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  1. Distance on a score card is usally to the center of the green, unless you are using a GPS. In that case it is usally right on the pin.
  2. I find that the hardest part of my mental game is getting a bad shot out of my head. Or a shot I am not looking forward to hitting. As well as having to hit a club I do not hit well. Any suggestions on hitting a longer shot that would take a 3 iron, but I don't hit well anything lower than a five?
  3. I am a business owner of a few differnt website. If anyonw would like to check them out feel free. www.YourOwnPhoto.com and www.PhillyRA.com the radio station that I own is an internet station I built for my wife, as she has always wanted to be on the radio. I look forward to discussing the game with you all.
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