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  1. I'm pulling for ol' Snedeker. Tennessee boy is playing well but let it slip away at the Masters. I think he'll be looking for redemption here and get a big win.
  2. I'm assuming that your iron set includes the PW and the SW? I like having a gap wedge that bridges the distance between those two wedges. I'd also recommend getting a 3-wood. I really like Taylormade ones, but test some out and see what works best for you. You might try one that goes with your driver if you like it. It will give you a better option on long par 5s than the hybrid. These clubs should fill in gaps you will have with your current set.
  3. So I have an r7 460 driver that I got when it was about a year old. I hit the thing pretty well, but I'm wondering if I am doing myself a disservice by not having a newer one. I typically hit it 250 with a slight fade that is a lot worse when I miss. Most of the time, aiming a bit right allows it to land in the fairway. Is my best option to just practice more or can I make significant gains by buying a driver that came out in the past year or two? Thanks.
  4. I currently have an 80-85 mph swing speed and I am looking to increase that significantly. My current goal is a 95 mph average because I have been told that is what is recommended for stiff shafts. I am starting to lift weights and run and I was wondering if you guys had done anything specific to increase your swing speed. Thanks.
  5. So Tiger carries a PW (47*), a 56*, and a 60* wedges. This seems different from what most people do because of the 9* gap between the PW and the 56*. I know that this is Tiger Woods and he has amazing distance control, but I wonder if anyone normal has used this setup effectively.
  6. Super GI irons are easier to hit high, but they are harder to hit low and vice versa for "players" irons. And, yes ball position is the main contributing factor to moving the ball up and down.
  7. The only reason I would be brand biased is bag appeal. For example, a set of Taylormade woods and Titleist irons through putter really appeals to me because it would look pretty in the bag. I wouldn't spend the money on a club without loving the club, but I guess I just test out clubs that would have bag appeal.
  8. I recently regripped with Golf Pride Multi-Compounds and I really like them so far. I got all of my clubs regripped because I like holding the same thing on every swing.
  9. I'd go with a 2 iron hybrid then. I feel like it would be a good median between the 3 wood and the 2 iron. It is more forgiving, and will go higher then the 2 iron and is just as long.
  10. What are you expecting to get from this hybrid that a club you already own could not do?
  11. This is not the first time that Taylormade has done this in one of their sets. I couple of years ago I was fairly new to golf and bought my r7XD irons without looking at the specs. I started to notice the huge distance between my PW and my 52* wedge and did some research. What I found out was that my PW was 44*. I then went to the store and bought a 48* wedge to match my others and got it bent to 47*. I then saw that my 3 iron was 18 degrees so I took it out of my bag and now just carry 4-PW but use them as 3-9 because that what their lofts indicate. The thing is that even though the club labe
  12. I have an 07 Burner 3 wood and it is my favorite club. It does everything I ask of it whether it is hitting a ball in the fairway on a short par 4 to getting me close to a green on a par 5. It is very easy to launch high and straight. I would highly recommend it,
  13. I really like the Taylormade Burner TP. It does just what is advertised. It flies as far as any ball I've seen but it has the ability to spin and stick on a green. A dozen is only $25 so it's at least worth a shot.
  14. People bend clubs if the want an equal distance gap between clubs. Say you need a 53* wedge to get the perfect distance/degree gap between your wedge. They don't sell 53* wedged but they do sell 52* and 54*, so buy one of those and bend it to the appropriate loft.
  15. I'd say get the 58. I have a 52/58 set-up and I have no gap problems and can hit any shot that I need so a 53/58 should work just as well.
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