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  1. Heading down to West Palm Beach next weekend for a week and looking for some info on courses to play? PGA national is thr obvious one but what are the other top of the line public courses in the area? Thanks
  2. Full 56' , fly it about 105 and let it spin back to the jar. Butter. Money.
  3. Well I need some advice from you, I usually one putt every hole, but I'm looking for a putter that will help me avoid the occasional 2 putt. Could you help me???.......
  4. 290-300 yard slice, have trouble believing it. Also how would even measure that if you only slice it? If I slice a drive it doesn't matter how far it went its a horrible shot and there is no need to figure your distance, that sounds like something my friends do when they go play a round, I mean drink a round, more concerned with far of a drive they hit rather than the score they shot. If it ain't in the fairway who cares how far it goes. I think your post was designed to toot your own horn, and not to gain any knowledge. IMO
  5. 1. The inconsistency for one day to another 2. Group of players better than me, play my best on those days 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes
  6. Need to make a St. Louis golf outing!
  7. What is 5SK teacher???
  8. You must not be playing vokey wedges. After about 2 rounds my balls has visible wear and tear from the vokey wedges
  9. Played Mo Bluffs and Incline village this weekend, fairways were puddles. But the weather wasnt so bad, now its time for those to green up !!!
  10. Planning a trip for the summer, wold like a little insight from you folks who live up there. Of course we want to play Cog Hill, but are there any other courses that might be appealing? Thanks!
  11. Yes sure are. Bummin about it too
  12. Play wentzville tons, incline village, bear creek, the bluffs, innsbrook are the better of the "local" courses!
  13. Yes, st. Charles county area.
  14. So the wrists should say set and just rock with th shoulders? I think I get too much wrist movement in my stroke and lead to inconsistency
  15. Both great post with lots ofthings to start to work on, I have been looking for one of those fat super stroke grips but have been on back order at the golf store in town. I putt indoors at home and seem to nail just about all the puts In the confines of my own home but once I get on the course it's almost like I forget everything I've worked on. Like anything in golf, it sounds like practice is all it takes!
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