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  1. Counting your chickens. I am sure in typical Phil fashion, he will follow up today's round with something like a 78 tomorrow............
  2. Karma my friend....... it could be why you are still a 20+ Hcp. All joking aside, with the equipment in your bag I can see why you try to pick up some freebies...........
  3. While we're at it.............where's the proof that you are a +3.1???????
  4. Well let's give him a big pat on the back because he was man enough to stand up and read a piece of paper in front of his mommy on live TV. Makes me almost forget about him banging about a dozen chicks behind his wife's back with two young children at home............. Courage???
  5. I think you are misunderstanding me. I am not criticising him for trying to get his life back in order. I just think the "sex addiction" thing is a joke and a PR stunt. It is so much easier for him to claim sex addiction rather than just admitting that he had quite a wild past few years. Can you not see that it is an out for him? I feel that a lot of people play the addiction card because it allows them to say "I couldn't control what I was doing". It sort of shifts the blame off of them onto this addiction...........
  6. Yes, I only see celebrities playing the "sex addiction" card and actually getting away with it. When the average Joe does what Tiger did, it will and always will be called cheating on your wife. It's a joke......
  7. Funny how this "addiction" only appears to show up in individuals with fame, power, money, etc.........
  8. I actually have less respect for Tiger now then I did before his press conference. It is a PR stunt and all about the $$$. I am really surprised that he caved to the throngs of people who stand to profit from "I am deeply sorry, I'm working on my addicition" Tiger Woods. Tiger doesn't owe anyone else other than his family an apology. I figured he understood that. It goes to show you that everyone has a price, even Tiger.........
  9. You find me tape of Tiger Woods coming out saying that he is/was a role model. Tiger Woods is a pro golfer who the media made into a role model. The media loves to do this. Prop someone up to a "godly" stature and then tear them down. Parents are supposed to be role models for their children, NOT golfers or an other pro athlete. I have a 10 month old son at home and I promise you that he won't have to look to a pro athlete to know right from wrong............
  10. Phil is Tiger's only active competition??? Can't say that I agree with you even a little. Phil, IMO, is one of the most overrated guys on tour. Whether Tiger is in the tournament or not, Phil manages to s#$% the bed at least one round and take himself out of contention.........
  11. You act like the golf course is f'ing holy land. Who really cares if someone spits outside on the grass? This is something that I would expect my wife to notice if she was watching golf on TV. Quit tucking it..........
  12. I would guess that the fake percentage is quite a bit higher than 24% on Callaway and Taylormade products sold on Ebay....... I've heard these brands make up the most fakes seen on Ebay.
  13. Will the service provide swing tips and analysis from non golf teaching professionals and 15-20 handicaps like in the "Playing Tips" section of the site..... :)
  14. I haven't seen your swing so I cannot comment. It just seemed that you were explaining that a forward leaning shaft at impact is proof that you did not cast or come over the top. Simply not the case.
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