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  1. The nike looks interesting. The only concern for me is that TGW says it is 7lbs vs. the Four 5 at 4.5lbs. If the dividers in the sun mtn are 14 full way individual, that is a more appealing option.
  2. Anyone have one of these? I am wondering if this has 14 way, full length dividers or just a 14 way top divider? I like the idea of this, just not if the bottom of the bag is the same as a 5 or 6way divider bag. Am so fed up with grip tangle in my ping hoofer. Any other recommendations for a stand bag with superior club mgmt? I also think the woode system would work well or the divider system in the callaway warbird hot.
  3. Why not? Just b/c you do a lot of cardio does not mean you look like a marathon runner. His build seems comparable to many NHL players - they do quite a bit of cardio. Look at michael phelps in the olympics - dude did mega cardio. if it is offset by significant high calorie, healthy diet, you will not see weight loss per se.
  4. Is there really such a thing? People that I have asked have put the cleveland CG14's on one end of the spectrum and vokey's on the other. What would i be getting in the CG14's vs the vokey's as far as help? Love my game improvement irons and notice a big difference vs my old dci's. Anyone have a sense for what you would notice as the difference in forgiveness or playability in these vs. something less forgiving? My wedge mistakes are generally the fat or thin variety. For example, will a thin shot with a CG14 get up in the air more than the same shot with a vokey?
  5. Ted Kennedy - losing one in the water Kate Winslet - not bad but a little fat
  6. I saw the first episode of the Golf Fix with Michael Breed last night on the Golf Channel. I was disappointed. It seemed very rushed and tried to cover too many topics without going into any depth on any of them. It felt like golf instruction "speed dating". I didn't really learn anything new and the lessons were the basic "instructor speak" you find in any golf magazine. He seems like a good natured guy though, just a bad format. I guess I should not be surprised but I long for the days of Academy Live with Peter Kessler.
  7. I'm interested in hearing about experiences on either the public or private track.
  8. Interesting episode. Long drive guy, david, is a tremendous tool and great guy to hate. Sally cracks me up with the "roid rage" celebrations. Felt bad for rachel, she really stepped up and hit some nice shots under pressure. Now starting to feel bad for Sally. Her facial expressions and tone in the interviews is progressing from being competitive alongside David, to embarassed by his behavior, to downright sorry she made the decision to be on the show. Was it just me or did Amber have some weird cleavage action going on in the black interview shirt? Yikes! First chink in the armour. And an
  9. The problem with your driver swing is what you have correctly identified - a swing plane that is too flat. I struggled with this as well so will share what has worked for me. The flat backswing brings you to a fork in the road on the downswing. 1) you can come into impact along the same (flat) plane and try and time your release to square the clubface, or 2) you can re-route the club over the top and come in steeper from the outside. Depending on your timing, this can result in a variety of bad shots. As you identified above, when your timing/tempo is on, you can hit great shots from this po
  10. If you go on the titleist website, there is a nice adobe acrobat file in the vokey spin milled tab that has more detail on the loft, bounce, and grind combos. Gives a description of each wedge and what type of conditions/swing path each wedge is ideally suited for.
  11. I don't want to make this a referendum on people who carry ball retreivers. If I fish a proV1 out of a water hazard, will that ball perform as well as one out of the box?
  12. Now that some of us have the unfortunate reality of fall setting in, I'm wondering how folks in colder climates deal. What is your minimum temp that you will play in? Mine is about 50 degrees but even that can change if it is windy enough. How do you dress? - specifically, has anyone got any good sugestions for an outer layer jacket that does the job but doesn't impede your swing too much? I generally go with a couple of performance layers and then a vest or windshirt. Rain pants work well to keep the legs warm. Interested to hear from others.
  13. I have a square headed 5 wood and the more traditional shaped 3 hybrid from nike. My issue is that I cannot keep the ball from going left. At best it is a big, sweeping draw. At worst, it is out of play left. Anyone else have similar issues with these clubs? I generally play a right to left ball anyway but have fewer "left" issues with the other clubs.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Kurtbayne, the snipes is the snaphooks!
  15. Anyone willing to share how they beat this affliction? I, unfortunately, have a well ingrained over the top move. Not a horrendous one, but one that wreaks havoc with my consistency nonetheless. I kid myself that I have fixed it from time to time but all my success really is in those instances is a well timed, lower body slide that neutralizes the out to in swing path. My trouble lately has been a wicked case of the snipes off the tee. I release my hands pretty well so I have the pull and pull hook miss rather than a slice. Any drills or things that people can suggest to help here? The "
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