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  1. Go hook up with some porn stars...  (he seemed to play better when he was  banging them!)

    As a fan that likes watching crazy good golf, I agree with this:) But seriously I don't really think that anybody here should be giving arguably the greatest golfer ever any advise. I also agree with @iacas, really start living life with your kids. disclaimer: I really don't like Tiger at all. Especially his off the course stuff, but to each they're own.

  2. Sorry, but I don't buy this.  That doesn't mean we play golf if we cannot make ends meet. For many people, yes it's overpriced. But just as any other hobby goes, we can usually find ways to do it cheaper - second-hand clubs, recycled golf balls. If you really are addicted to game as I am, buy the least expensive yearly membership you can find in the area and do without some of the other hobbies (I can play golf or a I can buy a used bass boat but I can't do both). If you only afford or only have time to play less often, find the courses and times that are cheapest. Play when you have a few extra bucks and when you have time. Now if you have to play the finest courses, wear the most expensive golf attire, have the latest equipment technology... then yeah, it's too rich for my blood.

    I agree completely, if you are paying $45 for a round of golf then that's your own fault. I have found that I can get tee times on Golfnow (not an endorsement) for very reasonable prices. You may not always get to play the best course or the course that you wanted to but there are always deals out there. Bottom line is if you/I want to play badly enough you/I will find a way. I say this as a man, like many of you, with a 19 month old son with very little spare time so I know it can be done. And you can bet your ass that I plan on making another golf course patron out of him :)

  3. Right, so since its just numbers why is everbody so amped about a pro wearing a course out? Does it make the course owners feel bad? Donald Trump was gleeful about one of his redesigns being hard for the pro guys to play. I thought it was a little twisted but the Donald does what he wants to,but nobody was that happy about it. Personally I want to see what is possible on my course, just so I know how far out I am from the best players.

    I couldn't agree more, Maybe I'm in the minority but I love watching pros pick a course apart be it with length or finesse. It makes me realize why they are there and I am not.

  4. 1st, you got to stop the time from ticking since the ball has to fall in within 10 seconds.   Call Einstein, stop everyone's watches & smartphones from ticking, do something to stop the time.  Next, wait for earthquake, tilt the earth axis, stomp up and down in unison inches from the hole, generate some wind,do something to knock the ball in. Or, how about photoshopping the picture to make it look like the ball is in the bottom of the hole? Get the other players (eye witnesses) drunk so that they can't remember if the ball was in the hole or not.  Then, insist it was a hole in one when the subject comes up. ( You can probably tell that I never had a hole in one before ... )

    Or have you, Looked like a HIO to me :) or maybe I wad drunk

  5. New bag for 2015. [IMG]http://i62.tinypic.com/2w4jqtz.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/34fz8yg.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2d98xea.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/2n9x05x.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/im71uv.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2hwmamp.jpg[/IMG]

    Am I the only one that is turned on by these irons :) And I don't even like Callaway.

  6. I drove over the speed limit this morning on my way to work. Dis that make me a criminal? And btw I say this as someone who has never smoked weed.

    Well since you ask, yes that does make you a criminal. It does not however mean you should go to jail for that crime (depending on how much you exceeded the speed limit by) but it does mean that if you were pulled over and became combatant or in any way assaulted an officer that you should go to jail. I say this as I current non weed smoker.

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  7. I've also sensed a total disregard for the fact (if indeed this incident even took place) that smoking weed is in fact illegal in whatever state this incident took place according to the OP saying that it " is legal where we're from". Whether or not the guys needed to go to jail I don't really know but they still broke a law and most definitely were idiots for lighting up in front of a stranger.
  8. Obviously way off topic, but if you'll humor me ... With cops, you need to show them respect and cooperate with them as long as they are reasonable. The problems come when they overstep themselves. Be respectful, but don't let them intimidate you and trample your rights either. Most of the police I've dealt with are reasonable, but there are always exceptions. In the example given by @dfreuter415 , I don't think the cops had just cause to search them. I would have said no.

    I don't know about the state laws in which this incident took place but as in Florida the only just cause a police officer needs is for he/she to smell marijuana.

  9. I have to go with <60. If you are hitting hybrid off the tee simply to have a comfortable club into the green, you might want to spend some time gauging your wedges for partial swings.

    That's a very vague statement. To get to that <60 allot of people would need to hit 3w or more (on most par fours). If you can hit 3i and PW on any par four that you can't reach with driver why would you risk a longer club? Especially if you bring trouble into play by hitting the longer club. In the last year I can literally count on one hand the amount of times I have missed a fairway with my 3i and I'll take 110 from the fairway over 50 from the rough any day.

  10. I picked 101-110. I think that others have said above that the question/answer needs more explaining and I would agree. 1) At 101-110 yds I have a couple different options: I can hit a full sand wedge that will back up, I can hit a 3/4 gap wedge that will spin a little, or I can hit a 3/4-1/2 pitching wedge that will run out a little. Whereas with 60 yds I really don't feel as comfortable hitting a 3/4 lob wedge, I would probably try to run a pitch up there which limits my options. 2) If I need a birdie (which is always, so my strategy never really changes) my best chance is from the fairway, duh, therefore if I have no chance of reaching with driver I'll use as short a club as possible and try to leave myself around 95-110 yds. 3) If I'm laying up on a par five I'm not going to hit driver and then 9i just so that I can have 95-110 yds, I'm going to hit it as close as possible while still avoiding trouble. All that being said, give me a 60 yd bump and run type shot any day.
  11. What's your view on swinging a power fan, instead of a weighted club?

    I would imagine very similar to a heavier club. Still training a different muscle group than the ones primarily used for a golf swing. BTW I tried swinging a bare shaft (like mentioned above) before my last range session and I have to say that I seemed to control my clubs better after doing so. I don't know if that was the point of the exercise was but that's what I got out of it.

  12. This is broad generalization and a dubious one at that.  Yes, swing speed comes mostly from technique rather than brute strength.  However, muscle strength is still a factor.  The biggest hitters on tour do tend to be the guys with the most athletic physique.  I tried to qualify my earlier explanation of the potential benefits of the weighted club by specifically saying more muscle might help some people.  If you are relatively young and your technique is spot on and you hit all the swing postitions correctly but your forearms are simply too small to release a 46" driver at 110+ mph then I think you could benefit from muscle mass if adding distance is your main objective. Saying fast twitch muscle tissue is basically everything and is not strengthened with weight training is like saying sprinters and high jumpers don't need to build large leg muscles because they don't use them.  In fact the opposite is true, the fast-twitch events like sprinting require more muscle mass than the endurance events like marathon.

    To be completely accurate, the "guys with the most athletic physique" may very well have a larger mass of fast twitch muscles seeing as how fast twitch muscles are generally the more prominent (or visible) muscles on the human body therefore larger forearms may very well mean more fast twitch muscle mass. And yes in a movement like a golf swing I pretty much am saying that "fast twitch muscle tissue is basically everything". As far as training in a manner to obtain more fast twitch muscle tissue... I'll leave that to personal trainers. And bringing sprinters and high jumpers into the argument.Track athletes have long since made the claim of having 80% fast twitch muscle mass, proving the importance of fast twitch muscles.

  13. Im currently thinking about re working my wedges in my bag. I currently play a 52, 56, and 60 along with my PW. I hit my 52 around 150, 56 around 125-120 and my 60 around 100.As an ex-collegiate baseball player im pretty long off the tee as well with my irons and wedges and i feel my gaps are way to large for the yardages i normally hit from. If i was to work another wedge in along with my bag what do most people with this problem do. Im thinking of just steeping down from my 60 in steps of 3. Is that normal or are there other options?

    Learn to hit half shots and control your yardages.

  14. To reiterate the original study that was done by "Sports Science", the problem with trying to build muscle or increase clubhead speed by swinging a heavier bat/club is that the heavier bat/club does not strengthen your fast twitch muscle tissue which is the muscle tissue primarily used for a baseball/golf swing.

    That being said, I do use a Momentous training iron both to warm up and when I get a couple of minutes except that I use it to try and prevent myself from over swinging. My issue has never been clubhead speed or distance and I think that the training aid that I use is tremendous for teaching tempo.

  15. That's like the one I have but with a different head on it (mine has a solid weighted driver head). To reiterate: this is a weightlifting device , not really a scientific swing trainer.  Treat it as such.  If you spend off-days swinging it with maximum effort, you will build muscle in your forearms, back, wrists, etc, all of which could help you on the course. The question becomes one of whether building muscle in these specific areas will help your golf game.  Some people think weightlifting will screw up their swing.  Some people think a little bit of it is good for your swing.  If you think bigger muscles can help, why not use a weighted club to build swing muscles just like you would use a barbell to build biceps and pectorals?

    To reiterate the original study that was done by "Sports Science", the problem with trying to build muscle or increase clubhead speed by swinging a heavier bat/club is that the heavier bat/club does not strengthen your fast twitch muscle tissue which is the muscle tissue primarily used for a baseball/golf swing.

  16. In a lot of cases, I tend to agree with this.  However, sometimes you can't tell if the person just flat-out doesn't know.  I don't think Joe is trying to be a pain, he's just trying to inform. You're just trying to be funny here right?  I say this a lot too, but I say it on purpose with emphasis so people are aware I'm being silly. I met a guy sometime last year that did exactly this.  He wasn't superb, but he was pretty decent. And this is all the more reason why it's acceptable for people to make those semantic corrections on the "illegal putter" comments.  Some of them genuinely don't understand the rule, and there are some potentially good options for continuing to use the putters, so it could be helpful to make the correction.

    Yes, sorry posting at lunch and auto correct is working faster than my fingers Rebuttal to follow :)

  17. Good info so far. Keep it coming please.  My wife is definitely interested in nice beaches and the most "tropical" feel.

    If your looking the most "tropical" feel then the Keys are definitely the place. The Keys almost feel like a different country IMO (in a good way). Beaches are less than impressive. If you go to the Keys (especially Key West) your going to drink, fish (great fishing), snorkel, and eat at little mom n pop restaurants. I'm from the Gulf coast so I'm biassed but IMO the east coast beaches are for surfing. St Augustine is pretty cool for a one day trip. Cocoa is great for surfing and drinking. But my favorite is a smaller beach community called Indian Rocks beach (and surrounding areas). If your looking for "laid back" this is the area to go, its quite the beaches are not crowded and there are tons of mom n pop restaurants. This area also has plenty of places to put in a boat and plenty of interrcoastal water to fish as well. I would recommend this area 100% as it is also close to (everything is just off of Gulf Boulevard) St Pete and Clearwater. I'm not a real estate agent in Indian Rocks, honest, I just love the area and we vacation there every year.

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