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  1. Practiced for two hours, worked on downswing. Had gotten steep, much better after today.
  2. I agree that it's not about the money, or, at least, not about NIKE's money. There has been a shift in certain social ideas (things like gay marriage and the like) that have become more popular and present amongst the mainstream public. Tiger and NIKE could see it as a way of keeping their brand in line with the rest of their competition. It's worth mentioning that gigantic companies like Coca-Cola have expressed support for similar ideas.
  3. I know it's more comforting to assume that there is some sort of hand behind the movements of the world, but unfortunately, there isn't. But I totally get it. It feels nice to have an enemy.
  4. Lol @ "Soros divide"
  5. Nike will pay Tiger until the sun explodes, my dude. He, as a person, is still one of the top brands on the planet. On the back of that: Tiger has "**** you" money. If he really disagreed with Nike's position or their decision to run ads of the type, he could easily take his near-billion dollar estate and go home.
  6. Swing from end of practice session today.
  7. Short practice video.
  8. Took a little bit of video today. Playing well lately, so haven't spent a lot time changing anything. Things I notice: backswing is very long, I have a lot of lag (perhaps too much), and my head kicks down and back quite a bit (which is probably a response to the amount of lag). DL FO
  9. Back issues 100% affect putting. I have lightning bolt pain down my left leg when I stay bent over for too long; it makes it very difficult to practice putting, and should it flare up on the course, it's nigh-impossible to focus on anything else.
  10. 1. The thing that surprised me the most about the competition was how comfortable I felt. I took to the energy of it like a fish in water. When Vince and I were getting banana pancaked in our first matches, I remained upbeat. Was happy about that. 2. My least favorite was singles because @Golfingdad whooped my ass! But I liked all the formats. No complaints there. My favorite day was probably Friday. 3. Again, @Golfingdad. I aint tangling with Drew again. 4. Handicapping was good. Thought it was fairly done. Rather get strokes, of course! 5. I didn't pay much attention to others pace, just my own. If I focus on pace of play, it distracts me. 6. I'd say the best average was low 300s by a few of us. The shortest was probably around 220. 7. We didn't do too much drinking, but I'm pretty hardy when it comes to alcohol. But if I had to guess, I'd say @kpaulhus could down a few beers.
  11. Excercise and getting to see the course in a different light. I've been struggling with a knee problem for the past few months (doesn't affect movement or flexibility, just soreness), and I'm itching to get back to walking.
  12. I prefer to be matching throughout the bag (bag included!), but i've softened on that stance in recent years. I have a Callaway Driver, TaylorMade Woods and Irons and one Wedge, a Ben Hogan Wedge, and an Edel putter. Plus, a PING bag! I'm looking to go full Edel for Irons and Wedges and full Callaway for Woods in the future. Uniformity in my clubs gives me comfort. No real reason why.
  13. *eye roll*
  14. Ah, I see. I did not know that! A few of the guys at my club play Vice, and they talk about the price and quality all the time. I'm sticking with Snell, personally.
  15. I've heard good things about Vice, as well. Their premium ball is like 25 bucks, I think.