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  1. Your swing may be the same but simple logic would tell you that a driver with sweetspot the size of quarter (rather than that of a dime) is easier to hit. You just applied the same rational to hitting a hybrid as opposed to a 3i. The statement was made that anchoring can eliminate the mental part of the game, I don't know about you but Ive NEVER played a sport that was more mentally challenging than golf (unless we're considering chess a sport) and whether your hands are swinging freely or not you still must read the break and speed of the putt... an anchored putter does not help with that. I
  2. I realize that its not really the popular view on this thread but I kinda have to agree with GG. While I think calling the 3i a dead club may be a little harsh I will agree that a lot of pros don't even bother with a three iron anymore. I myself have grown to love my 4 hybrid, 3 hybrid and my 2 hybrid. I'm able to work them high or low, left or right or any other way that I desire. On the other hand I have a set of McGregor mt pro-c (3i-PW) that I play, ironically, when I'm not playing as well and not making as good a contact as I should, when I do play this set I remove my hybrids and play th
  3. I just had one of these moments on the highway, lady trying to text and drive while driving 55mph in a 70 and in the left lane :)
  4. Sorry for not elaborating further but I felt as though I was already being long winded. I was very polite until he followed to the next tee and watched us play the next hole (tapping his toe and literally looking at his watch, at one point he even clapped his hands like you would a dog). Don't get me wrong I usually don't usually get upset with course marshals in fact I generally like the rangers that I come into contact with. I often play with two of the rangers at the course where I play most often. And as far as etiquette goes, I was taught by my grandpa who always stessed the importance of
  5. There are less retiree marshals in Ohio I guess because I've run into a few. And just because I said "i won't repeat what I said" doesn't mean that I yelled at him, I did however let him know that I was less than happy and as he drove away he was running his mouth which is why he was flipped off.
  6. When the ranger told us that we were holding up play I informed him that we were in fact being held up by the group in front of us he responded by saying that the next group was on 15 (to quote my brother in law "condescendingly").
  7. I apologize, I just read my post. The course is a par 65 (I shot a 70, I played well and made a lot of putts). Our tee time was 9:37, we started at 9:33 and we finished at 1:06. If I did the math correctly that's 3 hrs and 33 min. I agree that 3 hrs seems really fast which is why I was so pissed. I would be happy to give the name of the course but I don't think that would be allowed.
  8. Im curious if anyone knows what "proper etiquette" for the ranger is? Did he really need to follow us to the next hole and supervise us?
  9. I played a 3 1/2 hour round (par 70) on Monday and my group of three was told by the ranger, aka huge douchebag, that my group was a half hour behind the pace for a "normal foursome". I want to kinda set the stage so that everyone can see how objective "slow play" is. U showed up at the course with my threesome (myself, my brother-in-law who has just started playing and his girlfriend who is a good golfer) fourty five minutes before our tee time so that we could all three split a small bag of balls and putt a little before our round. Fifteen minutes before our tee time and the "douchebag" w
  10. 1) I never said anything about not being allowed to play, I was making the point that by the this rational (if you can't hit a standard length putter then you need to practice more) if you can't hit a blade then you should also practice more. 2) Hitting a 460cc driver is not the same swing required to hit a wooden driver. 3) Hitting a hybrid sure as hell isn't the same as trying to hit a 3 iron. 4) Your not really trying to argue that an anchored putter eliminates the mental aspect of the game are you? Do you really think that the guys on tour are mentally weaker if they use an anchored putt
  11. Thanks for proving my point for me. If you can't hit a blade then you simply need to practice more... If you can't keep a persimon in the fairway then you need to practice more... You do realize that this is the point you just made? right?
  12. As someone with a bad back I will agree with Clark. While I have no problem hitting a bucket of balls at the when I go to the putting green my back is killing me within ten min of my first putt... its a completely different posture from a full swing. In an attempt to fix the problem I've straightened my back and keep my arms straighter in my putting stance. While this helps with my back pain it certainly doesn't fix it. All that being said I don't use an anchored putter and never will but I think that its a stupid argument to say that it helps you make putts, i've made the argument before tha
  13. Have you ever seen those bright colored flags out in that "open field"? those are targets...(my driving range actually put Obama and Romney's faces out there this last election) maybe aiming at those helps you pinpoint your yardages? I think that there was a thread about this called "are you practicing correctly?" Most times its easier and cheaper for me to go to the range and when I get done hitting ball after ball I simply play my favorite course by hitting the shots necessary for each hole. I remember reading somewhere that Hogan liked doing this on the range as well and I think he did rath
  14. This literally made me spit coffee out of my mouth...
  15. Right, but 4 hours by yourself is telling me that you take your time. By yourself early morning shouldn't take you more than 3, 3 1/2 at the most. I don't know if you've ever seen the commercial about not having room in your bag for meetings, deadlines or conference calls... that is kinda how I see a round of golf( an opportunity to forget about work and the hustle and bussle of life). I tend to walk most courses and that takes a little bit of time and it also gives me the time to enjoy the course (and cool down between bad swings so that one bad swing doesn't turn into two bad swings). That
  16. Hence the disclaimer "depending on who I'm playing with". If I'm playing with a client or my boss, 4 1/2 to 5 hrs...on a early morning with friends or alone, 4 hrs.
  17. My grandpa used to say that bad players or walkers don't cause slow play, slow players cause slow play. [quote name="johnclayton1982" url="/t/67013/is-slow-play-ever-justifiable/30#post_844589"]Slow play can't be criticize without an objective standard. Nobody thinks they are slow (or at least the vast, vast minority of slow players *actually think of themselves* as slow players). The guy who you think is the slowest player at your club playing five hour rounds is reading this right now, nodding, remembering the time he got stuck behind a six hour guy and thinking "man, I hate slow players
  18. I couldn't agree more, this is how my brother in law and I play. I hit a drive, he hits a drive and I his is awful then we ride up to my ball where he takes a drop and so on and so forth...
  19. Seriously though I have a four iron next to my bed that I wouldn't mind getting blood on.
  20. I like my chances against anyone but Chuck Norris...
  21. 19 I never miss a Tigger hater opportunity but I still think that he'll break Jack's number if for other reason than the fact that he us a stubborn sob. I say that he retires as soon as he breaks the record though. I totally agree that as little as four yrs ago I had him winning prob 22 to 25 total...
  22. You say that as if Rory will never win another tournament. Were we not just having this conversation about TW "being back". Have we not learned our lesson about this? Good golfers win tourneys and who is to say that he won't win a few times before the US Open.
  23. I think that is what I was saying it just wasn't understood. Thanks
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