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  1. Is anybody here looking for some playing partners; I play alot more than the people that I normally play with, and it really is no fun playing by yourself. If anybody is interested let me know. I'm about a 14 and can get around a course ok. Thanks for reading.
  2. I was having this problem as well. What helped me was the thought of holding my hips back instead of trying to clear them. I was more or less rotating my shoulders around myself and thats what was causing it, or so I was told. Try think of starting the downswing with your arms and not your hips.
  3. 1.)From the looks of it this guy has been playing with this swing for a while, it's very consistent. I would say he's around a 12-13 handicap. 2.)I think that all three swings is some sort of pullcut, I would say that all 3 ended up safe. 3.)First, he's going way outside the line on the takeaway, so there I would have him bring on plane so that the club straight at his target when the club was at parallel. Secondly, he shifts his weight way out over his right foot. I would try having him feel that the weight was going to the inside of his foot, instead of over it. Also I don't think th
  4. Hey Greenville, SC here too! I try play 1-2 times a week if I have time. PM me if you're interested.
  5. If I were you, I would play from the tees that are just back from the womens. Usually that's the mens standard tees, and you can feel comfortable knowing that you are playing the correct tees.
  6. My misses are usually a small hook, or on the driver if I get out in front of it its a fade. It's getting better with a friend who's a scratch golfer and is giving me lessons. Let me know what you guys think. calling avid golfer and richie3jack. thanks guys http://www.swingacademy.com/swingana...l.aspx?id=1351 http://www.swingacademy.com/swingana...l.aspx?id=1352
  7. I like Sergio Garcia alot in this one, if not him then I like phil. He'll have been there for about 2 weeks getting ready, and it will have helped him alot.
  8. What I meant to say is that anthony kim doesn't have a conventional "jim hardy" oneplane swing. He teaches that you bend the right arm right at the takeaway and fold the left on the follow through. That's obviously not what anthony does in his swing.
  9. are you sure that a.k. is using a one plane swing??? Most 1-plane swing guys have shorter swings (not so much width) and you can plainly tell with anthony's swing is he has lots of width. He has a swing that looks alot like tiger's and paul casey's.
  10. I use the 2 3/4" tees and I tee the ball on my driver so that the ball is in the center or just a bit higher on the face of the driver. I never tee it up so that the middle of ball is at the crown of the driver.
  11. I have a 54* wedge and also use a 60*. I find that the versatility of the 54 is good enough.
  12. If you're asking what shaft to put in your driver/woods/hybrids then I would go with stiff shaft, but all the other particulars, you are going to have to get on a launch moniter to make sure the shaft suits what you want to do with the golf ball.
  13. I just tried both of them out at a local golf shop/range, and the f2 is the one for me. The f4 just goes way to high in the air, so I'm going to be getting the f2 with an xflex, probably with the proto "by you" 80 gram shaft. It flew awesome for me. Thanks everyone for your input!
  14. I like both of them, but isn't the 906f4 easier to hit? I would like the friendlier one better, but I don't want a club that sets up with a closed face. I'm just wanting a new 3 wood and I like the titleist club, no real reason just that.
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