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  1. I am going to a buddies house Sunday to watch the final round of the masters and to add some fun we want to do some betting throughout the final round. We already have our bet for winning the tourney but I am looking for some ideas during the telecast. I have googled and all I can find is beta to make while playing. Does anyone have any ideas they can give me. I am completely stumped. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  2. While at GG this weekend getting fitted for my putter I also talked to a pro there about drivers. I told him I currently had the 910D2 and told him about how I play and my inconsistency. He told me I had a great driver but he recommended I switch to an R11s. He said that I would hit the Titleist further but the Taylor made was more forgiving and I would keep the ball in play more. Anyone have any insight into this? Thanks.
  3. Guys I am an idiot. I do have a 10.5* head with a Diamana ,ahina 72 Low-Mid flex-S. current setting is A1 cause like I said I have not messed with the adjustments because I still don't make the most consistent contact every swing. But my miss is a major hook when I do. I am sure that will improve some with more consistently striking in the unfair center. My swing speed is 107. Is my current shaft OK for me and should I mainly focus ones sons for now. Or is this just a bad shaft for me to be using regardless?
  4. Well I had my fitting at GG today which was great and FREE!!! I ended up with the Ping Scottsdale Anser 2 blade putter. I love the feel at impact ( love a soft feel). It rolled great for me and I even found out I had a slight arc swing when all this time i thought I was SBST. Can't wait to get on a real green and see how I do out there. But overall the GG process was great and I am very happy with my purchase!
  5. My miss when I do is a bad hook. I have pretty much cured the slice. I have never even had my swing speed or spin rate or anything checked before. Maybe I will start there tomorrow at golf galaxy. As for the shaft I have to check but its x-stiff stock one that came with it. Thanks for the input from everyone. I truly appreciate you guys taking time to respond to my questions! Chris
  6. My apologies, I was typing on my iPhone with 30mg of OxyContin running through me around midnight as I prepare for back surgery. I will do a better proof reading job In the future. As for the club thought, one more question, at what point( handicap or skill level) do adjustable drivers make sense? Where do you have to be in your game for these adjustability options to make a difference? I'm guessing if I could make 15-20 consistent center club face hits in a row then I could start adjusting as I would have a pretty good baseline. Thoughts?
  7. Thanks, I've been told its mostly about personal feel but didn't know if one style would help more due not always consistently hitting right in the center of the face and my poor distance control.
  8. I bought at 9.5* 910D2 last year and hit it good some days and bad others. I m a very high handicap and wonder if the club is hurting me more than its helping. I sometimes get carried away and only look at price and see it cost a lot and a lot of pros use it so it should make me better. I have finally realized that those things are irrelevant and that practice is what makes me better, not buying the most expensive club and trying to buy what the pros use. So is the 910D2 OK for me to be using. Is it considered to be a high handicapper club or is it a harder driver for to it as compared to othe
  9. For a high handicap amatuer would you guys recommend a blade putter or a mallet. I know a lot of it is feel but will one make up for some of my off center hits or speed control more? Just wondering your opinion. Seems to me A blade would be better for speed control due to less weight but a mallet would seem to be more forgiving on off center hits due to the weight holding the heel and toe more balanced. Am I right in this thought process or wrong. Thanks guys in advance.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I am going to take it slow but the doctor is the one who said putting and light chipping is OK. I will be able to get up and walk around after the surgery. It is actually encouraged because it gets the blood flowing and that is what ultimately starts the healing process. The doctor said after surgery I should have no limitations in my swing and will be able to do everything I was before the surgery. Even more than golf like weight lifting and running. It will just take 4 months to get there.
  11. Hey guys, Just found out I am having L3,L4,L5 disc surgery next week and am down from golf for 4 months. The doctor said NO full swings for 16 weeks with NO exceptions. He did say after 4 weeks I can start putting and very light chipping. So I was hoping you guys could give some ideas on how best to utilize my time and keep it fresh cause just putting and chipping only is going to get old. I am going to work a lot on 6 - 10 foot breakers, 40' lag putting but after that I am stumped. Any other drills you guys can offer up to keep me from going insane. I am going to take seine as often as I c
  12. I have been nervous to get fitted for a putter because i am worried i dont have a proper stroke or setup and it will be a waste of time for the fitter.
  13. Thanks. That was a awesome video!
  14. Thanks for all the responses everyone. Guess I will try to find a mix of maybe a couple manufacturers and try them of the tee, with wedges and then on the green.
  15. Do you have to take a divot to make a good swing? I know with my driver and fair woods I don't take a divot because I sweep them. Would sweeping my irons work or no? Seems when I try to take a divot I chunk it majorly. Could barely grazing g the grass after hitting g the ball be as effective? Its not a divot but still hitting down on the ball just not compressing it. Or do you have to fully compress the baLl and take divot for your irons to be effective. Also, with my hybrids sweep or divot?
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