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  1. I'm not in for any money but if I can duplicate it I will have a debt to pay.
  2. For the record (and calculations) it didn't feel like I hit the ball at all. Maybe I did and maybe I didn't but it just felt like I threw a whole lot of water on the green and the ball was in with it (to my surprise).
  3. LOL. But I was there. I hope that works out for me.
  4. That theory is out. I carried around a tape measure on my belt for 36 years on the job and I'm pretty good at estimating distances. The only two options are that I'm lying or it happened. Funny thing is that I won't even say how far I hit a golf ball on the internet so nobody will think I'm lying but I slipped up here. Should have just waited until next summer and tried it again.
  5. That's alright. As I said from the start I didn't expect anybody to believe it. Pretty sure I wouldn't believe it myself if I wasn't there. Maybe when the weather gets warmer I can see if I can do it again on video or something. I'm not even sure myself how many tries it might take.
  6. MS256

    2014 NCAA Football

    I don't have a whole lot of problem so far with the Selection Committee's Top 25 but some of the choices and specifically some of the things they say to explain it are somewhere between humorous and eyebrow raising. To admittedly give Oregon a break because they had an injury to their left tackle tops the list. As if no other football team in the country has had injuries. To get themselves in a position where both Baylor and TCU could win out and Baylor be the conference champion because of head to head play yet be ranked lower. They are either going to have to do some serious leap-frogging or throw their own stated criteria of weight for conference winners and head to head matchups in the trash can. To talk about scheduling quality out of conference teams, use the lack of that against Baylor, and then not give FSU any credit for scheduling Oklahoma State, Notre Dame and Florida as out of conference games. Those teams may not have turned out as good as would be expected but that's certainly not FSU's fault and they certainly aren't Chattanooga, UT Martin, or Georgia Southern either. To give TCU all kinds of credit for scheduling Minnesota. Really? They are number 25 right now and will probably lose the rest of their games.
  7. And that's why I said being slow is relative. BTW I am considered slow to the people in a daily 12:30 game at a local club. They think they are supposed to be done by 3:00 o'clock (2 1/2 hours) and aren't shy about expressing it. I always told them they were more interested in getting off of the course than they were at winning the game. Our Saturday game starts at 10:00 o'clock and I must leave by 2:00 o'clock or I would have to quit. Never have had to quit yet but have come close a few times.
  8. Did anybody watch these trapped window washers? http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/11/12/at-least-one-window-washer-trapped-on-scaffold-at-1-world-trade-center/ Looks like they cut through the glass from the inside to bring them in. Weird but when I used to work up high things like that didn't scare me at all until I got home and went to bed and envisioned falling.
  9. MS256

    2014 NCAA Football

    You better jump on that bet. Bettors always like Alabama too much. Always have. You would think that Alabama fans were the only ones betting (and they are always overly optimistic to say the least). Vegas is going to open the line where they think they can get the most public action. For some reason the betting public has no confidence in Mississippi State and think Alabama is still "Alabama".
  10. I suppose "slow" is relative and I don't know any players that would get anywhere near 6 hours to play a round in a foursome. To me 4 hours is slow. Among the ones that I consider slow none of them have a clue that they are slow. I voted that they think their pace is faster than it is but it's really more like they don't think about time or pace at all.
  11. For anybody crazy enough or curious enough to try it I can at least give you a tip (whether you believe me or not). The way this guy goes about it has 0% chance. For any chance you have to position your hands ahead and chop straight down behind the ball as hard as you can with the club face vertical so the face isn't fighting through the water until it gets as low as it can go. More like splitting a log than swinging a golf club. Have fun! Ed: Moved from here .
  12. I'm sure you know but that's okay. I expected it.
  13. MS256

    2014 NCAA Football

    Or maybe it's because there is only one person on the committee with an SEC connection and has any idea how hard it is to win in Death Valley. Or maybe they are playing a little chess knowing that it doesn't matter that Alabama is outside of the top 4 but it might matter for a team that doesn't play one of the teams above them (like TCU).
  14. MS256

    2014 NCAA Football

    Predictions: Mississippi State 28 Alabama 17 (Too much Prescott and I can't envision stopping the quarterback scrambles). Edit: To my dismay. Georgia 42 Auburn 35 (Todd Gurley runs wild). FSU 30 Miami 20 (Too much heat on the point shaving to give Miami a head start).
  15. Hate to post this because nobody will believe it but who gives a crap. Last year I had a shot like that. Can't say for sure it was a foot deep because I didn't measure it but it was close to that. I was going to try the shot and my son basically told me I was an idiot so I decided to take a drop. After we were done with the hole I couldn't resist trying the shot and I got it on the green. I don't know if it was a 1 out of 1001 luck shot but I would say it wasn't far off of that. I told my son "See I could have done it" and he just shook his head and walked off.
  16. I don't know anything about golf instruction but I'm a little surprised that you guys would consider that much of a factor. I'm not saying it's not but just surprised. Could you not still be a good instructor if you had a serious injury that prevented you from hitting those shots? It seems like that is considered more important in golf than any coaching I've ever been around in other sports. (Like pitching coaches that wouldn't be able to get a ball to home plate but certainly know the mechanics of their pitchers).
  17. MS256

    2014 NCAA Football

    Daniel Rodriguez. Good story for Veteran's Day. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11839813 I just saw him in an interview and he's an impressive young man.
  18. OMG!!!!! Did I say it was the same test? I already know the answer to that test and have known it since the first day I ever picked up a club.
  19. MS256

    2014 NCAA Football

    Well once again it's pretty obvious that you and I are not going to agree. Ever.
  20. MS256

    2014 NCAA Football

    Not if I can fix a problem all at once just as easily. What you see as short-sighted I see as smart. That's cool. Different strokes for different folks. With 5 major conferences it would never even occur to me in my wildest dreams to have 4 playoff spots. Since 5 doesn't come out even for a playoff the first solution that would enter my mind would be to go to 8 with 3 available wild card spots.
  21. MS256

    2014 NCAA Football

    What I'm saying is that if I see a problem (which the BCS had), and I'm looking for a solution to that problem, I'm not going to solve it by going halfway to a solution and hope it's at least better than what I had before. That's not only true of this but true of everything I can think of in life. That's where my "dumber" conclusion comes from.
  22. My funny and disgusting "test": After reading your comment I went out to my chipping green in the yard with a SW, a PW, and an 8 iron. My plan was to hit 4 balls with each from 100 yards and see how many total feet from the pin for 4 shots each club was. Problem was that I'm evidently not good enough to do the test. I completely chunked my fourth shot with the SW and it only went 53 yards completely ruining my test. I practiced a little while and decided to give the test another shot. Very first ball of the second test I once again chunked the SW about halfway to the pin. End of test for me. No wonder that I'm more likely to use a PW from 80 to 100 yards on the course but more likely to use a SW from 110 yards on the course. I chunk a less than full SW more often than I chunk a less than full PW.
  23. Because we think we already know how to hit something, have been doing it all of our lives, and we don't necessarily trust that somebody else knows better. The fact that none of that pertains to golf goes over our heads.
  24. If that "solves" the slow play problem you can count me as shocked. I already know who is slow, and how slow, without any technology.
  25. MS256

    2014 NCAA Football

    The more I think about this "playoff" system they came up with the dumber I think it is. Nobody in their right mind would have a pool of 5 major conferences, some "minor" conferences, and independents that don't even play each other all that much and think that there's any chance in Hell of selecting the "best" 4 teams out of that mess. I don't want the "playoffs" to turn into March Madness or high school football where everybody makes the playoffs but an initial playoff of 8 teams would have made much more sense. I would require that each team from the 5 major conferences play a rotating schedule of two regular season games against teams from another of the 5 major conferences. I would also require that each conference play a conference championship game regardless of the size of the conference. Notre Dame is loosely affiliated with the ACC and they should also be subjected to playing in the ACC conference championship game. Wishful thinking for fun but of course will never happen: Since they have fewer teams and just because I think it would really be fun I but wish the winner of the Big "12" (or whatever it's called now) had to play the second place team from a division of the SEC, Pac 12, Big "10", and ACC on a rotating basis as their equivalent to a "championship game". That game would not only be fun to watch but it would help clear up who should be selected for the final 8 teams.
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