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  1. I was very proud of myself the other day when I shot a personal best 3 over 39 on my home 9-hole. 4 bogies, a birdie and a balance of pars.
  2. Could someone explain early extension and "the wall"? I've never heard these terms.:-\
  3. I've only ever had 2 birdies, and they weren't in a row. I can string the pars together from time to time, though.
  4. I hope this is true. It means +2 or +3 should be right around the corner The way I stunk up my iron shots today suggests otherwise.
  5. Today was one of those days that make you question if you should bother playing anymore. Last Thursday I went +3 over six holes (it got dark). Today o got to play the whole 18, and shot a 55 on the first 9, and 51 on the second nine. I just couldn't swing the club today to save my life! I'd duck hook one, then slice the next one, then a pull, then a push.... I was chunking them fat so bad I thought I was going to strike oil. I shot a bloody 10 on a par five that I was inches from birdieing the other day.
  6. I have fantastic results looking at the hole on lag puts. I don't think hitting a baseball is a good analogy. Golf balls aren't coming at you on an unpredictable path at 90MPH. It's more like shooting a free throw. You don't stare at your hand, you stare at the hoop. I also think it's like throwing darts. I tend to do better if I focus on the target and let my mind and body work out the physics. That being said, I still try to make myself do it conventionally, despite doing it better the other way.
  7. My apologies to the mod that had to combine these. I didn't realize I had already posted one two years ago, lol.
  8. I've been Playing Golf for: Maybe a cumulative year out of the last 20. My current handicap index or average score is: Low to mid 40s over 9. My typical ball flight is: Straight or a fade. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: At this point, probably the occasional fat shot. Videos: These are a bit old, but a good representation of my swing. I will try to get some more recent ones to post soon.
  9. I was only able to finish 6 holes cause of night time, but I was +3 after the 6. My best guess is the remaining three would have gone another +2. +1 if I was lucky.