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  1. You're joking, right?  Or was it really his 2nd shot?

    Its funny that you say that because my HR manager was golfing in Orlando a couple of weekends ago and on a par three over water hit his first shot int he drink, so he grabs another ball calls for his mulligan and hits another. He just saw it on the green and bent down to pick ip his tee but my boss actually saw it go in, so he told him and he said there was no way but sure enough when they got up there it was in. Im a little pissed because I was out of town otherwise I would seen this in person. I myself have yet to see one...close...but not in... My HR said that he couldn't put a one on the card... he said that it wouldn't have felt right. I told him "hell if you called mulligan and it went in the cup", I don't think that I would have had Disney put my my name on the hole in one board but still. What do uguys think?

  2. I've owned 2 lasers (Nikon and Bushnell) and neither could pick up a ball lying in the fairway, nor could they pick up a tee marker shooting back from the ball.  I've measured with laser and GPS side by side and the GPS was the most dependable.   With the laser, it was often hard to tell just what I was measuring to.  Shooting a flag or a tree was quite accurate (although usually no more than a yard or two different from the GPS), but shooting a hump in the fairway or a ragged bunker lip was inconsistent and less precise than a GPS.  I carried both for several years, but once I bought my Garmin Approach G5, the laser was redundant.

    This thread has taken a really odd turn... I would definitely agree that gps is generally more accurate on the course but it is useless on the range which is where most of us dial in on our yardages. If you don't know how far you hit each club than it doesn't matter how accurate your range finder/gps is.

  3. This^^ Using "math" to figure yardages on courses is useless - holes are mismeasured or changed after the card is published, hole lengths are deliberately inflated, and holes aren't usually measured in a straight line.   GPS is the most accurate, and measuring on Google Earth at high zoom is a good second choice (can get you within 3 or 4 yards if you are careful and honest with your measurement points).

    I don't think this would help my already slow play :)

  4. Don't take this the wrong way, but how can your "average" vary by 40 yards?  Are you saying that your shortest drive is 250 yards, and your longest 290?

    Odd isn't it... I'm actually able to work the driver better than my 3w so yea I'll hit a 250 yd high fade or a 290 yd push draw depending on the hole. This is really off subject but a couple weeks ago I hit a 314 yd low fade on the first hole, I think that I did the math wrong though because the course was really wet (which means I should've gotten no roll), it was uphill (it was playing longer) and I didn't feel as though I got all of it but we all three came up with the same math. I probably average closer to 275 but I don't know because I hit a variety of different shots and distances with the driver, so I'm saying that my average is somewhere in that range.

  5. You are way off.  Only the top 12 on the PGA Tour average 300 yards or more, and only the top 3 hit 305.  Most of those 12 are not, and likely never will be, household names.  #1 and #2 in the world are both in the 290 range.  You are making the same mistake as the guys on this board who "average" 300 yards when in reality 300 is their long drive, not their average.  The extremes and the average are very different things.  The best players may be capable of hitting longer, but control is so much more important that they don't try.   I'm afraid that I don't have a lot of respect for players, pro or amateur when the only thing on their resume is the ability to be long and wrong.  It's just another case of ego exceeding ability. And the 400 yard drive at the Open was an aberration.  A few of them might get close at Kapalua on occasion (#17 and #18) because of the way the course is laid out, but it takes all of the conditions being perfect, and then they still have to be lucky.  Even on the concrete fairways they had at Muirfield the smart players played for control.  Hell, even at the Long Drive Championships they don't hit 400 except by accident (2012 winner hit 393 yards).

    1) I am not way off, that part of the argument was based on a comparison of "long hitters" from different eras, I apologize for not spelling out every little detail for your feeble mind. 2) I never said that every player or even most players averaging 305, I simply said that "guys" average 305. That could imply as many as 100 players or as little as 2 players. 3) I never said anything about hitting it the farthest also makes you "#1 or #2" in the world, it just so happens that Bobby Jones was one of the longest in his time and one of best, if the best, of his time. 3) I never said anything about this weekends drives either. I think it was Stenson that hit a 305 yard 5 iron so this weekend wasn't a really good show for averages. 4) No explanation needed http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golftalkcentral/the-long-ball-good-times-keep-rolling-firestone/ Moral of this story is "do better research before saying that someone is "way off". I was simply trying to make a comparison between long hitters nowadays changing the way that golf courses are set up and even designed therefore altering the way that the game is played. In my opinion that is a much bigger deal than some anchoring a putter. BTW, I average around 250 to 290 yards, I don't know exact numbers because I don't keep track like some. I would like to think that I'm a decent golfer who leans on good ball striking and IRON PLAY to get around the golf course, I'm not that guy...

  6. Um, who is that who is hitting 400+ yard drives???  I'd like to watch him on the next Tour telecast. e3_rolleyes.gif

    Bobby jones was considered to be a long hitter in his day and he would average 250 yards with an occasional 265 yard bomb... guys nowadays average 305 with the occasional 350 yard bomb and I know that I've seen Rory,Day, Bubba and Tiger all hit 400 yarders in a tournament.

  7. My Grandfather told me that Bobby Jones once said golf is a game of nerves. I am sure many greats of the game have said the exact same thing. A shaky putter on the last day, or any day, of a tournament will most likely not lead to victory. What would Bobby Jones have then said about the anchored putter and how will the people of the future look back on the players that used them and the statistics they created? The anchoring of the putter quite obviously gives an unfair advantage when it comes to nerves. It also gives an unfair adtantage when it comes to wind. I have seen dozens of windy tournaments where this was blatantly obvious. It was a sad day when an anchored putter won this years Masters. How could those in charge have let things go this far. If Bobby Jones were alive today he would have certainly had something to say about this. He was all about fair play and an anchored putter is definitely an unfair advantage for the few who use them. I am not going to name any names when it comes to anchored putters, but I am sure most people would know who I am talking about when I say there was a player who had trouble with nerves throughout his career that switched to the anchored putter and then started winning tournaments left and right. He won more tournaments in the few years that followed the switch than he had won throughout his entire career prior and he is not alone in this statistic. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the advantage is very real. It was the chance of an anchored putter winning the Open today that got me to write this letter. The history of the greatest and longest running tournament in golf would have been forever marred had this happened. I am so happy that Phil Mickeson ended up winning the tournament. Phil came over early and worked very hard on his links golf to win this Open. He is a true practitioner of the game and Bobby Jones himself would have been proud of his effort. All I can do is hope that an anchored putter does not ruin the history of any more of the great tournaments to come until the day said practice is abolished. I also very much admire the players that had the fortitude to not switch to the anchored putter. It could have helped many players get their first win, or those with many wins get more, but if everyone had switched, the integrity of the game would have been forever lost.

    Once again I think many will agree that there have been many other changes to our great game that have impacted history far more than the anchoring of the putter. For instance I don't think that Bobby Jones ever envisioned 400+ yard drives...

  8. I've seen guys at my club play barefoot..."natural golf" style. However, If they had a little chat with the course super and learned a bit about the range of pesticides etc. they spray into the course they might think again. He11, I feel edgy just picking up my ball with a bare hand after talking with him!   LOL

    I was on a business trip last year and didn't have clubs or shoes so I borrowed my bosses clubs and played in flip flops, my choices were dress shoes or flip flops... I actually played fairly well, I felt as though I was unable to overswing so I made good contact on most shots.

  9. Muirfield Golf Links is a challenging course, but does it deserve the tough love these pros are giving it? I heard Lee Trevino talking about how those guys will complain about the British Open and US Open course toughness. However, Trevino mentioned they never talk down about Augusta National out of fear. Should the pros quit their belly-aching or do they have a legit leg to stand on?

    Sorry to get in so late on this one. I think that the reason that most pros don't complain about pin placement at Augusta is because while the greens are incredibly fast the pins are often in locations that if you place your ball correctly it will funnel to the hole rather than away. It seemed that in the Open Championship some of the pins were literally on a mound, there were some putts that I saw where the player putting uphill and run it past the hole to leave himself an uphill putt???? I also think that since The Masters is played at the same venue each year players are able to learn the breaks and where not to miss over the years. Plus they're probably afraid that the "Grand Wizard Billy" will have them put on a hit list :) I will say that I loved the way that Poulter praised the course after his final round.

  10. "personally, i can't stand Mickelson. his presentation on the course really puts me off -- when his game is on, he has that stupid $#!^-eating grin on his face; and so often when he misses a putt, he stands there with his jaw dropped, as if the hole scooted out of the way at the last second. i'm sure he's a nice guy and i know a lot of fans like him... but as trivial as they may be, Phil's overdramatized reactions are annoying as hell to watch. (not to mention, he's a whiny b**** off the course.)" I wanted to make one last point on this subject since I've had the chance to watch four days of Tiger not making many putts (to be fair nobody but Z Johnson on day one did). It seemed to me that after any putt that Tiger hit that rolled past the hole he would "drop his jaw" and point to where the ball went instead of where he thought it should have gone... I think that this us a really good example of who we root for blurring our opinion and perception of said player. I may be beating a dead horse on the "good family man" aspect but I don't think I've seen a better example of that than I just saw on the side of the 18th hole. (Disclaimer: Sorry for not quoting the OP correctly, hard to do on my phone.)
  11. Family values?  You mean like how he probably gambles more every year than most of us make? As for your jealousy of Phil's success argument, wouldn't that apply even more to Tiger than to Phil?  Strange, I don't think Tiger is particularly unpopular with his peers on tour.

    Gambling is just another form of discretionary spending... If you have the money to spend and it doesn't define you or your life I don't see a problem with it. I personally have quite a few friends that spend way more money on golf than I do (discretionary spending), that doesn't make them bad people or say that their prioritys are out of whack, it simply means that they have more time and money than I do... I guess what in trying to say is tat its not about how much you gamble with or spend on golf or movies or video games or amusement parks or car parts or tools..... What matters is percentage of your income that you spend. All right I'm done with my life lessons, I promise.

  12. Statistics and not being wooed by the outstanding shots would say otherwise.

    I dont what stats may say but I do know that I've heard many tour pros say that only Ballestero's hands, creativity and ability to manufacture shots is better than Phil's... I'd say that's pretty good company to be in as far as history goes.

  13. I would have to say just the opposite of what the OP stated that Phil is "overdramatized" in his reactions... I seem to remember Tiger being the one who really made the big fist pump popular... I seem to remember him being the one who turns and yells with the crowd when he makes a big putt... and I definitely remember Tiger throwing his hat to the ground in an "overdramtized" manner when he won at Bayhill... God forbid a professional golfer be surprised/pissed when he misses a putt. I know for a fact that when Tiger wasn't putting very well in the last few years his reactions were very animated when he would miss, and rightfully so, he is probably the greatest putter (in pressure type moments) ever to play the game. If Tiger misses a putt he should be pissed/animated/overdramatized. I guess what I am trying to say is that Phil has a nice guy rep because he is a nice guy but then again I'm a huge Phil fan.
  14. It shouldn't, that seems to be a popular opinion. I disagree with it, but it is what it is. I don't think his mental game is the problem, I just think he isn't quite as dominant as he once was, and that the competition is stiffer (possibly caused by him popularizing golf to its current level).

    I kinda have to agree that Tigers mental game isn't broken (even as a documented Tigger hater). I would tend to think that the rest of the tour is just less terrified by Tiger than they were a couple years ago. I can remember good golfers literally falling apart if they were in the hunt with Tiger and forget about it if they were paired with him. To answer the original question though... The only constant for me is that I root for Phil and against Tiger and if Phil isn't playing than I find myself rooting for whoever is in the lead to begin the final round. For some reason I hate to see someone lose a lead when they've played well enough for three days in a row to have a lead or maybe its because I hate to see Phil continue to lose the lead in the final round of US Opens :)

  15. I was in South Carolina a couple years ago and was playing a course that was quite lush, on a short dogleg left with a somewhat blind landing area I hit a perfect 3i dead center and when I drove down to hit my second I realized that I had hit into the guy in front of me... I apologized profusely but he laughed and told me "don't worry about it, I've been looking for a ball that I hit with my 4i for twenty min". He explained to me that he had heard my ball hit but had not seen it bounce when he looked up. He and I both looked for about another ten min as there was no one else in the course but still found nothing. We both agreed to take a drop dead center and never tell a soul. Until now i've said nothing so if your reading this and you remember doing it let me know since I never saw you again, maybe we'll get to golf again sometime when I'm up there.
  16. How is that going to help me improve?

    I would tend to agree. Your swing with your woods and driver (and i've also heard your hybrids from some teachers) is a different swing. Alot of the difference can be achieved through ball position. Unless I've heard wrong from most teachers the swing with your irons should be a descending blow and you should actually hit the ball on the upswing with your woods and driver. I've heard most people say the same thing about hybrids, hybrids are designed to make it easier to get the ball up in the air therefore you shouldn't have to hit down on the ball to produce backspin. I say all that to say that forward shaft lean is still important with all clubs, be very careful not to confuse the two.

  17. For the last time, THE ARGUMENT AGAINST ANCHORING IS NOT THAT IS PROVIDES AN ADVANTAGE. I don't mean to single you out, but misrepresenting the argument isn't going to win it for you. Read the thread. And your "sour grapes" assumption is wrong.

    I don't think that I have to use all caps to single you out, and I am trying to single you out. To almost quote you "Read the report". I wasn't trying to make an "assumption" but instead a comparison. I'm sorry if you didn't like my comparison , I was simply trying to make the argument that our game has evolved a lot in the last 100 years or so and I think that some of the other advances have changed the game way more than anchoring. My opinion is and has been that some players (not myself as I stated earlier in the thread) feel more comfortable with the putter being anchored to some part of their body. I really have to think that if everyone felt that it truly was an advantage that more people would be doing it. And just for the record, I've been curious while walking through Golfsmith to pick up and try an anchored putter... Not easy to use. It still takes a lot of practice to be able to putt well with an anchored putter ( just ask Phil).

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