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  1. Just a little one, yeah. I’ve been working on shortening my backswing and that’s been a side effect. Distance hasn’t changed much, but I’m almost at the point where I can start working on my preferred push fade. Good idea on the steeper shoulders! I’ll give that a try.
  2. Definitely faster. I tend to leave my putts short, so faster greens make it easier on me.
  3. Golf Goals 2020 - Break 70 - Get from a 4 handicap to scratch - See an AimPoint instructor
  4. hello friends it’s been a long time. I’ve finished grad school, gotten my MFA, and moved to Charlotte, NC. here’s a new swing video: my life seems to have calmed down, so hopefully I’ll be posting more!!!!
  5. Course is kicking ass so far. Spieth's ball speed with the driver has been under 170 every shot I've seen him hit. Interesting.
  6. I agree. But I think my original point stands. I don't think them being women is the reason a lot of their players only have 3-5 years of excellent play. The more I think about it, you can apply to virtually every sport. Most players have a 3-5 year prime that quickly flames out. Only the really great ones have a full and complete career.
  7. What male golfers have a long period of sustained success, outside of maybe 3-5 years? Tiger, Phil, Ernie, Vijay, Rory, Spieth, etc. Most players have their run and then fade away pretty quickly. I don't think it's an LPGA thing.
  8. I voted funny. I think it'll be good for this event.
  9. Nobody loves Tiger more than me. But if Jordan gets those numbers, he’d more than likely be my pick for the GOAT. Truth is truth, after all.
  10. Nobody on that broadcast wanted Patrick Reed to win, nor did many of the people around 18 green. It was shitty of all of them, frankly.
  11. Livid, no. Sad and upset and drinking myself to sleep, yes. I will never apologize for laughing at Sergio. That guy is an a-hole.
  12. God, I bet that was amazing. Welcome back to Georgia, again! When I went to the Masters three years ago, he didn't show up for a practice round until late, after we had left. When I followed him at the 2011 PGA the crowds were ten deep. Nuts the amount of attention he gets.
  13. I am very late on this but I just wanted to say that I cackled like an old witch brewing a potion in a thunderstorm when Sergio hit those balls in the water. A truly great moment in my Masters history.
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