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  1. I took a couple years to think about this topic. This is nothing new, Bryson has always been a slow player even before turning pro. Like Koepka said, he gets the exposure and the brunt of the criticism because he's on TV more than the other slow players. While I don't particularly like Bryson I think there's a bunch of guys on tour that are painfully slow... the worst for me is Patrick Cantlay. Just painful watching him... at least now the tour is finally listening and doing something about it... or pretending to at least lol. Oh and hello world.. (Only some will get that)
  2. saturday


  3. I can definitely see myself swinging back with my arms dominating the motion I'll try something different. Thank you for the help! Appreciate it.
  4. You know, I go away for a bit.. come back and Shorty still has something not so short up his butt. :)) About the space suit.. .if it lowered my score I'd wear the damn thing every round lol.
  5. Bump... I'm having this problem at the moment :( The dead pull is a problem here, I know I'm coming in over the top and my hips are rotating too much maybe? It's frustrating. I open the club face a bit and it turns into a slice. This only started 2 months ago as I was a pretty consistent driver.
  6. Tell us how you really feel about Jimmy Nantz!
  7. Yeah, you're right about Nantz slowing it down and getting kinda sappy at times but I absolutely love it lol. Also, can't think of anyone else covering the Masters. A more on topic note, the Open for some reason doesn't have that European feel this year to me not sure why.. could be all the non-English announcers... lol
  8. I definitely agree with you about his announcing skills. My favourite is still Nantz but Tirico is fantastic. One other thing I noticed about his commentary is that he is fair and objective, not very opinionated. A great add to Golf Channel.
  9. Told everyone to get over themselves and that he turned it around because it was raining hard and dripping off the bill of his hat. Just can't stand it when people start losing their minds over such a small thing. The snobbiness of golf sure knows how to show it's teeth some days.
  10. People giving grief to Billy Horschel for wearing his hat backwards on 18... jeez.. who cares! He stood up and defended himself, good for him!
  11. I'd be quite interested to see what a Golfsmith putter fitting looks like lol. To be honest half the guys/gals that work there know less than most avid golfers and equipment junkies. That being said, if you're about the "feel" then make sure you have an open mind as far as manufacturers go. I went with a SC only because I wanted the traditional blade look with the ability to change the weights. I do like my putter but won't say it's any better than a entry level putter on the market, just has the capability to be adjusted a tiny bit. Also knew it's a product that will hold it's value if I ever
  12. Lol pretty sure he means a telescopic rod, stiff arm.. although a telescoping club would be interesting to see :)
  13. A nice insight to the complex being he is... I'm still not a fan and nor will I be but makes you think there's something off with the guy. Thanks for the link!
  14. Also voted No and Yes. I don't feel like I've improved since last year specially since I'm battling chip yips this year. Quite frustrating really.
  15. lol, that's what I get for not properly reading the entire thread hehe.. thanks.
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