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  1. Do you mind telling us about your strength and flexibility regimen?? I really need to be more flexible and am interested in what you've been doing.
  2. I'd probably take my driver out over the parking lot and hook it onto the green. Then 1 putt for a 2. :) On a more serious note, I can't really tell how much the trees on the right come into play off the tee. I can not fade a ball for my life. But I hit it very high. So I'd probably hit my driver over the trees and expect it to hook into the fairway (I'm not long enough to reach the bunker at 250 so that is not a concern for me.) I'd then hit a 4 hybrid or a 5 iron and lay up for a wedge or short iron into the green. That's probably my only chance at par or birdie. I hate dog legs to the right like this!
  3. A 90. 48 on the front. 42 on the back. I swear I"m THIS CLOSE to playing good golf! I've started using keepmygolfscore.com and am learning a lot about my game after posting just two rounds. If I can get up and down I could score well. Right now though, when I miss a green, I bogey. Par 3s are the worst. - which was surprising to me.
  4. My buddy knows he's making an illegal move. We don't play for money or in a tournament. It is just for fun. He says he can't afford to lose a Pro V off the tee but wants to play one when he can be assured he won't lose it. Also, I don't blame the Pro V for the 10 strokes I've lost. It did cause me to lose 4 or 5 though. I couldn't score as well when playing it. Then I hurt my back and had to stop playing for about a year. I've started playing again this Feburary and am trying to get my score back down. But I don't think a Pro V will help me in my attempt! Frankly, I'm not good enough to play one. That's my honest opinion.
  5. I'm sorry. But I'm not playing a Titleist Pro V ball. I was shooting in the low 80s consistently and started playing a pro v. I'll admitt. They bite around a green. No doubt. But I don't see how anyone says they're longer with a Pro V (unless you're a scratch golfer maybe) I certainly wasn't longer and was spinning the ball all over the place on my drives. Titlleist can say that the ball doesn't know who's hitting it. But the ball does know what angle you hit it at and how much spin you put on it and a pro v ball ends up in the rough more than a ball made for amateurs. I know this from personal experience. I do play with a guy who uses a cheaper ball off the tee and pulls out a pro v for approach shots and to play around the green. :o) I'm using a Srixon soft ball or a Noodle (I normally score better with one of these balls) I'm trying to get my scores back down. Right now I'm fighting to break 90. And I don't think a pro v ball would help me at all!
  6. Gnats. Gnats flying up my nose, in my ears and in my eyes while trying to hit a shot or make a putt. I hate them.
  7. Welcome back! Enjoy the game. I took about a year off because of a bad back and am more addicted now than ever.
  8. I normally play the middle tees. I figure if I can't par a course on these tees there's no need to move back. I sort of get annoyed playing behind players who can't break 90 playing from the long tees.
  9. What's the name of the course you'll play tomorrow? I live in south ga too. I've been looking around all night and may try to play Kinderlou Forest or one of the courses in Tallahassee FL. if need be.
  10. I live about 8 minutes from the nearest course. After that, I have to drive half an hour in any direction to get to another course. I'm curious to know how long other people have to spend driving to and from the course. I'm asking because I'm tired of the course I play. It is bad condition. It is very tight. Fairway then trees. no rough really. You either hit the fairway or are punching out behind a tree. - hard to score well. It is the only course around and everyone plays it but it is ran poorly in my opinion. They say they allow groups of 5. But there are almost always groups of 6 and even 8 out there. Drives me nuts! The staff is polite. But the players don't seem to understand golf etiquette or even have common courtesy sometimes. There is no one on the course from the staff that forces groups of 8 to breakup or instruct slower groups to allow others to play through etc... There is no beverage cart on the course. You have to wait to make the turn get refreshments. I've never understood why. You can't tell me that they couldn't hire some young girls (like every other course) and pay them cheap to drive around and sell stuff to people playing their round. All in all, I only play there because it is so convenient. But I've noticed after playing there all week I don't ENJOY my rounds there. I'm frustrated and irritated most of the time. In the end it does impact how well I play. I'm wondering if I should just drive to another town and try different courses. I just dread the half hour drive after the round is over. I live in south Georgia but I'm thinking that if I lived in a city like Atlanta etc... I'd have to drive half an hour anyway? So maybe half an hour drive isn't so bad. - especially if it is a nice course at a reasonable rate.
  11. About 20 years or so ago, when I first started really golfing, I played in a scramble. I had been working hard on what I thought was supposed to happen in the golf swing - symmetry of your arms and wrist. Meaning, I thought the left wrist bent on the follow through like the right wrist does on the back swing. - talk about causing a flip!! Anyway, I teed off on the first tee with all the other players standing around waiting to tee off. I hit a horrible shot and some guy (an acquaintance / aka friend) mocked me and said something like, "... well the shot sucked but at least your swing looked good." And everyone laughed. That was a bad day!
  12. It is very possible it just felt that way. I do not know for certain how long I was hitting it. I hit it for months on the range before I even played with it. I just felt like I was hitting it on the range farther than I am now. My range is horrible though - No yard markers and the place you hit from moves every week so there is no way to know how far you're hitting anything unless someone on the range with you has a device that can measure distance to a pin and is polite enough to tell you. I have no desire for new driver. I actually went to the golf store and had my swing analyzed while looking for a new driver. In the end, the software was saying I hit every driver they had about the same distance I was hitting my old driver. A few weeks after that I bought this Ping G10 (I looked last night) for $50.00. I love the club. I was just concerned that it may be used up I've hit it so much on the range. :)
  13. No. Nothing visually wrong with it at all.
  14. I want to know if I have to worry about wearing out my driver. I think I heard Jamie Sadlowski say that after x number of times, he has to replace his driver. Is this a concern for the average golfer?? I'm asking because I'm hitting a Ping G15 (I think it is) and when I first got it I felt like I was hitting it a mile (it is used). But now, I'm not really hitting it that far. About 225 on average. Could the club need to be replaced? Or is this just in my head. :)
  15. So it seems we agree the issues are time and money. I will add one more. Hopelessness. Meaning, players are no longer playing the game because they can't get better. They just give up and find something else to do. I don't know of any other sport that has more gimmics for sale promising to make you better than golf. All they do is take even more money from the golfer making the game even more expensive and disappointing. What is worse, is that these gimmics always have some popular golfer telling you that the gimmic works! So, golfers spend a lot of time and money to get better but only experience disappointment instead. After a while, they end up just leaving the game. As for cost and time, I do have a suggestion but doubt any golf course would do it. -- Make the cost of 9 holes half the cost of 18 holes. There would be a lot more players each week it you could play 9 holes that were reasonably priced when compared to 18 holes. There are a lot of weeks, maybe EVERY week, that I would play 9 if I could ride 9 holes without losing my shirt to do it. I suspect I'm not the only one.
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