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  1. When I was in the grove for about four years straight I would hover in the low 90’s and break 90 a few times a year. During this time is was playing 3 times a week and hit the range once a week. Now life has caught up to me and I play about twice a month and my game and scores reflect it. I still enjoy golf and just try to keep expectations simple. My chipping and putting is still pretty decent since it’s something I can do in the yard. The rest of my game is a tragedy. That being said I don’t think a weekend golfer who puts no time into practice or other work into their game can expect impro
  2. Well it's fortunately no longer a duck, the name will stick around forever I'm sure. It's finally a mostly straight give or take a few degrees either way. It's amazing how fun golf can be when you're not chasing a ball left or right lol.
  3. There comes a point in everyone's life when you have to match your equipment to the needs of your body. I have been playing Callaway RazrX irons with S300 in them. My swing speed mainly due to weight changes, add a touch of age (late thirties isn't old I know). I saw my swing speed decrease from 104 down a 92. I haven't been able to consistently get the club face closed for almost 2 years. After some trial and error I've found something that works for where I am at this stage of my game/life. Picked up a combo set of the Cleveland 588's in Regular flex. The 4-6 are the hybrid Altitude irons an
  4. It's been a very long time since been on the site and almost an equally long time since I've been on a golf course. Life changes and a move to a new state and I am finally settled in. Over the last couple months I've been putting in some much needed work on the range and it's finally paying off.
  5. Well after several years of service I have decided to retire my x-14's. My new gamers are the Razr X Tours 4-PW, with Dynamic Gold SL S300U shafts and golf pride tour wrap grips.
  6. So it's been awhile since I've been on here and posted some scores. The last three rounds have been good from a numbers perspective and also to help with some confidence. I really thought I was going to break 80 last week, but coming up to 18 after birdies on 16 and 17 all I needed was a par. As I approach the tee box I decide to play it "safe". Teed off with a 3w, pushed it behind a tree and it was downhill from there. Double bogey for an 81. Took a week off and came back and shot an 85 and then I shot an 82. I've been really proud of my putting lately and putting in some real work to improve
  7. I got out again today and I swear, when you work on one thing there is always something else that suffers and that is why I am an amateur. Today was a very good ball striking day, my irons powerful and wedges were crisp, however the putter.....yeah let's just get to the score card because I burned enough edges and lipped enough putts that I swear that the cups weren't regulation size. Started of the front with 6 bogeys, 1 double and 2 pars for a 44 on the front. The back was slightly better, I had 4 pars, 3 bogeys and one water hazard double for a 43 on the back totaling 87.
  8. Glad to see a fellow West Texan in this thread. That's a good round you had there and yes you are right, I don't eat prior to the round or at least something on the turn I'm pretty much done by 15/16 as well. I'm also sure you'll have more 4 overs in your future, happy hunting.
  9. I can sympathize with your situation, I can't imagine that long of a layoff. I might be forced to actually work
  10. Well it's been a few weeks since I've been able to get out and play, so I made a real day of it and got 36 holes in. I was pretty rusty on the first 9, I had two triples, and two doubles to go along with a bogey and four pars for a 46, on the back 9 I started with a double, had 3 bogeys and five pars and finished up with a 40 on the back totaling 86 for the round. I feel I made some quality shots and my chipping is coming along. The second round was a more consistent showing of what I've come to expect from myself. Started off the front 9 with three straight pars to go along with three pars an
  11. Well the MP32's are officially on the auction block. IMO confidence is 80 percent of this game and I have the confidence 3-pw with the x-14's. I have found some time to hit the range and I'm working on a more outside in swing. A consistent on tempo swing I now feel will make more of a difference at this time than an equipment change. I am a self admitted equipment ***** and I am seeking help with this addiction
  12. I got 36 holes in today which is a complete rarity for me. I played on a local course that has two separate 18 hole courses on it. My first round started out kind of rough, couldnt chip or putt and started out with 1 par on the front and just had a hard time getting it going and shot 48 on the front. Then on the back things started to turn around I had 4 pars on the back, 3 of them were in a row and closed with a birdie to shoot a 41 on the back for an 89. On the second course the good play continued but just couldn't get more putts to fall but I was satisfied with the quality of shots I was m
  13. So I got talked into playing today and even got to wear shorts for the first time this year. Shot 89 and today was a not so good chipping but decent putting day. 2 pars on the front for a 45, 3 pars on the back for a 44.
  14. I think sometime in the very near future Rory will offer a mea culpa about the situation. Did he act poorly given his current status, sure but I'm not going to kill him over it. We all have had issues at home that get brought to the office whether we want them or not.
  15. Got out and played today, turned into a typical round. 2 pars on the front 9 for a 44 and a birdie and a par on the back for another 44, 88 total round.
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