new set of irons, currently play Mizuno JPX 825 Pros 5-PW. I play off 7.5, with the aim of getting down to 5 by the summer. I find my current irons are a bit weak in terms of loft compared to some iron sets on sale at the moment, I carry a 7 iron about 140 yards. Whilst I don't want a set with extremely strong lofts, I would like to gain a few yards with each iron. Also as I am at university I don't get to play as much as I used to, so am looking for a bit more forgiveness to help me out on the course! Not too fussed with staying with Mizuno, if there are better options else
  3. Hi I am looking to get a new driver as have had my Cobra L5v for a few years now. I drive it about 220 yards with a slight fade so am looking for a longer and straighter driver to lower my handicap. My budget is around £150. Thanks for any replies!
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