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  1. Alderweis

    Pro Basketball

    Celtics... The Truth, The Big Ticket, Jesus Shuttlesworth and now Sam I Am? If they don't do it this year, they all deserve to die.
  2. I'm rollin a beater right now... 1991 Civic Hatch with a frankenstein exhaust (cause the old one fell off) and a few other crappy bolt-ons that were there when I bought the car. $800, 171k. gets 35+mpg, so I'm happy. Wifey drives a 2000 Nissan Maxima.
  3. Alderweis


    I got hooked on Soccer by playing FIFA 07 on the XBOX. It was my first experience with soccer and my first time playing any games on XBOX. Watched 2 buddys play about 4 games, and was hooked. Played about 5 matches myself and was hooked on soccer... I'm a big fan of Inter, but Rooney has got to be one of the meanest SOBs alive. I love that kid.
  4. The whole thing stinks of PEDs in baseball... For years we convinced ourselves that despite Barry and Sammy and Jose (and the other mutated big-name medical miracles), our home-town favorite star was legit... but the reality is that players who violated the anti-PED policy are in every club. When this all washes out, we are gonna find that a lot more clubs have in the past (or currently do) "cheat". BTW to whomever said that it was not about location, it WAS indeed about location. He was in the wrong section, filming the wrong guy. You are allowed to film other directions and other guys,
  5. Very good points... all sports have their greats, and their young phenoms... eventually we will compare Tiger to the next (see: MJ or King James) I know this, he has made the game very interesting to a lot of people who may have never stopped channel surfing on a Sunday afternoon.
  6. I am not exactly "new" to golf (I've played infrequently for about 10 years) but I am new to actually putting time, money, and dedication into getting better. As of yet, I don't have a home course, but I'm sure that will change by the end of the summer.
  7. I work in IT, for an mortgage insurance corp... We are the guys whose stock has taken a beating in the recent US Housing crash. (I'm also following advice and making my newbie poasts!)
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