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  1. Yes I agree that there may have been "an undue delay" (I think I addressed that when I said that "I don't get pissed for the delay") but my point is that if he had called over an official he (1 Would not have people questioning his honesty and his integrity and (2 He may have eluded all penalty based on the fact that he called an official and received an official ruling based on a judgment call by himself (oscillation vs ball moving). Believe me if you check my post history you will see that I do not like Tiger but I still feel that he made a call (the wrong one) and didn't think twice about
  2. I would agree that it takes human judgment but unfortunately for Tiger it was not really his human judgment that mattered. I'll raise the question, how many of you have seen some touring pro bring over a rules official for something that seems really stupid and yet I don't get pissed for the delay because I know that the player is simply covering himself from further penalty by alerting an official that they think that there may have been an infraction. I/we don't really know what Tiger saw but what I saw was the ball moving. I can honestly say that, when I'm playing a round on the weekend wi
  3. Sorry bro, misunderstood the post... prob cause I thought that Phil was still playing blades. Correct me if I'm wrong though, doesn't Phil play a progressive set?
  4. Also, I don't know if you have ever hit the x-forged irons but they basically plays like blades (and I think that Mickelson plays a progressive set...)
  5. Adam Scott plays blades...
  6. As much as I think that the ban is stupid I still have to agree that there is no way that the different golf authority's can have different rules. I don't know about all of you but when I watch CFL football (which is almost never) or arena football (") it doesn't even feel like football and I would hate to see golf turn into something like that. I still argue that there are bigger issues for the USGA, R&A; and PGA to be worried about.
  7. I've gotten my wife out on the range a couple of times and she actually did quite well but she went out on the course with me a couple of weeks ago and at the turn literally asked me "we're only halfway done" :). By the end of the round she would actually lay down across the seat of the cart, it was pretty funny to watch.
  8. Disclaimer: I'm not saying that every fan of any other team is a prick, but this one certainly is. My brother in law and his Dad are still huge Yankee fans but more than anything they love to see good baseball.
  9. Your doing exactly what I said that Yankoff fans do, whine and bitch. GD even tries to defend tour like but you completely blew that up. I think that the funniest part about all this is that if you (meaning anyone) will read this thread from the beginning you will see that I pegged this guy as a yankee before he even said as much which only proves my point the majority of Yankee fans, they are usually pretty easy to spot (or hear). I understand what GD was trying to say about yankee fans but I think that maybe we just get the worst ones down here. They tend to think and act like they own/inve
  10. I don't recall Ping promising more yardage but a couple of seasons ago they had some very "gimmicky" advertisements about their hybrids.
  11. The "slider" is in the middle because he has nearly flawless mechanics.
  12. You can always tell when the Yankees are not doing well because all of the Yankoff fans do nothing but whine and bitch, they stop showing to games at home and they try to belittle the fans of other teams... Amusing I'd say :)
  13. I have to say that when they build a new stadium it will have to be either a dome or a retractable roof, it gets way too hot down here and we also have entire weeks of nothing but heavy rain in the afternoon. That being said I think that spring and October baseball here would be awesome outdoors.
  14. I'm jealous, I hope to get up there someday. I wish I coulda seen the real Yankee stadium as well, my brother in law grew up there and said it is awsome.
  15. A little off topic but I saw an aerial view of Fenway the other night and let me tell you something... that is baseball (even if I here allot of people say that its a "shithole")...I was literally getting goose bumps looking at that view.
  16. Foreeeeeeever.... Foreeeeeeever.... I actually saw an article that talked about how long AL games, AL east games and especially Rays, Yankee and Boston games are... btw don't be so harsh, we have to deal with allot of transplants down here and we also pull from a much less densely populated area. We are slowly building a good fan base it just takes time, Fenway didn't always sell out either in fact I remember when it didn't and I'm not all that old.
  17. I love to hit my 60 deg wedge on almost all pitches (I feel as though I know how that club will react in most scenarios) but I can't deny that when I putt with either my 2i hybrid or putter I end up with a tighter circle around the cup. I think that allot of people get away from putting this shot because its not very sexy. To answer your question I'll actually even hit this shot with my hybrid out of the rough or the fairway. Like I said before it doesn't look very sexy (especially out of the rough) but it seems to be allot easier motion to repeat/maintain for those of us who may not get as mu
  18. I gotta agree with this, you prob need to go and get fitted. If you do go and get fitted they should be able to give you a couple of options based in cost, whether or not you plan on getting any bigger/stronger, what feels good (just because the launch monitor/fitter says that this is the right shaft doesn't mean that it will feel good). I guess what im trying to say is that there isn't only one shaft for your swing, so go and try a couple. Also when you so find the right shaft they to hit it before you walk out, just because the label says that its the right shaft doesn't mean that it is eit
  19. ???? Grammar is not your strong point... like I said huge Yankme fan
  20. This wasn't really directed at you but more the OP and the other person that you were responding, OP 17 hc...putt the ball. I feel the same way with my particular shot but a bad pitch ends up 25 ft away and a bad putt ends up 10 ft away... just averages
  21. You said it exactly right,"how often you see a PRO putt through 5 feet of fringe on TV", that's why they are pros because they are able to execute the low percentage shot that most of us are unable to execute. That being said I agree that I will usually pitch this shot with my 60 deg wedge unless its downhill in which case I have a 2i hybrid that I like to use with a pitting stroke. I also get a little inconsistent when I'm going into the grain or if the grass is sticky.
  22. Let's not confuse "best" with "horse". True Shields was our horse but given what we got in return I would say that it was a pretty good trade. Its pretty odd to call the reigning AL Cy Young award winner "overrated". The young guys are just that, young, and looking pretty good regardless. Speaking of the morons in Tampa, for anyone who doesn't know, Brandon is a suburb of Tampa that is built on top of swampland. Good job on essentially calling yourself a moron. Another FYI, the Rays ate actually located in St Petersburg hence the name "Tampa BAY" Rays... Your comment makes you sound like a hug
  23. I don't know that I would say "the best pitching baseball" but you to admit that with the exception of Hernandez there is a chance of our starter going 8 or even 9 innings every night, and even Hernandez has had a couple really good starts this season. There aren't many teams that can say that. So, the best single pitcher in baseball, Maybe not, but collectively we prob have the best pitching in baseball. Especially when you figure in the back-end of our bullpin.
  24. You say "most people" but I would tend to think that golfers that know how manage a course don't do that at all. If you know how to manage a course/your game you will aim for the "no trouble spot" with a shot shape towards this pin if you hit it perfect. So I'd have to agree that it can make a huge difference... I was playing a couple weeks ago with a guy that hit his 5w really thin then proceeded to say that it was a good stinger when he clearly just hit it thin.
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