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  1. Yeah when I posted that, the leaders hadn't yet gotten their double and triple bogeys. That was some of the strangest decision I've seen in a golf tournament all year. Players seemed to be shanking regularly, and missing greens. I'm surprised how bad of a day Horschal had. He's been so consistant this year I thought he was going to do better.
  2. Correction, Speith just made a double. Look like he's fallen off.
  3. I got caught in a terrible rain storm last week in Florida. Was on the 15th when it started so we couldn't have been much further from the clubhouse when it started. Onto the tour, looks like Speith needs something good to happen, he's losing a few shots here on the last couple of holes. Cauley has also had a rough day after being in the top 10 after 36 holes. He's currently at 2+ after having a day of playing 4+.
  4. I've used the e6 a few times, honestly couldn't feel much difference between that and the Nike Mojos (my cheap go to ball). My next ball is going to be the Titleist DT Solo and the NXT Tour. I'm not willing to throw down the money required to get myself some Pro VX series.
  5. I'm still searching for my golf ball. I've heard about ball fitting and I'm considering going for it, but I do want to find one ball and just stick with it.
  6. Like stated above. GET FITTED. I"m currenlty in the same boat as you and so I'm planning on my trip to the local PGA SuperStore to get fitted for some new Irons.
  7. Well all aspect of my game need serious attention to, but at the moment, I'm working on my short game. My thinking is I'm working from the hole backwards. I want to make sure that anything within 125 yards is just 'another walk in the park'. Once that's taken care of, I'll start with my middle to longer irons, and then go back from there.
  8. Half of this made me throw up a little. I just use a Nike magnetic marker that clips on my hat. Nothing fancy.
  9. Father's Day Sale at the local PGA Tour Superstore, so I bought 3 shirts, PGA brand, for $19.99 each, and then I also snagged me another part of shorts for $25.99.
  10. My bag currently holds the following: Driver 3-wood 4-9i SW Putter Pretty basic I know, but it's what my kit came with. I think that means that I use 10 clubs.
  11. I found a deal for 24 Tommy Armour balls for $20, so I went with that. Usually, given my high handicap and my talent for losing balls, I haven't had the nerve to spend a lot of money on balls. As of right now, my bad is mostly full of the Nike Mojo (which I can't stand), and the Tommy Armour (which aren't nearly as bad). The Nike Black Vapors are on sale at my local PGA Tour Superstore so I may try to pick up a pack or two of those and see how it goes.
  12. I used to really like David Duval. Sadly his back ruined his career. Other than that I'd have to say Davis Love III, Jim Furyk, and the Hefty Left Phil Michelson.
  13. I would agree with you, but a few years ago when Miles was being interviewed by Michigan, I know a lot of LSU fans hoping he'd leave. The man wins, no doubt, but I think some people think his antics are a little too much at times. He isn't called the 'Mad Hatter' though because he's calm, cool, and collected.
  14. It's fine. I think it's just my outdated browser/network at the office. I'm at home now so I'm not going to worry anymore. Thanks though
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