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  1. Had a case of the rockets the past couple of years so bad that I wanted to scribe some grooves in there...anyhow through a lot of practice and reading haven't come near the hosel in months. I had two major issues - the first was spinning my hips hard to start the downswing. I never really posted on the left leg - just spun. This action through the club out too much towards the ball. When I corrected this and started posting on the left leg, I would still occasional shank until I started doing this. In watching Hogan videos how he kept his right arm bent to show how to start down with the hips, I did exactly that and came into the ball with a really, really bent right arm, this kept my hands far away from my thighs and wala...shank. I was basically just trying to hold the lag. I started straightening the right arm early on the downswing so it was only slightly bent at impact and am just puring it again. This is just the right arm straighening, THE WRISTS REMAIN FULLY COCKED. Looking for feedback...anyone else have this same experience? I worked for years to get this - hope it helps anyone with the shanks.

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