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  1. 1) No, I just asked for thoughts. I wouldn't ask for medical advice from someone who isn't a medical professional. 2) Because of this. 3) Then by all means, ask questions if you feel you need more information to provide "other thoughts". 4) Not "take time off" when I specifically mentioned that wasn't happening. Sorry, but your reading comprehension needs work. Interesting. I hadn't considered that it might be a problem elsewhere. Thanks, I'll look into it.
  2. I asked for other thoughts, not thoughts on taking the time off. As I said, I don't have that luxury.
  3. After lifting "heavy" (for me) on bicep day (and I've shut down the golf for the year after a whopping 4 rounds, so I can tolerate some soreness...time to hit it hard), I get really intense pain at the bottom of my bicep on the inside of my elbow any time I try to extend my arm. If I keep it bent at 90º, it's fine, but the minute I pass about 120º it hurts like nobody's business. It last about 3-4 days then it's fine again until the next time I lift "heavy" (again, for me...). 1) It's not DOMS, I've experienced both and this one is different. 2) I don't really have the luxur
  4. I'd golf my conscience and play 36. Then buy as much Trump SWAG as I could find in the pro shop.
  5. 2001 Masters - Tee shot - 72nd hole. I'll never forget how far up he hit it, nor how confident he looked when they zoomed in on his face. Nor the little flip of a wedge he was left with. Close 2nd- 2000 US Open - 2nd shot - #6 (I think it was Friday). That may have been when Maltbie said "it's just not a fair fight". He was right. Those would answer the "favorite" question. If the question is about most memorable, then the chip on 16 at the masters. I was in Myrtle Beach with my first wife and uncle. He and I had played earlier that day and had 2-3 more days left on th
  6. Trying to spice up practice to keep my attention a bit. When I say "short game" I'm referring to the shots on and around the putting green. "Distance wedges", for me, is pretty vanilla practice and I accept that. I'm wondering what are some of your favorite pitching, chipping, and putting games/drills. The only one I really do is what I call "up & down". I start with 5 balls and pick a hole. Then I chip and/or pitch to it. If I don't think I can make every putt, I pick a new spot, a new hole, and chip and/or pitch to that. When I think I can make all 5 putts (or 5 minus howeve
  7. TM R11 driver with some Miyazaki tour issue exotic shaft. I keep trying to kick it out of the bag but can't. 716 T-MB (2-4) and MB (5-P) irons. Just got them and they're just phenomenal. The AMT shaft (also tour issue) is fantastic.
  8. You guys should embrace early extension. It makes golf fun! Pull hook, solid shot that goes a mile, shank, rinse, repeat! Guessing is half the fun...and your short game gets a nice workout, too!
  9. The more people point out Poulter's social media posts the more Ted Bishop's comments seem to be valid.
  10. I built a studio in my 2-car garage. GC2, simulator, workshop, synlawn green...should keep me busy.
  11. I had a feeling that was the case. Honestly, it takes almost no time to figure out my read using the charts, but I was thinking Express may be even more convenient. Need to get some more instruction on it to make sure I'm not picking up bad habits, and also to increase knowledge. I yearn to learn.
  12. I remember when I was about 9 and someone tried explaining it to me. Even then, I remember thinking, "this is some crazy witchcraft he's selling me, here." Do you do "Express" lessons or just the regular AimPoint? I'm getting much more comfortable with the basics and think it might be time to learn some more.
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