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  1. It's not the putters, it's the stroke.  You can use a long putter or belly putter you just can't anchor them.

    Semantics, nobody is impressed that you and rulesman read the rule. The long putter, for all intensive purposes, has been outlawed (when the rule takes affect). On another note I did see someone last week on the practice green with a long putter and instead of anchoring he was standing facing his target with his putter to the side of him and was putting really well. He said that he had tried anchoring when he first found the long putter but that it wasn't for him. Saw this article and was reminded of this new rule, this months Golf Digest also has a similar article. http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2011/04/sam-sneads-desperate-measures-on-the-greens.html

  2. i love how Nick Faldo  coined it when Reed got to the 18th today.  Something about how Augusta will bring guys back down to earth.. lol

    There are not many times when I laugh out loud during a golf telecast but I literally laughed out loud at that Sir Nick comment

  3. Not really... I never said anything about his performance at the WGC and he was talking about his game in general, not that one tournament.

    He first "claimed to be so good" at the WGC, he "didn't do better" yesterday at the masters therefore implying that since he is so good (conclusion drawn from him "doing better" at previous tournaments aka WGC) he should have done better... its really hard to explain your logic to you since I don't think you understand it yourself. Secondly: he backed up his mouth before and after (he was first asked the question when the WGC was in progress and then again right after he had won).

  4. If he is so good, as good as he claims he is, why didn't he do better?!? If you are gonna run your mouth, you better be able to back it up.  He finished last in his threesome yesterday...

    So by your logic/reasoning he was not only top five but also the number one player in the world when he won at WGC? Therefore he had every right to say so. Sucks when your own logic disproves your own argument huh.

  5. I was interested to see the last few weeks how he would be treated after that comment. It's not been very positive. I know there's some on here that saw nothing wrong with his comment and applaud his confidence, but you just get the sense that the majority of people view him as the American version of Ian Poulter. I even look at him as kind of a jerk right now, particularly his temper on the course. He's got a lot of maturing to do. Win a major....THEN TALK YOUR GAME. The Cadillac Championship is not a major. Win the Masters...then you can go off.

    Care to list his other two wins? Is that what golf is, "only after winning a major can you then talk about being good". I'll wager that if he were to win a major this year you would then say " well Tiger didn't play in that major so put an asterisk behind it". And let's be honest, he would get the same reaction from most if he won the masters and then "went off". And come on , really, his temper... the best player that I've ever seen play golf also seems to have one the worst (if not the worst) temper I've ever seen. You may have heard of him before, its some guy named Tiger...

  6. Well said.  That's a good way to put it.

    I don't think that's a good way to put it, there are plenty of people who think that Phil is arrogant and probably just as many that think Rory is arrogant. Your also talking about a line (between arrogant and self confidence) that is hardly visible, in fact many may argue that they are the same. And lastly, should we really take what Johnny Miller says for anything? I mean, he's a great commentator but he is hardly humble and I don't think I can count how many times I've heard him stick his foot in his mouth (or whoever is in booth with him do it for him). I just don't think that Miller is a great compass for arrogance or lack thereof. *Disclaimer: Phil happens to be my favorite golfer and I love having Miller in the booth.

  7. Must have alignment sticks sticking out of the bag. Must use laser rangefinder for each shot including tee shot on par 3's. Chances are the distance shown on your range finder is only good for giving u an idea on where to head off in the woods to look for the 14th ball you've jacked over there today. The white belt. Staff bag. Have a dozen or so bag tags. Including your entire 2000- present USGA members tag. Shoes. glove. belt, hat must match. All clothing from head to toe must be of same brand. If not using sunglasses they must be turned around to the back so people can see logo on front of hat. Hat logo must represent either the clothing line you are wearing or what's in your bag. [URL=http://thesandtrap.com/content/type/61/id/95847/] [/URL]

    That's so bad that Daly looks photo-shopped

  8. First of all, Tiger's legacy has already dwarfed Jack by dominating a sport as a black man that is primarily white. Argument already over.  Tiger also changed golf in terms of athleticism, literally changed the way the game is played. Dustin Johnson, Gary Woodland; those guys aren't playing golf without Tiger coming first.  The course designing thing means literally nothing. Hogan didn't design any courses of note, Vardon didn't design any courses of note. It's arbitrary. Plus, Jack is in his 70's; he's had much more time to design courses. And to say that Jack surpasses him worldwide is ludicrous. Everyone knows Tigers name, even if they don't follow golf.  Jack has a large footprint on the game, but it's nowhere near the size of Tigers.

    I hadn't commented on the OT Tiger love fest that was going on earlier until I saw the "master catch all thread" part, now that I've seen that I'll respond. First of all: Tiger himself has mentioned that him being African/American is not a big deal because he is just as much Thai as he is African. Secondly: I would argue that there were other great athletic players before Tiger. Third: Course design has a lot to do when talking about "legacy", maybe not playing legacy but definitely on overall golf legacy. I don't think that you can argue against Jack's course design contributing to his legacy and to keeping his name in the minds of players and fans alike. Fourth: @Gunther didn't mention anything about Jack surpassing Tiger worldwide, he simply added that there is more to a legacy than on the field (course) play.

  9. See this is why people get pissed when trying to have adult discussions. People like you who can't have a normal debate without resisting the urge to start throwing insults, always feel the need to be big, bad and confrontational sitting behind a keyboard.

    Nope, not trying to be big, bad or confrontational. Just calling it how I see it. Your opinion was not based on facts, logic or even rational... The course treated everyone the same, some just hit better shots. Even if a shot is only better by an inch or two its still better and that doesn't even mean that the other shot wasn't good it just means that one was better. When you start to add up those better shots over the course of four rounds you end up with a winner. I think I'll name that post "The Game of Golf".

  10. What I saw was a couple 9 irons hitting the green and rolling clean off into the water.  Not to mention countless other shots that hit the green and rolled off into the water.  Did you not hear the total number of balls that were recorded in the water?  All of them were not hit directly in the water, they were rolling off greens and it was especially bad because the grass outside the greens were not mature and it rolled through that too directly down a steep hill into the drink. I watched the entire match beginning to end and even watched it again because I recorded it.  There were a LOT of really good shots that resulted in bogeys or worse.  When do you ever hear about MULTIPLE pros making 5s,6s,7s,8s,9s,10s and a freaking 11! Yes an 11!  To me that kinda says it all. You said the players didn't complain? One player said the course setup was sh#$. Another said it was borderline unplayable and there were some other comments.  But I'm not even basing it on what they said.  I saw shots hitting greens and ending up in the water.  But you have your opinion just like I have mine so we will just agree to disagree.  And I think Reed played well but I also think he had a lot of help from that course.  I think luck played too big a part but that's just my opinion.

    I think its funny how the same course that was so unfair to every other golfer was so kind to Reed... An opinion is just that but just because its an opinion doesn't change the fact that's its idiotic.

  11. I think there were a number of ways he could have answered the question where he could display confidence but not arrogance.  "I'm feeling like I'm playing like a Top 5 player." or "My goal is to be one of the Top 5 players in the world and if I can keep playing this well I hope to be there." IMO, what he said would be fine for pro wrestling, MMA, or even the NFL, but not in golf.  He has good potential, but Jimmy Walker won three events this year and I don't hear him touting himself as Top 5. I just wish Dufner didn't double at 4 and bogey at 6 because I think he would have put more pressure on Reed.

    Walker also isn't 23 yo

  12. I could be totally wrong about this, but I don't even think we'll be discussing this guy by the time the U.S. Open rolls around.  He'll be that cocky guy that dressed like Tiger on Sunday and won a few times.

    Tell us how you really feel... First of all) Tiger doesn't own the color Red, secondly) I think that it was stupid of him to mention every tournament that he's placed in but not arrogant, thirdly) he was asked and he did answer honestly and lastly) we golfers are extremely superstitious so you can't blame him for trying red and continuing to wear it after he won with it. BTW when I say "we golfers" I'm not being arrogant or comparing myself to Tiger, just an expression.

  13. Yea Tiger was visibly uncomfortable. I don't think you fake that face. He is going to have to take some time to heal from this.

    I would argue that you can fake a face i.e. grimacing, extra stretching, rubbing your own lower back etc. but you can't fake the swings that he was taking... I'm no expert but I watched Tiger take a couple of swings yesterday that weren't even close to his normal swing. *disclaimer: I still really don't like Tiger... but have to admit that he looks hurt and hope that he gets it figured out before the Masters, the Masters just has a different feel when he's in contention.

  14. Of course there isn't any confusion in the US as the rest of the world might just as well be on another planet. ;-) I believe there is some oddball game there where the contestants only come from the US but calls itself the World Series :hmm:    We in the UK recognise that the PGA Tour has nothing to do with the PGA as all club professionals have the logo on their door and highlight their teaching qualifications from the PGA. I suspect that without the hoohah about anchoring, most players outside the US would never have heard of Finchem or Bishop. But why oh why do US residents refer to the British Open :pound:   ;-) ;-)

    This conversation took a "pissing match" turn awhile back but you just keep on going and going until someone responds and no one has so I will. 1) I believe that the letter was sent to members of the PGA of America so yea, as far as the letter is concerned the rest of the world may as well be on another planet. 2) I wouldn't expect you to know anything about baseball but it has long been known that the best baseball players in the world play in MLB therefore making the best team in MLB most likely the best baseball team in the world. 3) People in the United States of America (that don't know golf) call it the British Open for the same reason that most people feel the need to specify "the US Open". People in the US that know golf refer to it as "the Open" or "the Open Championship". And lastly: 4)I don't think that anyone was seeking a better role in rules decisions ,as far as more than Canada, Japan, the UK etc., as much as a better role than was had before. So in essence, can we please stop with the our golf is better than yours and the our organization has been around longer than yours bullcrap.

  15. I did this in my last round and shot my best score in a calendar year. I actually took it a step further and not only played to the center of the green but I also took half a club more on all approach shots. I do have agree with an earlier poster that it is not easy to shoot at the center of the green, especially with a scoring iron/wedge in hand.
  16. I need to preface this review: I was fitted online for Tour B330, what I received from Bridgestone was Tour B330RX. As I have never played any type of Bridgestone ball I did not think anything of it until after playing three rounds with these balls. I also didn't want to make a stink because free balls are free balls and I think that I was one of the first to receive them and didn't want to sound like I was whining when others where still waiting to receive theirs. That being said: 1) The first round I played with the B330RX and felt that I simply had a bad day since I had allot of straight push misses and ended up short on quite a few approaches. Overall I thought that the ball felt soft off of every club except for the putter. The flight seemed to be a little low off of the driver but seemed fine off of my irons. 2) The second round that I played with the B330RX I decided to compare side by side with my Titleist Pro-v1 since the the first day went so poorly. I found that most of my pushes seemed to be mostly in part to the lack of side spin allowed by the B330RX, I like to work the ball allot (mostly right to left) therefore explaining my "push misses". I know this because in comparing side by side I can honestly say that the same shots that were missing right with the B330RX were drawing like normal with my Pro-v1. In the side by side comparison: The B330RX did not seem as soft off of the putter, not as long off of my irons, longer off of my driver, and backspin seemed similar on full shots but less on pitch and half shots. 3) The third round I decided to play just the B330RX with the intent of not working the ball (harder than it seems) and playing half a club more on iron shots. This seemed to showcase what this ball could do since I hit 16 gir and missed only one fairway on my way to a 74. I still did not like the way that it felt off of the putter but was starting to get used to the feel of off irons. In closing I would have to say that this is the most durable ball that I've played in years as I played two balls in two rounds and in the end both were still playable. I don't think I will be switching to Bridgestone unless I see some Tour B330s on sale.
  17. The Masters has to be at the top of my list for majors, I think that it has something to do with the strategy of placing your approach shots and still being able to go low scorewise. I hate watching Pebble Beach because of the amateur coverage but I love the Waste Management tourny.
  18. Personally, I don't think the benefits of blades outweigh the negatives in regards to amateur golfers. The actual amount of control and shot shaping ability that you gain with blades over a player's iron is minimal compared to the forgiveness that you gain with a player's iron. I'm not saying that a player's iron is forgiving, but you gain more forgiveness with a player's iron than you gain in control/shot-shaping with a blade. As an amateur that has played blades and player's irons, I have yet to hit a shot with a blade that I couldn't have hit with a player's iron. I have also never stood over a shot with a player's iron and thought "man, I sure wish I had a blade for this shot." I have however, stood over shots and been glad that I didn't have a blade in my hand.

    The most important word in that post is the first one "Personally".

  19. Thinking of trading in my MP 59's as we speak. But i'm thinking of going to the JPX EZ Forged or the older version JPX 825 pro's. The casted ones are just too chunky for my likes, but i think i can use a little more help as i'm not playing as much as i would like to.

    I said it before and I'll say it again: those JPX-EZ are gaudy monstrosities, and this is coming from a Mizuno iron wh*re. But if you hit them and like them than go for it :)

  20. I've never used a set of "bladed" irons:) but I would recommend getting a cheap single used blade from golfsmith or ebay and try to hit it at the range. You said that you like to work the ball allot but it really depends on what type of "working" you like to do. Blades don't necessarily make it easier to work the ball left and right but they will generally be easier to work up and down... Also depends allot on shafts.
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