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  1. I loaded a video of my swing last year to some website where "pros" respond and now I can't remember what the site is. Any ideas?
  2. lol..they are likely cheaper than what you've been playing so you will thank everyone for the extra Yuengling :)
  3. I like the D2 Feel..was playing Bridgestone before but the D2's are cheaper with little difference imo.
  4. This might very well be it..I do feel like my right wrist is a bit too active in my back swing with my irons sometimes(old habit). Someone else mentioned slowing down on the transition as well so I guess it's back to the range tomorrow to get a better feel. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Excellent advice..the less time I spend between balls the worst my swing is typically. I try to approach every ball at the range like a shot on the course and take my time. Otherwise, I just start hacking and pick up bad habits.
  6. Hoping someone can help based on description. I've been to the range twice the past week and I've noticed that I'm consistently missing right on all my irons. It's not a slice or aim issue, just seems the ball is coming off to the right consistently. Ball flight is straight and I'm not losing much distance just 10-15ft right of target. I'm thinking that's it's because I'm not finishing my swing completely (lazy through zone?) or perhaps coming up a bit but not certain. If the club face is just open, wouldn't it slice? Any thoughts? Somewhat perplexed.
  7. Thanks for the responses. Went with Ozone because of price.
  8. Help me decide please! I'm leaning towards the 09 petrol Grom because of price. The price of the 09 Ozone has me thinking as well. I like the new stealth pattern but dont think it's worth the extra $. Any advice/thoughts appreciated. 09 Grom Petrol: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-2009-OGIO-GR...item2eab8c8052 09 Icon Army: http://cgi.ebay.com/BRAND-NEW-2009-O...item2eab862b4d 09 Grom Black Pin: http://cgi.ebay.com/BRAND-NEW-2009-O...item335af35f12 09 Ozone Black: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-2009-OGIO-OZ...item335aecd37b
  9. Thanks for the info! I'll check it out.
  10. Anyone know of any leagues or place to start finding people to play with in the Morristown area? I moved from Houston late last year and am looking to start back up asap as I'm not use to seasonal golf..also not use to having less than 3 friends that want to play. Thanks!
  11. I havent played it personally but have heard good things. Arnold Palmer design group. http://www.lostkey.com/ If you can play for free I would def. try it out.
  12. Lost keys is the only one I'm familiar with. Very nice, 50 bucks for nine holes.
  13. I agree RTJ is affordable and a good golf trip.
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