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  1. I used a 3-wood instead of a driver for a long time, and it actually works more than fine. If you have a good long iron game you won't even notice the difference...
  2. Ok, fist Euro Final in a LOOOONNNNGGG time. It seems we finally were able to do something!!! Vamos, vamos, vamos Furia, vamos vamos a ganar!!!!
  3. Mine is about 7 yds between them..
  4. Yes, indeed you are right. I think I read over it and didn't notice. My mistake
  5. I never said there was something wrong with them I meant I find them quite aesthetically incorrect. I really don't think that's something stupid to say, and I wouldn't be calling someone "stupid" just because he hurt my deepest feeling for a brand of clubs. But I guess your lack of respect does say a lot about your education anyway...
  6. Hehehe Great hehehe
  7. -Ryuji Imada: I know he's thin and everything, but he surely grew up around Jui-Jitsu back home and he might be a lethal weapon. -K.J. Choi: Same reason as the above but with Tae Kwon Do plus the Boxing Bonus -Weekly: In case we need some rude no technique street fighting...
  8. I might be mistaken, but I hink the 460 CGB an R7 TP do wave weights
  9. Thank God you posted! I was starting to think I was the only moron who took more than a couple of months to break 100. Well, I guess there are some of us who ust aren't that talented...
  10. Well, Titleist has some great equipment of course but I can't go over the fact their drivers, woods, and most irons are absolutely horrible. Even if they were the best brand and everything was "the best", I still don't like the way they look, and that makes a huge difference for me in performance. I usually do much better with equipment I like the way it looks since I feel much more comfortable.
  11. Are u planning on golfing in your Honeymoon?
  12. I'm from the idea I would prefer people to dress nicely in the course, but if I have to choose between the cargo shorts and the brithish flag pants I would go for the first one inmediately
  13. SO how about women's apparel? Are u OK with everything right now or do you guys have some exclusions as well? If you think about it, some of the skirts you see in the tour are probably way too short for the "elegance" (not for the cheering audience ) of the sport, ain't I right? Cheers
  14. I love playing solo, its kind of relaxing. You just concentrate on your ball, its wonderful. Maybe not for doing so everyday, but its interesting to have some free time with yourself without much noise around...
  15. I guess when you devote your life entirely to something, its easier to come up with stuff like that. I can perfectly differentiate a 5-0 from a 6-0 surgical suture, and the difference is only half of a tenth of a millimeter (0.2 and 0.15mm), but I work with them every bloody day of my life. I'm sure someone who swings a club every day for half their day would notice a minimal difference.