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  1. I never liked Nike clubs (and still don't like their irons) but at my club's demo day last weekend I hit all the various drivers from the five company's there (TM, Callaway, Cleveland, Nickent, and Nike). I'd hit and liked some of the Titleist D2 drivers but the new Dymo Str8-Fit, which I felt was a gimmick, was absolutely the best driver outta the bunch for me. I bought one. Last year, I hated their drivers. However, I doubt they'll dominate the entire market for some of the reasons mentioned already.
  2. Just get better. I'd like to consistently play in the high 80's/low 90's. Towards that end, I finally replaced my 20 year old irons with a set of Callaway FT's that I was able to get through my club pro shop for $800 (4-PW), picked up a new driver (I've been using my old metal woods which are standard old fashioned sized) - the new Nike SQ Str8-Fit, which I also got a great deal on at our recent club demo day. AND, most importantly, take some lessons and spend more time on the practice tee. Being a member of a club provides unlimited use so I've go no excuses.
  3. If I'm playing casually with friends on our course, we do what we feel like. It's a freakin' game and, frankly, the rules are insane. The idea of any game is to have fun and if you are not a great golfer and you're out for fun there is NO harm with improving your lie so that you can move along and, hopefully, make a better shot. Competition, of course, is completely another matter. Part of the problem with the game is too many serious golfers who all think they're on the tour. I answered, depends.
  4. http://www.bluelakescc.com Blue Lakes Country Club, Idaho
  5. Golf is a game. Unless you are trying to become a professional and make a living at it, I would keep that in mind. I don't "sacrifice" anything for it but I do belong to a country club and suppose I could use those dues to donate to the less fortunate or take adult education classes or something. I would not trade time with my family, a better job that I would otherwise enjoy, a poor diet, etc. for golf. Maybe if I wasn't a hack golfer I'd feel differently but golf is a game to me and a chance to get a little exercise with people who feel the same way. Love the game and watch a lot of golf on TV but it's only one aspect of my life.
  6. I use new balls on the course most of the time but have a few dozen cheap and found balls for use in my pasture and chipping around the yard. Honestly, I can't tell much difference between any of them.
  7. Well, according to F2, you need their putter because the insert puts more material on the ball for a truer roll. I'm still using my old Slotline.
  8. I just picked up some hybrids to try from Costco. The thing that sold me was the IROD regular shaft. 21 and 24 degree from Nicklaus Golf and called XS Trajectory. Both for a c note. I've only hit them in my yard (I've got a pretty big yard) but they feel pretty good. As a higher handicapper just returning to the game after a dozen years off, I'm more interested in experimenting a bit. And being from Costco, no questions asked return policy.
  9. Not when it counts. But I break the rules to speed play when I'm just playing for myself.
  10. I'm thinking of getting a Louisville Golf persimmon driver. I hate the way these new drivers sound (although the D2, M Speed, Wilson, and Nike I've tried at the range all gave me about 30 more yards). "pling"!
  11. Look, there's no question that the new technology in clubs and balls helps in distance in minimizing mis-hits but it has also taken something away from the game IMO. There seems to be a reason Louisville Golf is still in business making updated but traditional persimmon clubs. I was kind of wondering if anyone had said screw it to the new technology and play golf the way it used to be played? As for me, I'm debating it.
  12. I'm 57 and not a good golfer...yet. I started with real woods but am using my 25 year old Cougar I woods and irons still. I'd hung it up for awhile but started playing again this year and have been demoing some of the new woods (Cobra LD M Speed, Titleist D2, Nike, etc.). There's no doubt I hit them farther but only slightly straighter than my old small Cougar metal wood. I noticed how much more pleasing the sound of my old, smaller driver was (thicker metal, I suppose( and got to thinking about how more more satisfying the sound of real wood was still. Golf is a fun activity for me. I don't play in tournaments, I won't play with jerk-offs who are too serious and too proud, and I only sometimes score a round. I respect the game and the rules but I will not slow play or worry about a lie I'm not going to hit out of if I'm just out having fun. I play the rules when required but golf is more for me to try to play as well as I can, having a good time on a nice day, and getting some needed exercise. All that said, I've started thinking that all the new wango-tango game improvement clubs and gear are taking something away from the old traditions and that those of us who are not playing for dough or competition might enjoy things a little more with real woods and more traditional irons. Spend a little more time on the practice tee, take some playing lessons, and play golf old school for a change. It wouldn't surprise me to see a return to some tradition on the tour at some point when some influential pro says, enough. Anyone here play old school golf?
  13. CSG

    what putter

    Putting has been the least of my issues in golf and I'm still using my 25 year old Slotline inertial weighted.
  14. CSG

    Golf is a simple game

    The game of golf is indeed easy. The execution, however, is a bitch.
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