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  1. Crusher47


  2. I carry a full set (see sig.) but will be trying the "5 club challenge" the next time I play a round
  3. Just ordered a bag tag for my son, I'm sure he will love it! Thanks for bumping this thread!!
  4. For me, it's getting a 6 on a par 3....happens way too often
  5. Go for it, let us know how you made out
  6. I don't think it's just at the range....the course where I play has some wide open fairways, but most of the time I still hit the ball into the woods....one hole in particular has a tree line with a short, stubby tree at the very end....I would have to hit a wicked slice for my ball to land there and guess what....every. damn. time. my ball lands into that damn tree. everytime!
  7. For me, it's my wedges because many times I end up "topping" them or get under them too much and the ball will go sky high, but not far at all. When I do get the perfect hit with them, the ball will end up exactly where I want, but that doesn't happen too often.
  8. Play guitar/bass/drums....used to play in a few bands but don't anymore Motorcycles Home Improvement
  9. Watched earlier in the week....the most annoying chick is also the ugliest....go figure
  10. Just refinished an old putter and had one of those "Fatso" grips put on at G.G. Hopefully i can try it out this weekend
  11. Never thought of doing stuff like that....however, in the past....anytime I was within 100 yards, it was always pitching wedge no matter the lie, elevation of green, bunkers/water nearby etc. Nowadays if I have a good lie and the green is flat in front of me, I will try a 6 or 7 iron and try to run it up the green. If there is water or a bunker in front, I will try a sand wedge to get up and over it, etc.
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