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  1. Euro 2008

    Ok, fist Euro Final in a LOOOONNNNGGG time. It seems we finally were able to do something!!! Vamos, vamos, vamos Furia, vamos vamos a ganar!!!!
  2. Honeymoon?

    Yes, indeed you are right. I think I read over it and didn't notice. My mistake
  3. Titleist

    Well, Titleist has some great equipment of course but I can't go over the fact their drivers, woods, and most irons are absolutely horrible. Even if they were the best brand and everything was "the best", I still don't like the way they look, and that makes a huge difference for me in performance. I usually do much better with equipment I like the way it looks since I feel much more comfortable.
  4. Honeymoon?

    Are u planning on golfing in your Honeymoon?
  5. THIS is Tiger Woods

    I guess when you devote your life entirely to something, its easier to come up with stuff like that. I can perfectly differentiate a 5-0 from a 6-0 surgical suture, and the difference is only half of a tenth of a millimeter (0.2 and 0.15mm), but I work with them every bloody day of my life. I'm sure someone who swings a club every day for half their day would notice a minimal difference.