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  1. the best thing that works for me is to move everything away at the same time: shoulders arms hands and club, maintaining the triangle formed at set up. then around waist high just fold your right(left if your a lefty) elbow and bring your left arm up across your chest to alow the club to travel up over your right shoulder. just remember to make sure you bring your left arm high enough, but not too high. you should be able to see a small gap(one or two inches) at the top between your left arm and right shoulder in a mirror. practicing your backswing while standing up against a wall will help yo
  2. i'm from albany, ga. i started playing golf with my father when i was three but it was never real serious. i played off and on and when i was 14 i attended a pga junior learning school that was held at riverpointe golf club here in albany. since then i really didn't play much untill the past year when i took it back up and am trying to improve and play consitent 80s and possibly 70s one of these days.
  3. my goal for 08 is to shoot consistent 90s and break into the 80s. right now i'm shooting 100s. almost broke into the 90s yesterday. had a score of 100.
  4. 100 at turner golf course in albany, ga yesterday morning and a 105 at riverpoint golf club yesterday afternoon
  5. i work in the parts department at albany lincoln mercury
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