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  1. good shaft? How do they compare to XP or to the Dynalite's? I know the SL's are lighter. Not sure what that brings to the table for me. TT web site says lighter shafts typically mean higher launch. True?
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I decided to go with the MP-59. Only I'm going with a brand new set of 4-PW. I will leave out the 3 and continue to use my Titleist 910H. So I saved a little money on the set which was good. Thanks again.
  3. Agreed on the 825 comment. Liked them a lot but felt hard off the face vs. other Mizuno's. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Part of me wants to conform. Do what all the cool kids are doing and get the Rocketbladez. But a big part of me wants a set of Mizuno's. Love the buttery feel of the forged. Yeah, I know...the cast clubs have come a long way and the feel is closer now. And the Bladez go a mile. I know. But man, those 59's and those MP-h4's sure are perty.
  4. ok my nephew, who fancies himself quit the golfer, says I should go with Rocketbladez because I am "inconsistent". Well, no shit. I'm a 15 handicap for shit sake. I just want to make sure the next set I get is a set I can grow into and keep for the next 4-5 years.
  5. I tried them out too. I did like the 825 pros. But I wasn't getting the feel of the other Mizunos. Not sure why. I tried out the Rocketbladez tour iron too and liked the look of it but it wasn't quite as good on distance. This decision is harder than I thought it would be
  6. Thanks arturo. I do like Mizuno. What are your thoughts on the MP-59's? Are they ok for a mid-handicapper or do they focus more on the better players?
  7. Wow folks I just cannot decide. I am a mid-handicapper and have tried out a ton of irons. Really love the forged feel of the Mizunos and really like the help of the 3-6 irons. But I love the distance and accuracy of the Bladez. And let's face it, the price of the TM's is an advantage vs. Mizuno too. Anyone have experience with comparing these irons? Anyone with any feedback? Tried both and like both. Cannot make up my mind. And to muddy the waters even more, the MP-59's and 712 AP-2's also look good. Any advice here would be a huge help. Thanks.
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