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  1. Great topic guys! Everyone that is male in the state of OH plays from the tips it feels like sometimes... I really think if we could get people to play based on handicap or carry distance (of course everyone claims to drive 300 yards too) it was greatly help pace of play. Somehow the red tees became “ladies tees” and I think that can be a huge problem in Time it takes to play a round!
  2. GoPro Session costs $130 and shoots 1080 at 120fps... go that route....
  3. It’s not a problem for the PGA... it brings crowds, people love watching the pros hit it 300 yards... it’s not a problem for average golfers... we don’t hit it 300 yards... and even if we do, most of us are not even close to scratch!
  4. Man... this was just supposed to be good for a laugh... lol
  5. Ugh... sorry to hear that man... my uncle is having back problems and although being a regular league players for decades hasn’t been able to play the last couple years either... best luck on a speedy recovery to both of you!
  6. That’s brutal man... you going to be healed up by this summer or what? If not, why do you torture yourself by coming to this forum? Lol... jk... thanks for responding!
  7. It’s been a hard couple of weeks... When I left for a business trip a month ago it was 85 degrees here, when I returned it was 35. I have spent a lot of time watching videos of my friends and I golfing this summer, eating ice cream, drinking wine, and crying. Do I have anyone else from the east coast feeling the same way? Hope our long lost love (golf) will soon return?
  8. I came here thinking no way... I go hit a bunch of brands and buy what works best for me, but I would be lying if I said I don’t hit Tit, TM, Ping, Cal... huh... maybe I am?
  9. 4 iron punch gives me the low flying 100+ yard shot you described- perfect for saving my butt in the trees!
  10. We have a lot of fun doing this every year, we even have a trophy the winner keeps until the following year. We usually play this for about 7-8 9 hole rounds. Most of the time, I play golf by the normal rules.
  11. Haha - there is always that I guess...
  12. Sorry guys - here is the run down... Par 5 points Birdie 10 points Eagle 15 points 1 putt 1 point 1 beer 1 point Chip In 2 points Closest to Pin 1 point Low Round 5 points & choice of next course. Add up all points at the end of season, winner gets a case of beer from all the losers.
  13. I can’t agree here... anchoring a putter to your body and using a bunch of 6 irons with different lofts is not the same at all... You mentioned non-regulation clubs... I don’t think there is any regulation on the loft of a certain iron or which ones you are allowed to carry... just how many you carry and maximum shaft length of a driver... I would also disagree that this gives him any advantage - I would personally not want all my clubs the same length :)
  14. Hey guys - been awhile since I posted, but i wanted to introduce everyone to a new version of golf I have been playing with my friends the last couple years... Click To See Rules This is a really fun way to play because it takes a lot of stress off the blow up holes because you are always playing for points over score. Anyone else do anything like this with their buddies?
  15. Makes sense, that "coil" is a body reaching it's maximum turning point, I can see how that could eventually damage things.
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