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  1. I'm 6'4" and have a Sun Mountain Speed Cart. It fits me fine and is adjustable to make the handle bar go a lot higher than I ever have it. It has been a great Cart, probably have used it 50 times or so. The only bad thing about is where the cup holder is located. Its right under all the club heads in your bag so the higher you adjust the handle bar the less accessable it will make your drink. Not that big of a deal though and I think its like that with all brands. You should to your local store and give them all a "test drive".
  2. I despretley want to get a pair of eccos, I've tried them on in the store and they feel awsome but I wear "wide" and they don't make wide sizes. They are border line being to tight. How much do they stretch out/break in? Has anyone else that wears wide tried them before?
  3. In the last issue of Golf Digest on the In My Bag section, that golfer (can't remember who and to lazy to go check) said he only uses on ball per round. Personally, I use it till I lose it.
  4. I use Yahoo and have no complaints
  5. I currently play with the MP T and the Spin Milled in my bag and I can tell a big difference between the two. The Spin Milled in noticably heavier and as a result it feels more stable out of the sand or rough. But the Mizuno hands down feel much softer. The MP T feels just like my forged irons and the Titleist feels the hardest out of all the clubs I have owned. The combo works well for me, MP T is my gap wedge so it feels like i'm hitting my PW and I rarely hit my 60 degree with a full swing so the feel factor is not as big of a deal.
  6. http://www.co.forsyth.nc.us/Tanglewo...odCourses.aspx
  7. You could make an argument either way right now but in 10 years it'll be hard
  8. I am a General Contractor in North Carolina
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