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  1. Lincoln Chaffee? Might as well vote for Gov. Brown from Kalifornia
  2. So then lets throw out the achievements of Ruth, Ted Williams, Hogan, and all other athletes from 50 years ago and back. What a joke!
  3. Just think about other sports like football, hockey, basketball. If they cut away to a couple of talking heads while the games were going on, they would destroy their audience. In golf broadcasting, there are so many cameras around the course, there is something interesting to show all the time. Let them do their commentary, as much of it is very interesting, but why telecast their two or three of THEM when there is action on the course! An example, Harry Caray, calling the Cardinals and later the cubs games, would comment, tell stories or jokes, but the camera's stayed on the game.
  4. Great pics! Those were the days when anything was tolerated.
  5. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver Jordan Speith -11 Rory McElroy -11 Bubba Watson -11
  6. Flo is the best advertisement NOT to buy Progressive insurance. What a joke!
  7. I hate fishermen. Those that search for balls in ponds for 10 minutes even when they hit their ball awhile ago. Go buy some instead and let me play!
  8. Right on! Hell, we used to chew tar pieces from the streets in Chicago and we're all still here
  9. 90% of your practice should be on the short game. Period. Everyone can hit a ball 125 yards or better. It's what you do to get it in the hole from there. End of discussion.
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