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  1. thanks so far I was hoping for some more answers. Does any one know anything about the set I have?
  2. I am looking into getting my first set of clubs as I posted about a week ago. While I was searching my dad told me he had an old hand me down set so I pulled them out to take a look. The woods are definitely old they are still made of wood at least for the most part. The irons are a full set 2 to PW they are Walter Hagen Ultradyne 2s. The putter is a standard putter I think a brass head. I think the woods and putter might be from from the same set as the irons. Finally the newest club is the driver, a Taylermade burner 10.5 I don't know what year but it is over 6 or 7 years for sure and it loo
  3. To answer some questions honestly I have never played a full 18 holes. The most I have done is play a back yard course through the neighborhood with I guess the neighbors, and I have hit a local driving and chipping range with friends. Having said that I don't know my swing speed or my average. I don't have the access to clubs to find an average I could Get my speed at the local shop. Should I worry about that for my first set? beyond that Should I stay away from places like Dicks sports or sports authority? and finally for round two Im looking to spend as little as possible are the 200 300 do
  4. So I'm new to golf very new I am looking to get a my first set of clubs for myself for my birthday this june. My issue is that I am a poor college student so I don't have much money. Im just looking for some advice on what I actually need and the best way to spend my money. I have been told that I should stay away from used is that true. Lastly Im sort of a minimalist considering that are there any good bags out there with out the million huge pockets and such. Thanks in advanced for the help.
  5. This will be my first year playing golf so I guess my goals for the summer are to get some clubs and establish my game.
  6. I am a dairy manager at a local giant eagle and a part time student at The Ohio State University.
  7. There are a ton of courses close by if you want a big name Muirfield Village is about a mile away the course I will probably use the most will be worthington hills country club.
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