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  1. Backswing and downswing work paying off.
  2. You're mislabeling my argument as for the Girl Scouts, specifically, and I wasn't. Second of all, if the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts were just chummy buddies, then why didn't they just form one ****ing organizations and call it The Scouts? Do you really think it was to be specifically girl-only, or was there either a implicit or explicit understanding that boys and girls were not supposed to be in the same organization together. I'm not even addressing the "everything has to be co-ed" argument, because that is clearly not what I meant. Thank you for calling me a social justice warrior! It's a label I wear with pride. Also, thank you for trying to personally insult me, instead of refuting my argument. It makes me look much smarter than I actually am. A private course cannot be labeled as discriminatory against the poor, because we live in a capitalist economy, and certain goods cost more than others. That's ridiculous, Matt. Come on. Saying that women aren't allowed, simply because they are women, is discriminatory. Saying that black people are allowed,d because they are black, is discriminatory. And, again, so that you don't get your feathers ruffled– you didn't really address the "Whites Only" argument, which I suspect is because you don't really have an answer, and I also suspect that's why you tried to "gotcha" me with "should every club be public".
  3. If I were Rory, I wouldn't play in Dubai. The reason the Girl Scouts (and other women's only organizations were formed) is because women were specifically excluded from other organizations. They arose in response to discrimination, to give them a space to do the same things that men do. If they hadn't been discriminated against in the first place, then those organizations more than likely wouldn't have popped up. It should also be noted that the argument of "private courses have the right to set the policies they want" is the same argument that whites-only country clubs made for years and years to exclude black golfers. I'm not calling you or anyone else racist, just pointing out the similarity in the arguments. This is an opinion, and not one with a basis in fact. He certainly should not be quiet. If you believe in something, speak up for it. He has power, and should use it to help others.
  4. Him being a hypocrite doesn't really matter, though. He's right; his potential hypocrisy doesn't change that.
  5. The work continues. If I'm not diligent, the shaft gets too inside too early on the backswing. I'm also working on shortening my backswing, which I do a shitty job of here.
  6. Rory is first for me, and it's not close. His personality and game are tops for me, even if I wish he wasn't friendly with Sergio Second is DJ, then Day, then Spieth.
  7. If Rory doesn't at least win two Masters, I'd be very surprised. The Masters should be the easiest one for him, frankly.
  8. They've been the forward tees forever, at least around where I'm from. Plenty of people play from them, either for distance or scoring issues or for age. I've played them for fun many times; it's a great way to see the course from a different perspective.
  9. I'm glad you liked River Forest! Wish I could've joined up with you guys, too. I probably should do that! lol
  10. haha thanks man! Gotta get my application in for March, keep my momentum up! Strangely enough, being 25 doesn't feel any different than 24!
  11. Congrats guys!
  12. I can't speak for Saturday or Sunday, but I do know that it happens during practice rounds and on Thursday and Friday. Would make sense that it happens on the weekend, too.
  13. Practiced for two hours, worked on downswing. Had gotten steep, much better after today.
  14. I agree that it's not about the money, or, at least, not about NIKE's money. There has been a shift in certain social ideas (things like gay marriage and the like) that have become more popular and present amongst the mainstream public. Tiger and NIKE could see it as a way of keeping their brand in line with the rest of their competition. It's worth mentioning that gigantic companies like Coca-Cola have expressed support for similar ideas.
  15. I know it's more comforting to assume that there is some sort of hand behind the movements of the world, but unfortunately, there isn't. But I totally get it. It feels nice to have an enemy.