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  2. Sorry to revive this old thread but I wanted to update that to get off my back foot it took working with a Pro once a week this spring. He figured out that if I over swung I would get on my back foot. Tempo was everything for me. He watched my swing and with his comments I could finally get the feel of a correct swing tempo. I still over swing now and then, but overall my swing and knee are much better. For those looking to correct a swing, I recommend working with a pro. Getting feedback from someone trained to know a correct swing is priceless.
  3. Thanks Ernest, I do have the 5SK DVDs but I like that drill.
  4. Every year I start out with a nice controlled swing weight on the front foot at impact. And then, mid season I go back to my reverse pivot weight on the back foot at impact swing. I know what I'm doing but can't seem to stop it. I watched some videos that gave me some good drills but it still happens. How do I get rid of this shot killer for good?
  5. I struggled with my blade putter, especially with short putts. I had a lesson with my pro and he said I have a very good putter so I stayed with it. But the three putts were killing me. I made a big change this year. I went with an Odyssey v2 which has 3 lines on it. I also went with a super grip slim 30 grip. This putter helped me tremendously. I've had more one putts so far this year than all of last year. Distance control is about the same as with my blade but I just have more confidence standing over the putt, especially the short putts. The grip helps take the wrist out of the stroke for
  6. First of all thanks for all of the suggestions and discussions. I'm not really hung up on Blades. My problem with GI or SGI is that a lot of them have wide soles that are rounded at the bottom of the face and tend to bounce off the turf. I didn't buy the Mizuno's for that reason but noticed that my ball striking got better with them. Every now and then I'll hit the ball first and take a nice divot In front of the ball which feels great. I couldn't do that with the Big Berthas I was playing before. I'm going to stay with the Mizuno's for a while. Thanks again for all the discussions
  7. I definitely do not want to make the game harder. I think I'll stay with what's working and concentrate on the archer not the arrow, Thanks Lou
  8. Right now I'm playing Mizuno JPX 800's. my reasoning is that I can hit my Vokey wedges really well and they are essentially Blades so would the transition be that difficult? I'm also working on hitting fades and draws at the range. I haven't brought it to the course yet. Would Blades help that much with that? Thanks Lou
  9. Finally played today. Temp was 46 slight breeze and it looked like it could rain. It was a perfect day on the course. thought it would be busy, but there were only three of us spread out on the course. I came home in a great mood, huge smile and my Wife said "Thank God, I couldn't take any more complaining about not playing" It was an awesome start to the season. .
  10. I demoed a Ping G25 20 degree with the stock R shaft and the Titleist 913 H 19 degree with the Diamana blue R shaft yesterday in NH. (Ya I was hitting into snow). I hit both about the same. The Titleist felt a little head heavy. I was more consistent with the Ping but when I hit the Titleist well the ball just rocketed off the club. Both were very straight.
  11. I feel your pain Tuffluck, Consistency frustrates me as well. One day I hit the driver well the next its the irons. If only I could hit them all well on the same day. Ive been there also, wanting to quit the game after a bad day. Fortunately for me my playing partners are all much better than I am and are very encouraging. I know this is well worn advice, but what they have taught me is to take something positive away from the game each time you play. It could be a shot, a putt, a good joke.etc, just something that puts you in a relaxed frame of mind. Ive found when I play with a relaxed caref
  12. Heading to Englewood Fla. Any Suggestions. I'm looking for a well maintained track. Some have been iffy in past visits.
  13. +1 for Thistle. Also love the Norman and Dye at Barefoot. Make sure to have Dinner at Greg Normans steak house.
  14. Hi Everyone, I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I have more questions than answers so I'll be lurking for a bit. Can't wait for the snow to melt so I can continue the quest. Thanks Lou
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