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  1. Does anyone know if the KF Tour start is going to be moved from the Bahamas. And if so, where? Thanks
  2. Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy. With the exception of one word on the back of the book (tale), it reads like a very real story. It's my bible.
  3. What I'd hoped would be an energizing spectacle of golf, is turning into a s**t show. As a Canadian, oh, and we're 112 year defending champs, I'd hoped for a more robust format for an Olympic event where the mantra ; "Higher, faster, stronger," reflects the Olympic charter . The man that won the trophy and medal in 1904 was George Seymour Lyon, an amateur from Lambton Golf Club, Toronto. He didn't pick up a golf club till he was 37 years old. At 46 , he won the gold medal, beating the current American Amateur Champion,Candler Egan, a man half his age. He did it by playing 36 holes of stroke play on the first day of the tournament to advance, which was followed, by 5 days of 36 hole match play each day, That is, Herculean, and worthy of a medal; That our favorite golfing stars are now hesitant to appear is disappointing, it opens up the questions of whether peeing in a cup. Is a possible motive for some, It could be more of a concern that the Zika virus The International Golf Federation, who created the format for the Olympics can take much of the blame, but the greed of the PGATOUR and its players can't be discounted. If we're going to have golf back in the Olympics, make it something we can all relate to and be in awe of when we see the brilliance.of the worlds finest amateurs.
  4. Mr Mulyak

    Lost it?

    So true Dave. That's why when I'm asked, "Mr Mulyak, how would you describe your game?" I answer, "Well son. It's brilliance...completely surrounded by baffoonery" Mr Mulyak
  5. If I'm feeling in my hands, I can pretty well hit any shot. When I'm not, and have a head full of swing thoughts, I'll hum the opening notes from the soundtrack to Tin Cup. Crazy maybe, but it works somehow. Mr Mulyak Brilliance, completely surrounded by bafoonery
  6. I'm looking for a friend. Here's the deal. My work schedule changed and I'm going to be getting 2 weeks off. I want to go somewhere warm and play golf over the holidays. I'm not into the Christmas thing, and family lives in Ontario (cold, snow, no thank you). The problem is, I work for a not-for-profit environmental organization, which I love, but despite me working my ass off, I get paid about half of what I would doing the same work in the public or private sector. Like I said, I love who I work for, it just makes it hard to try and pull off a trip like this. I'm hoping I can put together an ' I'll scratch your back and you mine'. I live in a pretty special area near the Vancouver area, called the Sunshine Coast. I commute by a scenic ferry ride, to work in the city. My great employer allows me a flex schedule that sees me working 4 days a week in the winter and only 3 days in the summer! Here's the best part. On the Coast, I'm caretaker on a 29 acre piece of land that has everything you want to see when you visit somewhere. It's an organic farm, has a lovely creek winding through a mature forest with large trees. I can't really begin to describe the beauty of it, but I'll tell you this; when friends visit from the city, they always call it the same thing, paradise. And I know they're not just saying that cause they like to play on my golf course. I think some of them genuinely like me and....... Did you just say golf course!?! Yep it's the truth. Within an orchard of apples plums and cherry trees and in an area of about 2 acres, I have constructed my own track. It is an organic short course that utilizes just two greens, and 18 different tee boxes. It plays 1469 yards to a par 68. The longest tee shot is 127 yards. It has par 3's,4's and par 5's, but that would require more 'splaing. Started 6 years ago the course has now hosted 1600 rounds and 10 tounaments. I just wanted to get a carrot dangling. So, who lives somewhere warm and sunny this time of year, that wants to golf in B.C. next summer? I know the areas I'm hoping for are ovens in the summer, that'd be the ideal time for you to come to Canada. I don't to what to expect from this, but I do know I'd love nothing better than to be strolling a fairway with a cold beer. Heck I'm willing to throw in a FORE or two if I have to. Long and straight, Mr Mulyak
  7. " What a stupid I am" -Roberto DeVincenzo, after signing an incorrect scorecard at the 1970 Masters My fave, you can't buy that kind of irony.
  8. The economic crisis in Europe has played a large part, with the Tour there losing many events which results in less sponsorship money for those tourneys they still have. I love the Euro Tour too for it's knowledgeable AND respectful fans.
  9. I absolutely agree Keith, it does tarnish the reputation of fans across the nation. That said, it is the responsibility of the PGA and host courses to police this issue. I do not agree with the violence proposed by Colin007, we're golfers, not pugilists for crying out loud.
  10. Louis Oosthuizen I just loved it last year at the Masters when he holed out for an albatross, then just casually tosses it to a fan while flashing his buck toothed grin, despite the significance of the ball (recovered by the Master s) His kid like" I'm having a blast" attitude resonates with me.
  11. You guys are gonna hate me. Despite being in the great white north known as Canada, I haven't stopped playing all winter. Here on the temperate west coast we certainly have the potential for some ugly white stuff, but this year has been a blessing and unlike the last two years with 6 (yes only 6) days where it was either too cold or there was snow, I've been playing non stop. It certainly helps when you have your own backyard affair too . That's a subject for another time. Good luck to the rest of you and your frozen balls. Take heart it is spring today. Mr M
  12. Nothing mentioned about butterflies flapping and birds chirping, they must drive you crazy !
  13. I've been trying to hunt down (without success) an article I read recently that talked about Russian golf and their participation in the Olympics in Rio 2016. In the article it mentions that quite a few had gone to Florida to train. So perhaps they are hoping to grow the game. (Edit) Don't know why my copy and paste is wonky. sorry At least for now, Bilalov retains a job related to the Olympics, as president of the Russian Golf Association. Golf returns to the Olympics for the first time since 1904 at the next Games, in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. - See more at: http://zeenews.india.com/sports/others/firm-of-ex-olympic-boss-faces-probe_757143.html#sthash.JXQaWhHn.dpuf
  14. "The "gutty" was prone to break up in mid-air, thus forcing the rules to accommodate this tendency by allowing the golfer to play a fresh ball from the point where the largest fragment had come to rest. This would be the last occasion on which the Rules of Golf had to be amended to legislate for the properties of the golf ball. For the remainder of the 19th century, the new ball was repeatedly modified to make it more durable." from that article,
  15. Funny you mention that book, but first, I don't ever recall that reference in "The Greatest...", and I've read it twice. And what a great book it is, that match which is a reference to the "Greatest Game" and not golf in general in the double entendre title, is what really spawned the boom in golf America experienced 100 years ago this year. I would say it is an inspirational must read for all golfers, especially the young. That the USGA is not holding this years Open at Brookline completely baffles me, considering the centenary. Francis Ouillmet versus Harry Vardon and Ted Ray. Greatest game ever played. Gives me goosebumps. Sorry, I don't have the answer yet on the gutta percha Mr M
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