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  1. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I work in the IT world. I started building computers in my garage, sold computer [outside sales] for small retail computer outlets. Got into networking [anyone remember Novel 2.11?] and began contracting my services. [ what we will do to feed our golf habit!] Ended up in Tucson, Az. for 2 1/2 years on a 90 day contract...I must say if you ever get a chance to do a 90 day contact in Tucson, do it! Winters found me skiing in the mornings and getting my golf fix in the afternoons. Due to health issues, I havn't done much as far as full time, for the last couple of years, but the best gig I have is with the Southern Texas P.G.A. I keep thier network and desktops running for green fees!! Haven't paid a green fee for over 5 years and I have golf all the best courses in Southern Texas...
  2. Thrash Talk: Negatives of Golf

    Here! Here!
  3. Hello

    This is the first time for me doing anything like this, so here goes... My name is hankwyatt, and I am a golfaholic... It started as a child, I would watch my dad...he was a golfaholic. I didn't know that at the time, nor could I have handled it...I just remember wanting to be just like him. I would sneak a wedge out of his bag at night or when he was at work, and just touch it, feel it in my hands, try to swing it. The thing that saved me from being a closet child golfaholic, was the fact that dad was right handed, and I was...well, [sigh] left-handed. It just didn't fit. I was so young, but it hit me in the face...I could not be like my dad. I wandered around for hours, then dad came home with a baseball and left-handed mitt...I was able to hide behind baseball cards, Astro's orange jerseys, Cruz, Ryan, and the Dome, but deep inside I knew what I craved...Finally, as a Sr. in High School, I found a 25.00 set of left-handed clubs at a garage sale. I was numb...could it really be? I was a little short on the funds, but a friend of mine made good what I was lacking...it was the best 24.62 I ever borrowed.[which reminds me, that was Spring of '74...8 more monthly payments and those old clubs are paid off!!] I will end this for now, let me just say, that my father and I sunk to the lowest of depths after that...we quit playing catch, throwing the pigskin or getting up early to hunt or fish...we just golfed...always together, nothing mattered, we golfed...it rained..we golfed...always golfed. Dad had a heart attach last week on the 16th fairway. I will always remember that day...I would hit a shot, drag dad, hit a shot, drag dad...almost broke into the 70's... Before he died, he sold me his watch...he will be missed. O, anyone interested in a right-handed set of Pings?