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  1. Check out "Medalist" grips, I just saw them at Golfsmith and on their online store. They have full cord grips for $2.49...
  2. Funny how good designs seem to be copied be everyone... To be fair I was actually thinking mp-37 before mp-14. I never had mp-14s but I did have a set of mp-37s and they were some of the best looking and feeling irons I've ever had the pleasure of hitting. I've never been a fan of TM irons but these are ridiculously sexy looking, so much better than the swiss army knife looking irons that they've been putting out for the last couple of years. mvmac if you do get a chance to hit these and/or do a review please do tell as I am very curious as to how they compare to good forged sets.
  3. I think wiping down your grip is the most understated part of cleaning any club. I'll admit that I just started doing this about two seasons ago but it makes a huge difference, I actually clean them after rounds and wipe them down before every shot. And if anyone doubts its effectiveness just watch any touring pro in their pre-shot routine...
  4. I must say that I haven't hit the 825s but I have hit the "shovels" and I currently use JPX-800 Pro 4i and 5i and I love them... they are a little heavier but they have lighter stock shafts in them. You can also get them used for pretty cheap.
  5. More expensive but so worth it... have you had a chance to look at the JPX EZs? They look like a shovel...
  6. I have to ask the obvious question, was that really iacas?
  7. I just read through that whole thread... classic. I will say that I have a set of Ping eye 2s in the garage and they are absolutely the ugliest irons I've ever seen or played. Period.
  8. I'm sorry but "spellcheck" please... also "cos" is not a word. The word that you have been so desperately searching for is "cause" which originates from the word "because".
  9. Those are actually really cool looking, I have a buddy that plays those and they do have a really unique looking finish. The cover almost looks transparent?... Still wouldn't play them though :)
  10. While I disagree with he OP I have to say that it is much more satisfying to hear the ball hit the pin and drop in, for that reason I like the pin in (especially on the practice green). I'll admit that I even leave it in when I'm playing alone to save time...
  11. I couldn't agree more with this... other than maybe the lazy hippie slacker part. I think that when some say that jeans can be more presentable than shorts I think that you have to look at what most shorts that are being worn on a golf course really are... a shorter version of slacks. They are made out of the same material and are in general the same colors, they are simply shorter for various reasons of comfort. And I will state again that jeans simply belong on a golf course. There is no argument that you can present that will make me believe that you have no way of going and getting a pair
  12. I can't believe that we've gone six pages without anyone mentioning "manpris":), and I even suspect that you could get them in denim... FYI k this is from my smartphone.
  13. After seeing that I am going to revise my original opinion,slacks and only slacks should be worn at all times by all men... :)
  14. Not so much (in Borat's voice). Most pros actually begin to decelerate right after impact... some even decelerate their hips and body before impact, by decelerate I mean that some stop the rotation of their hips before impact. If you want to see "accelerating to their finish" then watch the long drive guys.
  15. I agree that I have never worn jeans to a course to play (practice facility are a different matter) I would have to disagree with the quoted statement... I was always taught that you do need to pay respect to the course repairing your divots and such but you pay respect to the game of golf by the way you dress and act. As I have said before I am not much of a slack wearer due mostly to where I live but I still think that it is important to look like you give a hoot when you are on the course. I was taught the same about going to church when I was growing up, God could care less what you are w
  16. Never had a even round, I was -1 through 9 and -2 through 12 in one round (ended up with a 77) and that felt pretty good until I blew it on 13 and 14. I had my first hole in one three weeks ago with a 177 yd 7i and I have to say that the feeling was absolute elation although I think I would still rather shoot even par.
  17. If it ain't white it ain't right, no but seriously the bright colored balls belong at the putt putt course with a windmill...
  18. To answer your original question, shorts every time except for during the winter... and even then sometimes shorts. For those of you who are golfing mostly in Montreal, PA, CO, or pretty much anywhere but the dirty south, you may never understand the nasty humid Florida heat. So as someone who golfs down here I may have to laugh at anyone who wears long pants anytime after May and before November... I'll say again shorts.
  19. I saw a few other threads on this but didn't want to thread-jack. I've been playing since I was about 11 years old and have come close more times than I can count but never made one until yesterday, I had pretty much resigned myself to never making a HIO so to say I was excited is a huge understatement. I have to say that the best part if my HIO was the fact that the beverage girl was up by the hole when it went in and as we were jumping around like idiots she drove up to the tee box, we still were not sure if it had gone in (the green was a little bit elevated and 182 yds away) so we asked l
  20. I won't say that I am providing a critique of either club because I'm a Mizuno sell out(I did play Ping i3s in high school) but I will say that I've struggled with the same thing that you are struggling with. I love the feel of mp-33s but I struggle with the 6i-4i... You may want to give the jpx-800 pros a shot, last year I switched out my 6i and 4i from mp-33s to jpx-800 pros and bent the 6i three deg strong (don't carry a 5i anymore,extra wedge instead). I will say that they are a little bit "clicky" but they are not bad for a game improvement club. Hope this helps.
  21. mp33 man


    I have to agree with this. When I'm playing in the dry months I rarely get any club other than wedges to back up but during the wet months (right now) I spin the ball back with almost every iron or wedge. A good example, three weeks ago I spun a 7i about fifteen feet off the front the green. Also saevel, if you happen to be a "picker" then you are correct, you prob won't get a ball to spin when you take a big divot because you have struck the ball poorly but if you are a "digger" then you will not spin it more with a picked shot... Steeper angle also does not always mean taking a bigger divot
  22. I've designed prob 30 different golf courses on various road trips... :)
  23. I would maybe agree with you if Webb had never made such a ruling in himself...
  24. When trying to make an argument or assess someone's actions, integrity or honesty many things are permissible, including past actions, especially actions of the same subject matter (applying the wrong ruling when you obviously have a very good understanding of the rules). I don't exactly think that Tiger is necessarily a man of character but in this case you have to assume that he saw what he said he saw, otherwise our whole system for rule enforcement in the game of golf is bunk. Not to mention that, once again, it took a hi-def slow-mo camera shot to prove that the ball did in fact "move", a
  25. I have to agree that Tiger prob did not intentionally break the rules but you have to admit that his knowledge of the rules, as pointed out above, does make his actions seem a little fishy.
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