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  1. 80 today, and my putting wasn't great............getting close to the magic 70's !
  2. My handicap is officially 17 although people have always told me it should be better than that as I have a nice looking swing. However my handicap doesn't lie and I have been hovering around that level for a while, typically scoring 36 points + or - a couple when I play with my buddies on a Saturday. A few weeks ago I had a thought to shorten my backswing. I now have the feel that I don't take my left arm back past horizontal when playing approach shots - I say 'feel' because I probably go a bit past that but that's the feel I'm going for. My ball striking has improved a lot, hopefully as a result of this change, and it not being a coincidence, and I'm definitely not losing distance. My last 3 rounds have been 83, 83, 81 and I really should have broken 80 for the first time on that last round, but for a fluffed 3 wood on the par 5 16th that went into water. I had 9 pars and a birdie on that round and most of the pars were fairly regulation hit the green and 2 putt pars. I'm certainly not a good enough player to give advice to anyone, but if you are struggling to hit your irons crisply I would say to give what I'm doing a try.
  3. Hi everyone I filmed my swing today from a down the line perspective. I uploaded it into Kinovea and traced the path of my backswing. The down swing follows the exact same path. On the face of it I would have thought this would be a good thing but I've seen instructional videos that say that the downswing should trace inside the path of the backswing. Is there a generally accepted preference regarding this ?
  4. Thanks for your reply DrvFrShow but it's not a review of the actual devices I'm after as such. More an understanding whether any of them help you to interpret the data they give you and suggest drills to fix any issues. For example if the data told you that you have a 5% out to in swing, do this drill to fix it and try to get your numbers to 0% ( I just made those numbers up ).
  5. I'm thinking of things like Swingsmart, Skypro, 3 bays, Swingbyte etc
  6. Hi guys I'm looking at the various analysers on the market and they seem broadly to produce similar feedback. I'm wondering if any of them help in actually interpreting the data and then offering drills or tips to improve the stats ? I really like the idea of them but am not sure the information that they would give me would be very meaningful to me. I've read some of the threads on here reviewing them but haven't seen anything that talks about how to use the information to actually improve your swing. Does anyone have any ideas / experience with this ?
  7. I'm not sure I can understand this. I'd be interested to know exactly what you mean - is it more of a swing thought ie think of your left arm throughout the swing ? I just tried with a few practise swings (without a club) and I'm struggling to understand the concept. Always interested in ways to help to hit the ball better :)
  8. If only you could get fitted in the UK :-(
  9. Thanks Erik, I'll try to work on that I'll give this a try tomorrow, thanks for your input
  10. I do have a swing in the 'my swing' section if you wouldn't mind taking a look, although it's only a side on view so may not be very revealing, and is also with my driver off a tee.
  11. Well I'm not as young as I was.......... Thanks for your response Erik...simple is good. I'm sure you're right. Since the finish is my swing thought then I'm probably anxious to make sure I do it. Can you suggest a drill to help, apart from just try not to do it ?
  12. Hi I'm always looking at ways to tweak my swing. I went to the range and concentrated on making a full follow through with pose for the cameras at the finish - a little Rory-ish. I played on Saturday and found that generally I was striking the ball very nicely. I shot an 81 which is pretty good for me, but I topped several shots. When I practise the swing with a full follow through I can actually feel how that might happen, kind of lifting my body early to get into the finish position. Hopefully I've explained that well enough. Does anyone have any ideas / drills on how to avoid this ?
  13. Great, thank you Ernest, Ernie or EJ
  14. Can someone point me in the direction of how to do this online ? I can only find the DVD's ?
  15. Mainly my driving. I hit it long but maybe 25% of the time I hit a push out to the right. Had a lesson a couple of weeks ago where the instructor made a change (in the 'my swing' section if you're interested). Still pushing it though. @cubdog I think you're right. I'm sure I can do it pretty consistently, if I could only do it once !! Will take inspiration from Roger Bannister.
  16. Played yesterday and was playing quite well although nothing particularly spectacular (although I did hole a bunker shot on the 1st for birdie which I've never done before). I was quite happy with my game and knew that I hadn't had any blow ups or played too many silly shots. Then I took a 7 at the the par 4 18th. It's quite a tricky hole which I usually treat as a par 5 anyway. I don't get mad when I play a crap shot or screw up a hole but I was a little disappointed when I added up my card at the end and I had shot 81. Even a 5 at the 18th would have given me my first sub 80 round. What a dick.
  17. Very interesting, thanks for the responses. The instructor filmed my first swing then told me to 'face the front' more (ie resist with the hips) and filmed my swing doing this. He then showed me the videos side by side and drew some lines on pointing out that in the first my left knee moved towards my right in the takeaway and in the second it didn't move towards the right but made a more downwards move towards the ball, which he says is the movement I want. Any thoughts on this ?
  18. Sorry I should have added, I appreciate that there's no down-the-line view, but I'm interested in understanding why resisting with my hips should produce a driver fade.
  19. Hi The video above was taken at a lesson I had last Friday. The instructor wants me to stay facing the ball longer - resisting with my hips on the take away. I went to the range this week to try this and hit 100 balls with my driver. Virtually all of them were fades which I don't normally hit - although I'm nowhere near consistent enough to say I never hit them. I was just wondering why this restriction in my hip movement might cause a fade ? Doing exactly the same produces a slight draw with my irons.
  20. I've been Playing Golf for: 15 years My current handicap index or average score is: 15 My typical ball flight is: straight / slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fade with driver Videos:
  21. Well I tried it out on the course last night and I have to say the results were....mixed. Every drive did indeed go left to right but on a few occasions I was aiming too far left and although the shot had the shape I found myself left of the fairway. I think I need to aim the clubface at my target landing area and let the fade bring it back onto that line. Will try that tomorrow and let you know !
  22. Hi all I'm currently playing off 15. I drive the ball fairly long but as you would expect of a 15 handicapper I'm inconsistent - sometimes straight up the middle, sometimes a bit hooky, sometimes a push out to the right. I went to the range on Saturday and decided I would try to fade every ball with my driver. I hit 100 balls and every single one of them faded nicely. I picked a couple of spots in the distance left and right and imagined they were the left and right edges of the fairway. I would say that at least 90 of the shots landed between those points, and those that didn't were not far off. I'm really stoked about this and thinking this could be a real breakthrough for me. I'm not intending to hit a fade with any other shots (unless I'm in front of a tree or something) - just fade every drive to try to make sure I'm on the fairway. What do you guys think of this as a strategy ? Hint : I want you all to say it's great !!
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