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  1. This is one of the few things I feel very strongly about.  I despise anyone who thinks that it's his job to push his religion on others.  I dislike evangelism in the extreme forms which it tends to take - the believe my way or you'll burn in Hell philosophy.  I have nothing but antipathy for churches which use that sort of guilt to build their membership, then use it to fleece their congregations so the leaders can live like kings.  These things turn me strongly against any attempt to draw me from my beliefs. If it's an overreaction, then so be it.

    I think that you may not understand exactly what evangelism is. Evangelism us not telling you that ur hell bound if you don't believe what I do, but instead that I have something in my relationship with the Lord that is so incredible that I want to share it with as many people as possible. That being said there are a lot of "christians" that may take it too far (I can speak from personal experience on this because my Dad is such even though he doesn't mean to, I think that he is so excited about his faith that he can't help but tell everyone he sees ot talks to). I don't expect you to agree with me but as a christian I am compelled to share my faith with as many people as possible and if I had a pulpit as big as a golf tournament interview than I would hope that I would say the same thing. As far as him "preaching" or "Bible thumping", I hardly think that what he said was either of those things... At least ESPN didn't do a whole bit/interview on his beliefs/views.

  2. Its seems as though every post in response to my first on this subject has completely ignored the fact that I said "Donald and RORY". Not once did I make the argument that Donald is the best player in the world or even that Rory is the best in the world, in fact I said that Tiger "may be the best in the world". I'll go one further to say that he's the best I've ever seen (I'm 26, not old enough to have seen Jack), but I still think that RORY and Donald have played some very good and consistent golf in the last couple of years and were getting completely looked over When commenting on a post you should read all post and not just the most recent ones since things seem to get taken out of context.
  3. My first post was met just how I thought it would be, Tiger fan retaliation. My point was not that Luke is better than Tiger but just because you say doesn't make the #1 player in the world (I won't list all of the quotes that say that because it is hard to do on my phone, just go back and read them). I didn't anyone whining about Tiger being #1 when he very clearly wasn't? If Tiger finishes T8 next week and Rory wins will you all jump back on the bandwagon? Or will Tiger still be #1 in your mind?
  4. FYI... I'm a Sigma Chi.  Luke is too.  I love what Luke has accomplished, and I'd love to see him get back into that form.  But he was the money leader on both tours in 2011.  The last time I checked, it's 2013.  Mr. Consistent needs to be consistently better to get back into the discussion of the worlds best golfer.

    Being ranked third in the world isn't good enough to be "in the discussion"???

  5. Are we talking about the most consistent golfer, or the best golfer over the last two years (in relation to field)?  Because if we are talking about the best... Rory would be that man.  And Tiger would be behind him - see the rankings. Now if we are talking about the most consistent... I dunno. But, Donald hasn't won a tournament since last May...

    Do me a favor and "google" the word "consistent". If that doesn't describe Donald then I don't know what does. I just think that what he has done is constantly getting sharted on by Tiger fans. You don't win the money title on both tours in the same year by being inconsistent. NOTE: I hope that Tiger does get back to #1 because its good for the game, Tiger groupies (most golf fans) don't really care to see Michael Thompson winning tournaments.

  6. Am I wrong or do I sense a serious lack of respect for what Donald and Rory have been able to do in the past few years? If I recall correctly Tiger retained his number one status long after his meltdown. I recall for a couple of months where Tiger was clearly not the best golfer in the world but because of his tremendous run for a couple years he was able to keep his status. Maybe I just see things through "lefty colored glasses" but I I think its pretty clear that Donald has been the most consistent golfer in the world for a couple of years now. That being said I do think that Tiger may be the best in the world right now...even if I don't particularly care for him.
  7. More to the point, physics allows for ball flights, while biology allows for various sexual orientations and genders. Pick your subject, and your scientific field will follow. Point is, it's ALL natural. So if I hit fades and kiss boys.. It's because I am inclined to do so. Doesn't effect anyone else's golf game or personal life one bit.

    Just to be clear, I was not the one to start comparing sexual orientation with ball flight (the words sexual orientation and ball flight should never be used together by a straight man, so I apologize). I still think that you ate missing my point: wind, humidity or lie (being born with straight or gay tendencies) cannot be controlled by man. Clubface angle and clubhead path (events in your life) can be controlled by man. I also agree that as long as it doesn't affect me or my family then I don't care what someone does. NOTE: as a long time duck hooker of the ball I would love to hit a fade, just not the other thing that you mentioned with it "gigity gigity".

  8. No. Here's an example: Gravity, a natural law. It works one way, and not the other. It pulls in a particular direction. Not more than one. To deny the way it works is moronic. Another, perhaps more apt example: Ball flight laws! (Which are governed by laws of physics, which are natural laws and include gravity, for one) A ball may either go left, or right. Lets call these ball flights, instead of hook and slice, just for example....something arbitrary... I dpnt know, how about.... 'Gay' and 'Straight' balls! So, a set of circumstances in nature create the potential for the 'birth' of a shot, gay or straight, based on the particulars of those circumstances. Club face angle, gender, clubhead path, hormones, etc. A shot is born! Is it gay or straight? Who knows right away? Not I. But once it matures, it is evident to all how that shot will be. Also evident to all except for morons, should be that no shot, or person, can be born straight or gay, hook or slice, without being allowed such by natural conditions, or 'nature'. To suggest that hooks come from the devil or slices are black magic, ignores the natural laws that created that shot, and is moronic. If its only gays (or hookers of the ball) that understand ball flight laws, that doesn't make their argument and reasoning invalid. Just misunderstood by those who don't (or choose to ignore it.) THOSE people, I would call morons. Your argument is that nature cannot be used to explain either straightness or gayness. That's wrong, since it clearly explains BOTH.

    This theory is flawed right from the start. "Clubhead path" or "face angle" certainly cannot be considered part of nature. The "natural" part of a ball flight would be wind humidity or the lie of the ball seeing as how those three things cannot be altered by a human (although I have seen some lie altering) :). These are the "facts" that I wad referring to. I too agree that homosexuals are in fact human and should be treated as such but I disagree that it is natural. I do believe that someone can be born with certain tendencies (wind, humidity and lie) but that things may happen in their life that shape into who or what they are (face angle or clubhead path).

  9. I find it funny that everything that "softfinger" says suddenly becomes fact...just because you say that something is a fact doesn't make it a fact. Back on subject, I don't what type of people all of you golf with but the one I golf aren't really saints. All ot most are prob guilty or capable of just about any sexual immorality (which is what most religious people call homosexuality). That being said I would imagine that there must at least one homosexual on tour. FYI "softfinger" An opinion is just that, an opinion. It is neither right nor wrong or moronic. It is simply an opinion.
  10. That is a bit of a fallacy too.  My first full set were forged Golden Ram blades and I used them for nearly 15 years.  My current set are Titleist AP-2 forged and are almost 4 years old.  I have no intention of getting rid of them in the foreseeable future.

    True. But once again what type of hitter are you? Are u a picker or a digger?

  11. You know, I think we're in the same boat because the only thing getting worn out on some of my irons is the edge of the blade.  Could be worse...could be the hosel. This I did not know.  So basically if you buy forged wedges and play a lot of golf, you're pretty much committing yourself to buying new clubs every few years?

    [quote name="jamo" url="/t/65325/stockpiling-square-grooves#post_817596"] You can say the opposite as well: if you hit a crappy forged wedge and a great cast wedge, you're never going back to forged. Neither proves anything.[/quote] I don't think that anyone will argue that you don't get more feel from a good forged wedge. I wasn't implying that all cast wedges are cheap either...I think vokeys are cast, am I right? Very nice wedges. Then you also get into the subject if "cast forged" wedges. I didn't go into depth earlier so as to make a quick point and comparison.

  12. You know, I think we're in the same boat because the only thing getting worn out on some of my irons is the edge of the blade.  Could be worse...could be the hosel. This I did not know.  So basically if you buy forged wedges and play a lot of golf, you're pretty much committing yourself to buying new clubs every few years?

    Not really, it also depends on what type of ball striker you are and where you practice. I don't know about you but when I hit short irons and wedges I take a pretty big divot therefore making contact with a lot if dirt/sand (abrasives) instead of turf and therefore go through wedges about every two seasons. If the range/s that you practice at use a lot of sand to fill divots, that can contribute as well.

  13. For the most part your wedges/irons don't get "damaged" they simply get worn. If your using cast wedges/irons than they probably wont wear as fast but if your using forged wedges that are forged from a much softer metal then they wear pretty quickly...
  14. Sorry, eating and trying to post. Last time I checked the "spirit of the game" is to get the ball in the hole. I don't know if you have ever tried to use a long putter but it still takes a lot of practice. If the anchored putter "helps people make putts" then why are the top putters on tour not using them and why isn't everyone using them. I mean if you really want to stay un the spirit of the game then we should all be made to use blades and/or wooden drivers... At the same time we should probably take alignment aids off of golf balls.
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