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  1. I went and got the Walter Hagen Xlr set last night along with some practice foam and waffle balls,18 cheap Wilson titanium balls, a practice net for the backyard, and a bag of tees, and I order a 12x3 foot practice putting green on ebay. A few of the local courses offer group lessons that are $99 for 4 90 minute lessons that I'm looking at doing next month or in April and my brother and a friend are interested in taking them as well. I've looked at several instructional videos on YouTube how to putt, chip, pitch, hit irons/hybrids/drivers as well. Any other suggestions for someone new?
  2. I'm wondering which clubs would be the best for a beginner. I've narrowed it down to the Pinemeadow Pre 16 piece set and the Callaway Strata 13 piece set. I've read a lot of good things about the Pinemeadow Pre set but I haven't heard much about the Callaway Strata set. With the Strata set do you really get Callaway quality or do they feel a lot cheaper than "real" Callaway clubs? If anyone has any experience with either please speak up! Thanks.