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  1. I like this approach. My next question is how to go making that change? I was going to send him to a golf camp over spring break, but as much as those cost, I could get him a week of individualized instruction from a local teacher (not the one he is currently using). Or is that too much instruction in too small a time interval?
  2. I don't know much about golf instruction having never taken any formal lessons. My son is 14, he took up the sport 3 years ago and has received regular instruction from the beginning. He has also put much work in on the range and course. But he doesn't think he is progressing commensurately. And I must agree as I see the same fundamental flaws in his swing that were present 2 years ago. He really wants to get better and is willing to work hard to do so. I am looking to help him put together a new game plan, but of course I don't know anything. I thought maybe someone here might be able to guide me.