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  1. ColeMc

    Club size for a tall guy

    Ditto with the above. I'm 6'4", played with a set of my Dad's (5'10") old clubs for year or so, really struggled (pretty whippy graphite shafts probably didn't help either!). Got fitted, went with an inch over and 4 degrees upright, also had the grips fattened up quite a bit which I've found has made it a lot more comfortable to hold/swing a club in the 100+ strokes it still takes me to get around the course!
  2. Living in Australia it seems here that a lot of people never learnt to drive manuals either. Manuals although still costing less when brand new seem to actually be costing more second hand as there's just not that many of them around! Working on some pretty boggy, sloppy construction sites, I much prefer my manual ute for sticky situations where some delicate throttle control is required. My partner can't drive a manual, normally a good thing cos I don't think I could trust her to drive a fairly large vehicle (although not that big compared to American style pick-ups) but it does mean unfortunately she can't drive me home from the pub if I have a few too many!
  3. ColeMc

    Getting started in Photography

    I've just been using the stock Canon software (DDP) for editing RAW images. It's pretty good but I've never used anything else to compare it too. My tips... Carry two memory cards, especially if you're shooting raw and/or shooting multiple shots at high shutter speeds (wildlife, sports etc). And invest in something that's NOT your computer to back up shots too, like an external hard drive and make sure to use it! I lost 18 months worth of shots due to a careless data backup and am only left with the crap low resolution shots I posted to Facebook.
  4. ColeMc

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    Area Manager for the survey group of a large construction company, mainly building roads and new sub-divisions and some earthworks projects. Hopefully we'll get a contract one day to build a new golf course! - and generally why I always have something to say in threads about GPS vs. laser measurements, it's my job to know what I'm talking about in regards to that stuff!
  5. ColeMc

    U.S. Maps of Varying Pronunciations

    I cop a fair bit of grief due to my accent and pronunciation...
  6. ColeMc

    Golfing Colloquialisms Thread!

    My post count doesn't reflect how often I find myself reading these forums, but I check in probably once a day and more often than not I come across a new golfing term that I've never heard before. Most of the words relate to swings and the resulting ball flight or more accurately, miss-swings and the result. The latest one was "chilli-dipper". I can't remember what thread it was in, but it made me laugh and got me thinking about all the golfing terms people use. You've obviously got the common ones that most people are aware of and could agree on a definition, e.g. hook, slice, fade, push etc and as depicted in my understanding by this lovely diagram I found. Then you've got things like 'the yips', shanks, tops, whiskeys, worm burners and I thought it would be interesting for people to post their own golfing words AND the definition, might even lead to some light debate and maybe we'll all learn something!
  7. ColeMc

    3-Iron vs 3-driving iron vs 3- hybrid

    Mizuno Fli-Hi 3 Iron "Direct Replacement" Awesome club. Strange to look at, not quite an Iron, not quite a Hybrid. It's the least lofted club I carry as I can't (at this stage) hit woods well for love nor money.
  8. I don't really know 3/5ths of f. all about the rules of golf. And as already stated by people that do know the rules, it is against them. In regards to the discussion whether playing additional balls would improve your score and handicap, I think it would. My take on it... Even if you're only scoring the first ball you hit, that first ball you hit may not be the first next shot you take. If it's not, then you're probably giving yourself an advantage on your "first" ball score. Easiest example to explain what I mean would be in terms of testing the conditions in a bunker: You tee off more than one ball You hit two of them into the same large greenside or fairway bunker on the same hole You don't hit the "first" ball shot first, you play the "second" ball first as it's further from the pin BOOM, you've tested the condition of the hazard and given yourself an advantage for your "first" ball, the scoring ball.
  9. ColeMc

    Why do courses lie about how far their holes are?

    Google Earth isn't a perfect measuring tool, it's pretty damn good but not perfect. The only way to tell you exactly how long a golf hole is, is to have it measured by a surveyor, and even that would vary depending on the line the club wanted to use to measure from the tee to the green. I did a few in the UK a few years ago, good fun driving around on the golf course and trying to survey the greens and fairways while people were playing! Had to measure a a grid of levels no further than one metre apart over some of the greens, should have sold the plans to some members on the sly! Even a golfing/phone/handheld GPS is only going to be accurate to a couple of yards no matter what the maker says, so right there you could have 5+ yards of difference point to point. Put some trees in the mix, it gets further out, introduce some elevation change, it gets even further out. Unless you know exactly how the original measurements were made, i.e. what measurement technique was used, which points were used as references/start end points (at the tee-box/the line down the fairway/the location on the green), whether the measurements were made at ground level and kept that way or reduced to mean sea level or projected onto the local area mapping datum, it would be literally impossible to replicate the distances the club puts on the cards.
  10. ColeMc

    My Swing (ColeMc)

    Thanks everyone for the words of advice! A fair bit to work on, but I'll try to take it all on board! Weight transfer and my little scooping action are a couple things I noticed myself while watching the video (which I've pretty much had on loop trying to analyse!) so it's good to have it confirmed independently that that's probably the root cause of a lot of problems. My instructor has mentioned the weight transfer as well, but advised to work on that longer term, with the short term goal of fixing the arms. Can I ask, it seems my left arm is so straight through the back swing it's nearly actually bending the wrong way. Do I need to loosen up a bit and give it a bit of flex? Thanks again everyone, and I'll try and get faster frame rate videos next time as well!
  11. ColeMc

    My Swing (ColeMc)

    I've been Playing Golf for: I've been swinging clubs since I was 14 BUT have only played three rounds in the last 13 or so years. Trying to take things a bit more seriously now! My current handicap index or average score is: n/a My typical ball flight is: High Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Big old slice Body Type: 6'4" - 225 lbs fairly athletic Not the greatest video I know, I just got a mate to film it last time we played. For reference, it was a 160 odd metre par 3, playing into the wind with the green above the tee box. I'm pretty sure it was a 6 iron. Kinda stunned me to see how fast/hard it seems I'm swinging the club, as this is something I've been trying to work on! I've recently taken a couple of lessons, and the key things the instructor has me working on were/are reducing the back swing as I was going way past parallel. But from this video I can see I've gotten a lot better with that. But probably the main thing is my right arm/elbow was turning into a real chicken wing on the back swing so I've been really focusing on trying to keep it tucked in and have the elbow pointing to the ground at the top of the back swing. I will get some better videos soon for people to make fun of, but figured no time like the present to post something and go from there! Cheers in advance for your comments and advice. Videos:
  12. ColeMc

    Stevie Williams and the Winning Putt

    Yeah, possibly a little bit misguided there to say that Kiwis are known as being outspoken, rude and sexist. I've certainly never heard us described like that, quite the opposite actually. In my experience people the world over adore Kiwis. Aussies however, you can say what you like about them! (as a Kiwi, I'm allowed to say that hah!)
  13. ColeMc

    Anyone enjoying the drink tonight?

    Prefer the 2010, but this is one damn tasty red!
  14. ColeMc

    Golf lessons - Do you take them?

    I've recently started getting lessons and couldn't be happier with them. I played when I was a kid and was taught by my Dad, but haven't played properly in years. When I decided to get back into it I thought it would be pretty beneficial to get some lessons early on, work the kinks out and get rid of any bad habits that I'd picked up before they became truly ingrained. Luckily, the bloke I'm taking lessons from knows what he's talking about and is really good at getting things across and explaining stuff. Lessons are of course a luxury that not every one can afford, especially on a regular basis. But I'd defo recommend a lesson(s) to people like me trying to get the fundamentals right, it's only gonna pay off in the long run!

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