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  1. I have a SkiCaddie SGXw GPS and a Leupold GX-2 rangefinder. Normally I use the GPS because its easier than the rangefinder however I carry both. The rangefinder adjusts for the slop - really good on uphill / downhill greens. My daughter gave me a Garmin S2 GPS watch for Father's Day - now this thing is really easy! No fumbling with gadgets - no point & shoot - just look at the watch. It is very accurate. Arrive at the course - turn on the GPS setting & your course pops up. The only con the battery will only last one round - so I have read. I came home last week from a round & laid the watch on the table but left the GPS on - the battery lasted several hours. Maybe not be the same since the GPS wasn't actively reading distance. The watch will be the equipment I will use going forward. Take a look at a GPS watch also
  2. Last year I purchased a new Ping G 20 wood, decided to go with a 4w instead of a 3w and had 1/2" cut off. It has played very well for me. I always wondered if I lost distance using the 4 instead of the 3. Over the winter I picked up a used 3 Ping G20 wood regular length. I have tested both clubs the last 4 times at the range - so far the 4w is longer & more consistent than the 3w. I can't really say I lost anything by cutting the shaft down.