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  1. Shot an 87 at Caradoc Sands just outside of London Ontario first round of the year!
  2. Hey Bogdan call me Gabe short for Gabriel -- pm me and we can exchange numbers always nice to meet locals and play golf! I'm looking in buying the londongolfersclub membership since ive been a muni user for a long time and now they are part of that membership it only made sense
  3. Possibly graphite shafts for you then?
  4. Youtube it! I can't seem to find it but there is a good one about tempo - basically every moving part of your swing in sync... You can force your club to get to the top by quickly jerking it - where as you make a smooth fluid motion back and through the backswing and follow through - look at Ernie Els he's a perfect example - also saw your video you're still collapsing at impact and not extending your arms through impact --- look at the best players they all extend after impact (youtube it again!)
  5. I'm watching Golf Channel and they took 15 of 23 minutes to move from Rory/Tiger to talk about the leaders of the tournament ---- then back to Rory Story - I guess you have to deal with that when you're Number 1 - (My wife thinks that he is a hack for WDing lol)
  6. I'm heading to Glen Abby this year again for the 2nd time last year I was at the Hamilton GCC if any TST forum guys from the area we should meet up! Great... RORS is in my line up for today - I didn't have time to move Tiger over :(
  7. too bad they didn't have this type of line up at the Canadian Open :(
  8. Yah!!!! I came 5th to the last!!!! Woot woot!!! ... congrats David in Fl!!
  9. Hey guys can you tell me what those abbreviations mean? (CP/OP/CF etc) thanks noob to abbreviations here!
  10. Thanks Erik & Dave for sharing this - this gave me a different look on how to describe weight and pressure - Always concerned with weight transfer but in reality its pressure during my swing that needs to be noted more so in the dynamic sense!
  11. I was just curious guys - if when you are making a more centered pivot when you have reached your backswing does the club have to be parallel to the ground --- depending on the club (shorter irons shorter, longer irons, woods, driver parallel) Let me know - I have noticed that I have been doing a reverse pivot but have always stayed centered until my lower left side of my back started to hurt from playing at a friends simulator -- im finding out that I move just a bit to the right (right hander) but not enough like Mike's video of the head moving that far back! I also find that when I move m
  12. You are correct (my perspective at least) Late 90s you weren't accustomed to seeing golfers bombing the ball 300+ yards - the Game has changed - players being more physically fit, equipment Technology being better... More sponsors have taken on Golf as more and more of the masses are starting to watch it... (I was at the Canadian Open last year and there were spectators who were wearing loud mouth pants... Showing their support for John Daly and the hottest girls in the Oakville Area following Camilo Villegas) Believe me before I played Golf I didn't understand the game as much as I do know -
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