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  1. Hi Lihu, Thanks for the defence :) Indeed you are correct, I played a par 3 course in the UK yesterday at the seaside in kent and with the wind blowing I am amazed that anyone could get any sort of a score!! :) The greens were ridiculously small also :) On a 120 yard hole, I would need anything from my sand wedge to my 8 iron :) Also, To get the ball on the green with the side wind, I had to aim about 20m to the right/left of the green and also using counter spin. Also as it is a links course, one bad bounce and the ball is 50m down a hill with a landing area the size of a postage stamp
  2. Hi Piper! Thanks very much for your kind insight :) I think I am probably doing all of those things wrong!! Unfortunately, golf has a million minute possibilities that could go wrong and about another million more possible cures!! I am still having the same problem every now and then which is still killing me! I think indeed that my main problem is just that I use my arms way too much instead of the body and I am working really hard on that, just to use my legs, hips and drive into the shot without swinging with my arms!! But when it goes good it goes great! That is the mo
  3. Is it just me or does your club have a crazy amount of flex? :) Is that normal? Surely, that much flex makes it hard to consistently strike the ball? (Obviously I am not an expert - just curious :) )
  4. Hi all! You are all geniuses :) Unfortunately my friend was not there today with his camera - he will definitely come next weekend to film me and I will upload the shots - however, I did the take away as discussed, low and feeling that the club didn't come on the inside of my hands, I turned with the club quite steeply with the wrist break, but then felt like I was flattening my swing on the start of the downswing, so instead of going shallow to steep like mentioned above, that I came steep, to shallow and swung in to out and FINALLY the ball started flying in the air and reasonable str
  5. Great :) Thanks for your help already - this seems like very valuable and constructive advice. I have been swamped with work this week - but will 100% be on the range this weekend and bring my camera to show you current shots at better angles and hopefully we can work the solution together. Cipher and mvmac i think are spot on and golfingdad thanks for the info and support :) I am really very grateful!!
  6. Hey :) I am new here too!! Sergio is awesome!! Although I also like Ben Crane very much!! Have you seen his YouTube channel? :)
  7. :) thanks! unfortunately my beginners luck of being able to hit the ball straight and repeating everytime for about 6 months just wore off which left me useless and lost :) I am not sure if I am shanking - that is why I thought impact tape would help because then I can see what is going on. Is it possible to shank every single shot - even if you drastically change your feet position - club head address from extreme open, neutral to extreme closed, swing path, club type....?
  8. There's only one problem - when I was swinging like the videos above that I posted - I never sliced the balls. Normally, If I mishit - it would be a fat shot or pushed to the left. The 3 balls that I chipped - The first 2 balls landed 1m directly to the left of the basket and the last ball landed in the basket. My PW in the first frame landed about 2m away from the 110m red flag I was aiming at. but ok - let me upload my current swing and we can compare.
  9. wow - that's really cool stuff - I was just showing an older example of some swings for fun a few months ago when I could actually hit the ball! :) Thanks very much, I will get a better video of my current swing and problem and upload and I really hope you can help!! thanks again!
  10. Here is another one of me a month further on - HCP 3 and chipping to a basket 50m away with my lob wedge
  11. Hi Cipher, I think I was too and worked on flattening my swing a little and an inside out swing path which worked really well for the next 3 months. I was a HCP 4 on the par 3 when the above film was taken. I will update a new film asap. Thanks!
  12. I have posted a video of my swing from last year - this was after I had been playing about 3 months. I was told that my left foot turns on impact and I was swinging too aggressively and steeply - which I worked on. At this time - I was a 4 HCP on the Par 3 course. http://thesandtrap.com/t/65184/my-swing-jordy466 Nex time I am at the range - I will film my god awful uncontrollable slice and also me hitting the ball perfectly with a dynamic "happy gilmore" swing :)
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 Year My current handicap index or average score is: 3 for par 3 / 18 for Main Course - My typical ball flight is: Long, high and straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: complete mishit slice out of the blue Videos:
  14. I thought I had it my friend! :) I thought I would come onto a forum to find some actual help - 3 local pro's from my club can't help me, but when I know there are more than 20,000 PGA pro's in the World, I am sure that someone has seen a problem like mine. The greens on my course are nothing like a PGA tour course!! :) They don't have stimp readings of +12. It doesn't have the grand canyon depression or himalayan mountain range running through it. Not everyone thinks I am cheater - Everyone who has played with me, tournaments and training at my club +/- 100 people know exactly h
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